36 Leftover Lamb Recipes [Shepherd’s Pie & More]

When I make lamb, I usually make a lot. It seems I always overestimate how much I need and I end up with lots of lamb leftovers. Do you do the same thing?

Luckily, there are so many ways you can use left over lamb. From leftover lamb stew to leftover lamb ragu, the possibilities are endless! 

I want to share a few of my favorite leftover lamb recipes with you so you never waste any lamb ever again!

Give a few of these tasty leftover lamb recipes a try and let me know what you think. You should definitely start with number six on the list- it’s amazing! 

Leftover Lamb Stew Recipes

1.Leftover Lamb Stew

Making stew may be one of the most traditional ways to use leftover lamb and this recipe will help you make a perfect one.

It is full of delicious veggies and herbs that all blend together to make a hearty, filling meal. 

I love this recipe because it only takes about 10 minutes to put together and 30 minutes to cook.

The chunky potatoes and big pieces of leftover lamb are both flavorful and hearty. Make this recipe in the winter when you want a meal that will warm you up. 

2.Irish Lamb Stew

This interesting lamb stew is made with leftover lamb roast and Guinness beer. That’s what makes this stew authentically Irish! 

Adding the beer to the stew gives it a whole new, interesting flavor. It also makes the broth a deep brown color that I love. 

Irish lamb stew also has lots of veggies added to the mix. There are tons of carrots, onions and potatoes in the soup to help fill you up with just one bowl.

3.Tomato Lamb Stew

This lamb stew recipe is a little different because it uses tomato paste in the broth.

This adds a creamy, tangy taste that is quite good with the meaty lamb. It is almost like a very hearty pasta sauce!

Try scooping some of this tomato lamb stew over a bowl of pasta noodles to make a very filling meal.

Or, just enjoy the lamb stew straight from the bowl. It is a perfect way to use your leftover lamb roast and give it a whole new life. 

4.Lamb and Orzo Stew

I absolutely love using my Instant pot to help me make quick and easy meals. Using my Instant pot and also using up leftover lamb sounds even better! 

This delicious lamb and orzo stew cooks in about 20 minutes in the Instant pot.

All you need to do is add some shallots, celery, carrots and onions to the pot, stir in your leftover lamb pieces and mix in some vegetable broth and spices.

Cook the stew on high pressure and add the orzo in at the end.

Be sure to sprinkle some fresh feta cheese over the stew to give it a Greek flair. The little bit of cheese really takes the leftover lamb stew to a whole new level. 

5.Healthy Leftover Lamb Stew

Turn your leftover lamb into a healthy, delicious meal. This lamb stew recipe is loaded with veggies to give you a nutritional boost. 

Try using sweet potatoes in place of regular potatoes. Sweet potatoes are full of vitamins and minerals which will help to make the stew even more nutritious.

6.Moroccan Lamb Stew

Looking for a way to add a whole lot of exciting flavor to your leftover lamb? Make it Moroccan style! 

This recipe for Moroccan lamb stew has tons of spices and herbs. It is made with harissa, a thick, spicy paste made from chili peppers and paprika.

The stew is also packed with chickpeas to add some healthy protein. A little mint, lemon peel and ginger give the stew a refreshing bite that is irresistible. 

7.Persian Lamb Stew

Persian lamb stew is another great twist on a classic stew. You can really transform your leftover lamb with just a few powerful spices and this recipe.

You may even want to make sure you have extra lamb just so you can make this stew!

Turmeric and chili powder flakes are the most potent flavors in the stew. Serve it over some white or brown rice to help cool off some of that spicy heat!

Chop the leftover lamb and add it to the stew recipe at the end. You can also shred your leftover lamb with two forks to make extra tender pieces. 

8.Leftover Lamb Hot Pot

This hot pot recipe is a little lighter than some of the other stews we recommended.

That just makes it great as a springtime recipe when the weather is getting warm. It is ideal to make this leftover lamb hot pot with all your extra Easter ham!

Onions, celery and carrots are sauteed in a little butter to soften the veggies. Some lamb stock is added to the pot as the main broth.

Add a few sliced potatoes and your leftover lamb cut into chunks and the hot pot soup will be ready in no time! 

Leftover Lamb Recipes Greek Style

9.Leftover Lamb Gyros

One of my favorite ways to use leftover lamb is to make gyros. Lamb is found a lot in Greek cuisine so using your leftovers to make a gyro just makes sense!

And this lamb gyro recipe is one of the best and easiest I have ever tried. 

Thinly slice your leftover roast lamb and lay it across a fresh pita bread. Add some sliced red onion, lettuce and tomato.

Top the gyro with the homemade tzatziki sauce in therecipe. All that spicy, sweet garlic taste really makes this sandwich pop. 

10.Leftover Greek Lamb Moussaka

Layers of healthy eggplant and lamb are slathered in a rich bechamel sauce then baked until bubbling and golden brown.

Scoop the lamb moussaka onto a plate and you will fall in love after just one bite. I guarantee it!

Moussaka is a classic Greek casserole made with lamb, eggplant and tomatoes.

While it is traditionally made with ground lamb, you can use your finely minced cooked lamb instead and this recipe will show you how.

All the cheese, spices and veggies will bring your leftover lamb back to life! 

11.Lamb Biryani

Biryani is a mixed rice dish made with lots of spices and marinades. It is popular in both Indian cuisine and also Greek foods.

This lamb biryani recipe uses leftover lamb and lots of spices and herbs. 

I especially love the mango chutney that goes with the lamb biryani. It adds a nice sweet flavor to the savory meal. The crushed almonds also add a very tasty, nutty flavor. 

12.Greek Lamb and Spinach Pie

Spanakopita is a traditional Greek dish that is made even better with the addition of lamb.

The dish is made with layers of feta cheese, fresh chopped spinach and filo pastry dough.

The whole dish is baked until the filo dough is golden brown and beautifully crispy. 

The leftover lamb is perked up with lots of spices. Cinnamon, nutmeg, paprika and salt all taste so good with lamb, you will be pleasantly surprised! 

13.Leftover Lamb Flatbread Sandwiches

Grab some naan bread and get ready to stuff it with some amazing ingredients. Slice your leftover lamb roast into very thin pieces.

Place it on top of the soft naan and then make the lemon garlic yogurt sauce to spread over the bread. 

The bread and sauce are what give this recipe it’s Mediterranean flair. The fresh garlic adds a nice spice while the yogurt is creamy and tangy.

The whole sandwich is like the perfect match of flavors!

Leftover Lamb Recipes Pasta Style

14.Leftover Lamb Ragu

Use this delicious and very easy recipe to make a perfect lamb pasta sauce. It is rich, hearty and so simple thanks to the fact that you already have cooked lamb on hand! 

Roast lamb, garlic, herbs and tomatoes are the main part of the recipe.

A little chicken stock helps make the sauce creamy and thinner so it will coat the pasta completely.

Shred your cooked lamb with two forks so that it blends well into the ragu sauce. 

15.Lamb Stroganoff

A creamy, warm, lamb stroganoff may be just what you crave and boy is this recipe delicious!

The stroganoff is made with leftover roast lamb, mushrooms, garlic, cream and butter. Some smokey paprika and rosemary add the perfect finishing touch. 

I love eating this stroganoff over pasta however it is also tasty served with rice.

If you don’t have the lamb stock in the recipe, just use beef broth or vegetable broth in its place. That juicy lamb will ensure it tastes fantastic! 

16.Lamb Pasta with Eggplant

I love any recipes that add in vegetables and this lamb pasta is packed with healthy eggplant.

The eggplant and onion are sautéed together until super soft. The lamb is then mixed in, absorbing some of the flavor of the veggies. 

One thing that is especially unique about this pasta sauce recipe is the spices. Cocoa powder is a very interesting combo with the fresh mint but one I think you will love.

Lamb pasta sauce should definitely be on your list of foods to make with leftover lamb! 

17.Spring Lamb Pasta

This pasta is a lighter dish despite having hearty lamb in every bite. There is no heavy sauce weighing the pasta down. Just a little olive oil and some spices! 

Arugula adds a yummy peppery taste to the pasta while peas add color and flavor. You can use spinach in place of arugula to ensure your pasta has a nice balance of greens. 

Use any shape pasta you’d like. Short noodles work best for me! 

18.Air Fryer Lamb Bake

The air fryer is one of my favorite kitchen appliances. It is so easy to make perfect meals in a hurry when you have this convenient tool.

When you have leftover roast lamb and an air fryer, you are pretty much set!

This delicious lamb pasta bake is a perfect way to make a meal out of leftover roast lamb. The lamb is shredded and mixed into a flavorful, homemade tomato sauce.

Cream cheese and cheddar cheese are melted on top in the air fryer. It is delicious and easy- everything you could want in a meal! 

Shepherd’s Pie Recipes with Leftover Lamb

19.Leftover Lamb Shepherd’s Pie

Looking for the best way to use your leftover lamb from Easter or Christmas? Shepherd’s pie may be the best answer! 

The cooked lamb is mixed with a tomato butter sauce and lots of tasty veggies. Carrots and peas are a must in shepherd’s pie!

Top the whole dish with fluffy mashed potatoes and bake the pie to golden brown perfection. If you have leftover mashed potatoes, definitely use them! This recipe is all about the leftovers. 

20.Lamb and Beef Shepherds Pie

This recipe is perfect for when you have leftover lamb ground and leftover ground beef. You can use both in one simple dish! 

The lamb and beef are mixed together with some worcestershire sauce, peas and onions. A little egg, beef broth and tomato paste are mixed in to make a tasty sauce. 

Spread some mashed potatoes over the top of the pie and bake until it is perfectly golden brown! 

21.Samosa Shepherd’s Pie

Indian spices are used to make the leftover ground lamb taste powerful and exciting. It gives the pie a little kick of flavor and makes it reminiscent of a samosa.

If you love lamb and you also love Indian food, then this recipe is for you! 

I love the sweet potato mashed potatoes that are spread on top of the pie. They add the perfect amount of sweet taste that compliments the spicy filling. 

22.Shepherd’s Pie with Horseradish Mash

If you love your mashed potatoes with a little kick to them, then this shepherd’s pie is for you.

It is made in the traditional, Irish style, using horseradish potatoes to top the pie. They are zesty with the perfect amount of spice to compliment the rich lamb filling. 

This recipe uses ground lamb but if you have leftover lamb roast, simply dice it up really small. I actually like the small pieces of lamb roast even better than the ground meat! 

23.Paleo Shepherd’s Pie

Trying to stick to a certain diet? Then this paleo lamb shepherds pie may be for you!

It is gluten free, grain free, dairy free and considered to be clean eating. The best part is that it still tastes amazing! 

I like how this shepherd’s pie is made with cauliflower, green beans, potatoes and tomatoes. The more veggies the better!

Your leftover ground lamb will blend right into the coconut milk and chicken stock sauce. One bite and you will never know that this is a diet-following meal.

Leftover Lamb Recipes with a Mexican Flair

24.Lamb Tacos

Leftover ground lamb has never tasted so good! Turning that ground meat into a taco dinner is a perfect idea.

This recipe will help you perfect your Mexican lamb tacos and bring everyone running to the dinner table. 

Top your lamb tacos with any taco toppings you’d like. I love the chipotle lime crema in this recipe since it adds a creamy, spicy flavor that is unbeatable.

These are tacos you are definitely going to crave. 

25.Lamb Barbacoa Nachos

You may not think of lamb and nachos as a typical combination. However, they go together really well.

This recipe will help you make perfect lamb nachos and use your leftover lamb in the best way. 

Shred your leftover lamb and mix it with some chili powder, garlic powder, and other Mexican spices.

Add that lamb on top of some crunchy tortilla chips then add all your favorite Mexican nacho toppings like in this recipe.

Don’t forget to add a lot of cheese- that is definitely a requirement for nachos! 

26.Lamb Enchilada Casserole

Chop up your leftover lamb roast into small pieces and use it in place of the ground lamb in this recipe.

Of course, if you already have leftover ground lamb, then you are halfway done with this recipe already!

Corn tortillas are stuffed with the lamb, spinach and grated cheese. Try using cotija cheese for an even more authentic Mexican taste.

I love eating these enchiladas with a squirt of lime juice to brighten up the dish even more. 

Curry Recipes for Leftover Lamb

27.Coconut Lamb Curry

I am crazy about the sweet and savory taste of this coconut lamb curry. I never knew that coconut would taste so delicious with lamb! One bite and you will be hooked, too. 

The lamb curry is made with left over lamb shoulder, curry powder, garam masala, tomato paste and coconut milk.

Some fresh cilantro adds a very bright flavor to the curry as well as a pop of color. 

Serve the lamb curry with rice to complete the meal. If you have a good coconut rice recipe, that would be even better! The more coconut flavor you can add, the better! 

28.Easy Leftover Lamb Curry

Want to make a tasty curry in just 30 minutes? Then grab your leftover lamb and get ready! This fuss-free meal will use up your extra lamb in the best way. 

Turmeric and curry powder are two very strong flavors that make a curry what it is.

If your lamb already has seasonings, don’t worry at all! They will only enhance the taste of the curry. 

Make some rice or noodles to serve with the curry. A complete meal is just a few minutes away! 

29.Pressure Cooker Leftover Lamb Curry

Make a perfect lamb curry using your pressure cooker. The pressure cooker will lock in flavor, infusing the lamb with spices in just a few minutes.

It also helps keep the meat moist and tender while it cooks which is essential when re-cooking leftover lamb. 

I love the spice blend used to make this curry. Adding a cinnamon stick to the curry really adds an interesting layer of flavor.

All that pepper, turmeric, coriander and cardamom also tastes great! 

30.Lamb Curry Sandwich

Do you have leftover lamb curry, why not turn it into a sandwich!

This leftover lamb recipe fits perfectly into our sandwich category, Moroccan lamb category and can also be classified as a tasty leftover lamb curry. It checks all the boxes! 

The recipe will show you how to use leftover lamb to make curry but you can also use any pre-made, leftover curry you may have on hand.

Crispy upa pita bread, add the curry to the middle and wrap it up! The recipe is pretty simple when you already have the leftovers to work with. 

Leftover Lamb Sandwiches

31.Spicy Lamb Flatbread Recipe

I am crazy about this lamb flatbread and can’t believe how easy it is to make.

Everyone in my family loved this recipe, even my kids! It is basically a fancy lamb pizza and you know that all kids love pizza! 

The recipe uses chili oil which gives the flatbread a nice heat. Feel free to skip the chili oil if you’d like a milder pizza.

Just don’t skip the creme fraiche sauce! That cream spread tastes fantastic with the savory lamb shoulder. 

32.Lamb Rolls

Leftover lamb is chopped into bite sized pieces and mixed with some lamb gravy to keep the lamb moist.

The lamb is stuffed into a hot dog roll along with some fresh arugula, a little mint and some parmesan. 

Top the lamb roll with the homemade mustard and lemon dressing to make the sandwich swoon-worthy.

A leftover lamb sandwich makes a great dinner, lunch or even quick snack for when you are feeling hungry. 

33.Leftover Lamb Sandwiches with Watercress and Cheese

This sandwich recipe may only have a few ingredients but sometimes, simple is best!

This recipe has caciocavallo cheese which is a stretched curd cheese made from cows milk.

You can use fresh mozzarella to substitute the caciocavallo if needed. A hard, sliced parmesan cheese would also work well. 

34.Lamb Sandwich with Avocado and Jam

Make a traditional style sandwich using your leftover lamb, some avocado and a little bit of jam.

The sweet flavor of the jam tastes delicious with the thinly sliced lamb. If your lamb was marinated to cook, that will add even more flavor to the sandwich! 

This recipe uses black currant jam but raspberry jam, grape jelly and orange marmalade will all work wonderfully.

The arugula adds a nice crunch to the salad and also lots of nutrition.

Did you know arugula can help with weight loss and may even help fight certain cancers? Now you probably want this sandwich even more! 

35.Leftover French Bread Lamb Sandwich

Any sandwich made on a baguette instantly looks fancy. Use your leftover lamb and a french baguette to make perfect, appetizer sized sandwiches for your next party.

This recipe will help you make the perfect sandwich that will really wow your guests. 

The tomato chili jam is what makes this recipe in my opinion. It is a little spicy and a little bit sweet. It definitely goes well with any type of leftover marinated lamb. 

36.Crispy Lamb Flatbread

Not only is this recipe a great way to use leftover lamb, but it is also a true show stopper on your table.

All the beautiful, rainbow colored veggies make for a gorgeous dish that everyone will be dying to try. 

Spread chili sauce over a flatbread or pita. Shredded leftover lamb is placed on top of the sauce and then red cabbage, sliced radishes and carrots are added.

The runny honey gives the flatbread the perfect sweet taste and compliments the lamb well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Can You Keep Cooked Lamb in the Fridge?

Wrap your leftover lamb well, sealing it in plastic wrap or an airtight container. Store it in the fridge for up to 3-4 days.

You can also try freezing the lamb to make it last for about 2 months. 

How Do You Use Leftover Leg of Lamb?

I like to cut the meat off the bone and then slice it thinly to make sandwiches. You can also use leftover leg of lamb to make tasty gyros, enchiladas or lamb ragu.

All you need to do is remove the bone and then use the meat as directed in the recipe! 

Can You Eat Cooked Lamb After 2 days?

Lamb will stay fresh for about 3-4 days. Be sure to make one of these leftover lamb recipes within the few days after cooking your lamb. You don’t want any to go to waste! 

Final Considerations

Having leftover lamb is never a bad thing. There are so many interesting things you can make with leftover lamb that you will never grow tired of these recipes!

Let me know which you love best and if you have any other leftover lamb ideas for me to try. 

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