45 Leftover Pulled Pork Recipes [Low Carb & More]

Have you ever wished you could add some flavor or maybe even some color to those bland and beige meals? 

Rice and noodles alone just don’t fill you up.  You need some form of protein to feel like you got the most out of that delicious meal.

This is where pork saves the day.  Particularly, pulled pork.  Shredded and smoked so it satisfies your starving stomach, salivating palate, not to mention your strong sense of smell. 

You can just smell the fresh aroma of sweetened and sauteed pork cooking right through this computer screen.

While you are feeling hungry, browse through some of these creative and inspiring international and regional recipes that work magically when pulled pork is pulled into the mix.

Chinese Recipes with Pulled Pork

1.Egg Rolls

Indulge in these delicious appetizers that have been a Chinese favorite for centuries. 

Nothing beats a crunchy egg roll filled with pulled pork, cheese, veggies, and onions that has been crisped to perfection.  They’re easy to prepare. 

All that needs to be done is to prepare and cook them is to place the ingredients onto a square egg roll wrapper, roll them up, and fry them in a cooking pan until they are brown and crisp. 

2.Fried Rice

Fried rice tastes exceptional when cooked with the right ingredients.  Leftover pulled pork is a fantastic addition to the vegetables and scrambled eggs that are often combined to create this popular Chinese dish. 

Just sauté the ingredients in a pan until cooked and then serve up to six people some mouth-watering pulled pork fried rice.


Chinese dumplings are often referred to as wontons, regionally. 

These dumplings are prepared using the utmost care by laying out a flat sheet of dough, which is then filled with pulled pork, green onions, and a touch of garlic for extra flavor. 

Cooking is done by boiling the sealed goodies in a large wok until the pork and the protective covering is well-done and tender. 

Afterward, wontons are ready to be devoured.

4.Garlic Ginger

This recipe is a cinch to make with the only ingredients needed being leftover pulled pork, white rice, green onions, garlic cloves, and a tube of ginger. 

Boil the rice in a sizeable pot and sauté’ the pulled pork in some olive oil before preparing to serve. 

You can’t go wrong with a few slices of onion and sesame seeds for flavor and decoration.

5.BBQ Bao

The lush feel of this classic Chinese sandwich is a satiating delight to food enthusiasts everywhere. 

A fresh bao bun is primed and ready to make a home for your cilantro, shredded carrots and cucumbers, sesame seeds, pickled onions, and the leftover pork in your refrigerator. 

Once you eat one, you’re going to want to eat them all!

Healthy/Keto Recipes with Pulled Pork

6.Macaroni and Cheese

Combining leftover pulled pork with leftover macaroni and cheese in this keto-friendly recipe puts a great spin on this traditional comfort food. 

There are more than enough servings to share with the entire family, even the entire neighborhood. 

Kids will especially love the hearty and flavorful cheese and pork taste. 

7.Stuffed Mushrooms

Because of their small size, mushrooms can be used to create recipes that are a healthy alternative to other snack-like foods. 

And by cutting off the stems and using the cap as a pouch, you can stuff a variety of ingredients inside. 

Leftover pulled pork is small enough to fit, as is cheese and lettuce as long as they’re shredded. 


Pizza is such a popular dish that fast food franchises have made millions delivering this Italian specialty to the comfort of your own home. 

Since fast food pizza is often cooked in unhealthy oils, try this keto version of BBQ pizza. 

Why not take out that leftover pulled pork and melt some cheese on top of it and then spread it on a large piece of focaccia?  Your tastebuds will thank you.


Nachos are notoriously high in fat and sodium.  How is it possible to make a healthy version of nachos?

With keto-friendly foods, anything is possible.  Instead of chips, try using cauliflower stems. 

Then include a few other vegetables such as tomatoes and green peppers for some zesty flavor. 

Leftover pulled pork, along with a low-fat choice of cheese like mozzarella increases the protein.  You’re on your way to a healthier you.   


A traditional Spanish-style food, carnitas are easy to use in healthy keto-inspired meals.  They are especially delicious when used to make soft tacos. 

A round, low carb tortilla with a pile of pulled pork, onions, jalapenos, and oregano sauce is guaranteed to keep your waistline from expanding. 

Low Carb Recipes with Pulled Pork

11.Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers are usually filled with rice or ground beef.  Leftover pulled pork, however, makes for a great alternative. 

Just slice open a stuffed pepper and tuck a bundle of pork into the crevices. 

You will be salivating for more than one bite.  And because this meal is low in carbs and excess sugars, you won’t experience cravings when you’re finished.

12.Tomato Melts

Tomato melts are a lot like stuffed bell peppers, only smaller and potentially juicier.  They make good party dishes due to their small size and abundance for serving a large group of people. 

With pulled pork covered in mozzarella cheese as a key low carb ingredient, your guests will be raving about your tomato melts to their family and friends.

13.Lettuce Wraps

Quick, name some of the largest foods that happen to be low in calories.  Did you include lettuce?  

Because one leaf of lettuce has only 5 calories!  That’s only 1/5 of the number of calories in a regular slice of bread.  Which makes it a perfect substitute when creating low carb recipes. 

For a very healthy pulled pork sandwich, use two leaves of lettuce to wrap the pork in and throw in some other low carb ingredients such as romaine, cayenne pepper, and onions.

14.Stuffed Avocado

Avocados have enjoyed a surge in popularity thanks to millennials obsession with the delectable fruit.  That large seed in the middle can be quite annoying. 

Why not replace it with something healthy and low in carbs?  Leftover pulled pork fits in the hole just fine. 

Pour some barbecue sauce and low-fat low carb ranch dressing on top, and you will forget that you’re munching on a healthy snack.


Hash is a combination of potatoes, onions, and meat.  It is often cooked and prepared using leftovers such as pulled pork. 

The mixture of potatoes, onions, and pork are sure to satisfy your cravings and give you the energy to make the most of your day. 

This low carb version of hash will keep in mind your health as you enjoy the thick goodness of that pulled pork combined with those potatoes. 

Soup Recipes with Pulled Pork

16.Gumbo Soup

Gumbo is a Louisiana delicacy – It is in fact the official state cuisine – that can be traced back to the early 18th century. 

Gumbo is heavily prepared with chicken broth and tomato sauce to fulfill those with heavy appetites. 

Pulled Pork goes well with the flavor of the broth combined with peppery spices and onions.

17.Corn Chowder Soup

Like its counterpart clam chowder, corn chowder is a thick, cream-based soup meant for warming the bodies of residents in colder climates. 

It originated in Boston, Massachusetts in the late 19th century via recipe books. 

18.Goulash Soup

Goulash is an ancient Hungarian recipe.  How ancient?  Goulash dates to the 9th century where shepherds enjoyed the delicious combination of meat and vegetables stirred in a thick and juicy broth. 

Goulash has stood the test of time and has gained popularity in countries outside of Hungary. 

Pulled pork is so juicy and fulfilling, it can only whet your appetite even more when included in a bowl of goulash inspired soup.

19.Gnocchi Soup

For all the uses that leftover pulled pork has when it comes to recipes, why not include it in your soup with some fresh Italian dumplings? 

These sumptuous dumplings are known as Gnocchi and date back to being a delicacy during the Roman times. 

Gnocchi will never go out of style, and neither will this pulled pork soup recipe.

20.Taco Soup

Juicy and spicy, this recipe gives your initially plain bowl of soup some personality with a Latin touch. 

The beans, the tomatoes, the pita bread, the pulled pork!  How can you go wrong with that combination?  You can’t because tacos are just that irresistible!

Pasta Recipes with Pulled Pork

21.Traditional Spaghetti

What’s better way to indulge your appetite than with a large bowl of long and winding spaghetti strings cooked in a cream cheese flavor along with that leftover pulled pork sitting in your refrigerator? 

It’s so easy to get creative with the ingredients in this recipe. 

Add tomatoes, green onions, cheddar cheese, and barbecue sauce to name a few yummy items.  It’s a treat to your tastebuds. 


You know those noodles that are shaped like whistles?  They’re called Rigatoni and are a very popular dish of choice not only in Italy where they originated but around the world as well. 

The ridges that make up their surface act as an adhesive for sauces, cheeses, and meat like that leftover pulled pork sitting in your refrigerator. 

It will leave an extravagant taste in your mouth for hours.


Stroganoff is traditionally a Russian pasta dish served with mushrooms and spicy mustard sauce. 

Its popularity grew several years after World War II when hotels in China served the delicacy to international guests. 

Pulled pork is an excellent replacement for beef.  You will forget all about beef once you get a taste of pulled pork stroganoff.


These ribbon-like noodles known as pappardelle taste great when meat, sauce, and assorted vegetables are included in the mix.   A perfect recipe for finishing up your leftover pulled pork. 

You can throw in as many ingredients as you wish, but garlic, carrots, celery, onion, anchovies, tomatoes, and olives are the most recommended for getting the most out of your meal. 

25.Bowtie Pasta

This pasta recipe is just as fancy and upscale as its name. 

There are so many ingredients that you can be creative with when cooking with bowtie pasta. 

Not only leftover pulled pork but barbecue sauce, alfredo sauce, onions, peppers, and shredded cheese. 

Your stomach must be quivering from thinking about those ingredients.

Casserole Recipes with Pulled Pork

26.Cornbread Casserole

Nothing beats the sweet, soft taste of cornbread.  When put into a casserole dish, cornbread is even more delectable and pleasing to the tastebuds. 

Now, add some of that leftover pulled pork to the casserole.  Then add some tangy BBQ sauce and zesty cheddar cheese.  Yummy! 

27.Ranch Casserole

Who needs a ranch salad when you can fix a ranch casserole?  Get ready, this casserole is stocked with ingredients. 

Pulled pork, especially leftover pulled pork, will have a tough time competing with the flavor of cream of mushroom soup, tomatoes, Cheez Whiz, Worcestershire sauce, and crushed tortilla chips. 

All these ingredients put together make for a world of enchantment.  No wonder the official name of this recipe is “king” ranch casserole.

28.Tater Tot Casserole

Tater tots are a Northwestern phenomenon whose popularity has spread throughout the United States and the world. 

This is an innovative way to use tater tots with other foods to make a salivating recipe. 

Leftover pulled pork and baked beans along with BBQ sauce and Monterrey Jack cheese are mixed to create a rich and heavy dish that can be served during any time of the day. 

29.Cuban Casserole

For those who are keeping their health in mind, this casserole is a great alternative to otherwise fattening and sodium drenched options. 

Nonetheless, there are some flavorful ingredients besides leftover pulled pork that must be mixed to create a winning recipe. 

Dijon mustard and dill pickles are sure to tickle your tastebuds.  Whipped cream and Swiss cheese are guaranteed to make your mouth melt. 

And then there’s ham, a secondary meat that enriches the already flavorful pulled pork.

30.Enchilada Casserole

Enchiladas have such a piquant flavor to them that they should come in larger sizes.  Enter the enchilada casserole. 

That leftover pulled pork in the refrigerator is perfect for being combined with beans, corn, tortillas, cheddar cheese, and sour cream. 

What an all-star roster of ingredients!  There’s no resisting this wondrous Mexican inspired dish.

Mexican Recipes with Pulled Pork


Who doesn’t love tacos?  Pulled pork tacos are so quick and simple to make. 

They don’t require too much preparation and ingredients such as tortillas, carrots, cabbage, and avocados can be purchased at your local grocery store. 

Crunch your worries away when you’re eating a pulled pork taco!


If tacos aren’t enough to whet your hungry appetite, try rolling that leftover pulled pork into some pita bread to make a thick and chunky burrito. 

You will have ample room to include a variety of ingredients in your burrito such as avocado, cheddar cheese, cabbage, and fresh rice. 

Just remember to have ample room in your stomach for that juicy burrito.


Spicy yet satiating.  That is the verdict on this recipe for pulled pork chili that also includes tomatoes, corn, and hearty chili beans. 

It is easy make and easy to store for future use.  Just don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

34.Cochinita Pibil

This Yucatan based delicacy is great for those who are looking for a challenge when it comes to gathering up ingredients.  Where can you find peppercorns and annatto seeds? 

If possible, you can substitute other ingredients such as cayenne pepper and nutmeg to get that sharp taste. 

Along with pulled pork, you can also add red or white onions, lime or orange juice, garlic, and chili for a luxuriant flavor.


If you thought that the chili was spicy, your tastebuds won’t be ready for these pulled pork tamales.  But you know you can’t resist the sensation of those jalapeno peppers. 

Tamales have plenty of health benefits for they are chock full of vitamins and minerals such as vitamins B-3, B-6, and B-12. 

As with the chili, remember to have an extra glass of water on hand in case your mouth catches fire. 

Pie Recipes with Pulled Pork

36.Pot Pie

Pot pie has been around since the Roman Empire.  Its popularity remained consistent throughout the centuries as the English cooked and served pot pie for high-end events. 

Usually, pot pie is cooked with chicken.  But other meats can be mixed inside.  Pulled pork is one of the better choices for making a pot pie. 

Then, include some other ingredients for that tangy flavor.  Apples, onion, bell peppers, russet potatoes, BBQ and Worcestershire sauce all enrich the taste of a pulled pork pot pie.

37.Shepherd’s Pie

This meat pie with French roots typically is cooked with minced beef inside along with mashed potatoes.  Other meats can be used in lieu of beef. 

Leftover pulled pork just might be an even more savory meat for mixing in with the mashed potatoes and assorted small vegetables like corn, peas, and carrots. 

Add in some fire-roasted tomatoes and you’re sure to have a delightful treat that will impress your family, friends, and neighbors.


Pierogis are shaped like those fried pie desserts with the glazed filling.  Only pierogis are usually filled with a hot filling such as melted cheese or mashed potatoes. 

Leftover pulled pork is great to use as a mouth-watering filling for pierogis.  Your whole family will want a piece of the pie.


Pasties have their origins in the United Kingdom with both the blue bloods and the working class raving about the scrumptious treats. 

The United States, particularly the state of Wisconsin in the Midwest, has embraced the pasty as a casual treat. 

Pasties are often made with meat, vegetable, and cheese fillings.  Leftover pulled pork is a great meat filling for pasties. 

40.Corn Chip Pie

Corn chips are often thought of as a snack to be eaten straight from the bag without any additional ingredients.

Maybe some sour cream or guacamole dip gives them some flavor, but they aren’t often mixed into casseroles and sandwiches.  That’s about to change. 

Corn chip pie is an original recipe that includes leftover pulled pork, diced bell peppers and onions, kidney and pinto beans, tomato sauce, and cheddar cheese.

What about the dip?  The sour cream that is used as a corn chip dip is now spread out on the top of the pie.

Sandwich Recipes with Pulled Pork

41.Po’ Boy Sandwich

The Po’ Boy has been a staple of Louisiana, particularly New Orleans, since the 18th century.  It is known for having a crunchy outer layer and a soft inner layer. 

Pulled pork is one of the many varieties of meat that people love to put on their Po’ Boy along with tomatoes, green onions, mayonnaise, mustard, and a side of potato chips.  That’s a lot of rich ingredients. 

42.Panini Sandwich

Panini sandwiches are an Italian specialty, originating in late 20th century Milan where restaurant goers couldn’t get enough of the grilled cheese, salami, and ham combinations. 

Their popularity carried over to the United States, and a cooking grill was even named in its honor. 

Because a common feature of panini sandwiches is the presence of more than one type of meat, adding some leftover pulled pork onto some grilled buns is a delicious decision.

43.Hoagie Sandwich

One of the most delicious and delightful food ideas to come out of the Northeastern United States is the Hoagie or Submarine Sandwich. 

They are enormous and have ample room to stuff plenty of ingredients.  There’s more than enough space to use all that leftover pulled pork in a stomach filling hoagie.

44.Slaw Sandwich

Coleslaw consists of shredded cabbage and carrots with heaps of mayonnaise or salad dressing to hold things together. It’s a regular staple for picnics and outdoor parties. 

Leftover coleslaw along with a leftover meat such as pulled pork would fit quite nicely onto two hamburger buns for a delicious bite to eat.


Sliders are basically miniature sandwiches or hamburgers.  They are good for fixing as a snack or when your appetite is not fierce enough for a regular sized meal.  

Leftover pulled pork can be cut small enough to fit on one of these tiny buns. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Should I Store My Leftover Pulled Pork?

You need to carefully preserve pulled pork by sealing it in an airtight container, a sealable plastic bag, or on a plate with a strong covering of non-perforated saran wrap or aluminum foil. 

Make sure that there is no air inside of the plastic bag or beneath the saran wrap or aluminum foil covering. 

How Long Can Leftover Pulled Pork Remain Fresh in the Refrigerator?

Pulled pork should be stored in the refrigerator for no longer than three days. 

If it is wrapped up tightly in aluminum foil, pulled pork can last in the refrigerator for up to five days.

How Can I Retain the Juice in Leftover Pulled Pork, So It Remains Moist?

To preserve pulled pork’s juicy flavor, make sure that it is not coated in a thin, liquid-like fat-free sauce. 

The thinner the sauce, the higher the chances that it will freeze like ice onto the pork itself and deprive it of moisture. 

Once the pork is defrosted, it will feel like mush.  Make sure that the pork is completely free of sauce or at least covered lightly in a single coat of barbecue sauce. 

Is It Possible to Freeze Leftover Pulled Pork that has been Cooked?

Pulled pork can be stored in a freezer as long as it is protected by a covering that is moisture, vapor, and leak proof and won’t crack or become brittle from cold temperatures. 

The covering also must be water, grease, and oil resistant and easy to fill and seal. 

How Long Should Leftover Pulled Pork be Heated in the Microwave?

Pulled pork that has been kept in the refrigerator should be reheated in the microwave at a high setting for between 30 seconds and a minute. 

To maintain its moist texture, pulled pork should be covered with wax paper or placed in a plastic or glass microwave-safe container. 

Pulled pork that has been kept in the freezer will need to be set on a plate in a room temperature setting for about 15 to 30 minutes so it can thaw before being reheated.

How Hot of a Microwave Temperature Should Leftover Pulled Pork Be Served?

Reheated pulled pork is best served at a temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit or 73.9 degrees Celsius. 

How Can I Tell if Leftover Pulled Pork Needs to Be Discarded?

To know if leftover pulled pork is no longer eatable and must be thrown out, you should first smell the pork to see what kind of odor it produces. 

If the smell is sour or has a strong, pungent fragrance, it should be discarded. 

If the pork does not have much of a smell or if it has a fresh scent, then it is still good enough to store in the refrigerator for another day or two.

Final Considerations

There are so many creative ways to include leftover pulled pork in popular regional and international recipe dishes. 

The 45 recipes featured in this article are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mixing pulled pork in with a variety of ingredients. 

Good luck on experimenting with your leftover pulled pork and don’t forget to share your original and innovative recipes with your family and friends. 

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