10 Amaro Montenegró Substitutes [For Cocktails & Stomach Pain]

We have to admit that Amaro Montenegro can be hard to find. So what should you do when you want that sweet, strong citrus flavor that only Amaro Montenegro can deliver? You will just have to give one of these great substitutes a try!

The best substitute for Amaro Montenegro in a cocktail is Cio Ciaro. Fernet is a good replacement for Amaro Montenegro if you need a drink to help soothe your stomach.

If you are looking to substitute Amaro Montenegro as your nighttime straight drink, try a glass of Averna Amaro. All of these substitutes have similar flavors to Amaro Montenegro and will certainly hit the spot! 

Amaro Montenegró Substitutes

1. Amaro Angostura

Angostura is one of the oldest bitters makers in the world. They have been making herbal bitters blends of centuries. 

Most Angostura bitters are concentrated and potent. Just a few drops are mixed into cocktails to bring out exciting flavors. However, Amaro Angostura is a more mild version of the classic bitters bottle. 

It has flavors of cinnamon, chocolate, and licorice, just like Amaro Montenegro.

2. Cio Cairo

Cio Cairo is a rich, strong type of amaro that has a fantastic citrus flavor. However, it is not so potent that it will overwhelm a cocktail. 

Cio Cairo goes well with all different types of liquors. It tastes good in whiskey drinks and also with rums. It is perfect to use in place of Amaro Montenegro.

3. Varnelli Amaro Dell’Emborista

Varnelli Amaro is made by roasting herbs, roots, and barks over a fire. The powerful blend is then mixed into a liquor but left unfiltered so it does have a cloudy appearance. 

Varnelli Amaro is also made with honey which gives the drink a nice, sweet taste.

That combination of smokiness and sweetness is great in cocktails especially when you have no amaro montenegro on hand!

4. Amaro Lucano

Amaro Lucano is another Italian specialty amaro whose ingredients are kept a secret. The drink comes from the Lucania region of Italy and is bittersweet and spicy. 

Use Amaro Lucano in place of Amaro Montenegro anytime you want to mix up a tasty, vibrant cocktail. 

5. Fernet

Fernet is a type of amaro that is known for its very sharp, bitter taste. It is definitely not a flavor that everyone will enjoy. However, it has been known to almost magically help soothe stomach ailments. 


Since Fernet is much stronger than Amaro Montenegro, you may want to drink it like a shot rather than sip on a glass.

6. Brandy

Brandy is a fermented wine that is often enjoyed after dinner as a way to help with digestion. Brandy is strong, sweet and will help improve digestion with just one glass.


It is the perfect substitute for Amaro Montenegro when you are looking for a drink to help your stomach issues.

7. Ginger Beer

Ginger beer is actually not alcohol at all. It is a cloudy, fizzy drink made from ginger root and syrup. 

8. Averna Amaro

Averna Amaro has been around since 1868. It is made using a blend of myrtle, juniper berries, rosemary, sage and other aromatic herbs.

It is delicious served over the rocks or just plain, in a glass. 

Averna Amaro is a delicious sipping bitter just like Amaro Montenegro. It is smooth, sweet, and spicy so you are sure to enjoy it!

9. Braulio Amaro

Braulio is an easy-to-drink amaro. It is sweet and not as intense as other amaros that are more medicinal or good for cocktails. Braulio is an amaro you will want to simply drink!

Braulio used herbs that are dried in the mountains and then fermented in spring water. The amaro is aged in oak barrels giving it a similar taste as Amaro Montenegro.

10. Amaro Nonino Quintessentia

Nonino Quintessentia is a very earthy, spicy amaro. It has a lovely, light flavor that is liked by all, just like Amaro Montenegro is universally appealing. 

Quintessentia is aged in oak barrels for five years which is longer than many amaros. Because of this, it does tend to have a higher price tag. 

What Is Amaro?

Amaro is a type of Italian liquor that is flavored with various herbs. It is made by infusing a neutral liquor with blends of herbs, roots, flowers, and spices. It is a little bitter, a little sweet, and quite potent.

The word “amaro” translates to mean bitter which perfectly describes this liquor. There are many kinds of bitters throughout the world but amaro is specifically made in Italy. 

All amaro connoisseurs know that the plural of amaro is amari. Keep this in mind in case you ever need to order two drinks! 

History Of Amaro

Amaro has a rich history that goes back to ancient Rome. It was originally brewed and sold as a health tonic and said to help soothe stomach aches and digestive pains. 

There are hundreds of types of amaro these days and it is mostly used as an ingredient in cocktails. However, amaro is delicious enough to enjoy on its own in a glass. 

What Is In Amaro Montenegro?

The exact recipe for Amaro Montenegro is a secret. The true combination for the liqueur may never be known!

However, we do know a few of the ingredients used to make Amaro Montenegro. 

Amaro Montenegro contains 40 different herbs. Licorice root, saffron, and orange peel are all used to make the liqueur.

Besides these well-known ingredients, the other spices and herbs are a mystery! That does lend to the appeal of this tasty bitters drink. 

What Does Amaro Montenegro Taste Like?

So what exactly does amaro taste like? Amaro in general is bitter tasting but also sweet.

Each type of amaro will taste different depending on the brand and the herbs they use to make the liqueur. 

Amaro Montenegro has a strong, floral flavor, unlike any other amaro.

Flavors of roses and lavender are the strongest followed by notes of dried orange peel, black pepper, licorice, and saffron. You may also taste coriander, allspice, and wormwood if you try!

Amaro is alcoholic and Amaro Montenegro is about 23% alcohol by volume. It does have a nice kick to it! 

How To Use Amaro Montenegro

The most common way to drink amaro montenegro is in a glass over ice. You can choose to sip the herbal liqueur neat or mix it into a cocktail.

Some people like to drink it with a simple citrus wedge and splash of tonic water as an easy after-dinner drink. 

Good Cocktails That Use Amaro 

Drinking amaro mixed into a cocktail is probably the most common way to enjoy the drink. There are some great cocktails out there that are made with amaro. Here are a few of our favorites. 

  • Black Manhattan– made with amaro rather than vermouth
  • Amaro Spritz– Prosecco, soda, and amaro are blended to make a fantastic, summery drink
  • Brooklyn Cocktail– Made with maraschino liquor, dry vermouth, and amaro
  • Fernet Sour– Sour mix and bitter Fernet are blended to make a powerful drink that is not for the faint of heart. 
  • Negroni– Negroni is a classic Italian drink made with Campari. Campari is actually an amaro! This cocktail is spicy, citrusy, and very bitter.
Brooklyn Cocktail

We do love a good amaro cocktail but nothing beats Amaro Montenegro in a glass. That sweet, herby taste just can’t be beaten!

Aperol Vs. Amaro 

The terms aperol and amaro are often mixed up. In fact, aperol is actually a type of amaro. Aperol is a name brand amaro that is quite popular, especially in spritzers. 

Aperol is essentially a less bitter amaro. It has a strong orange flavor that is easy to sip. Many people consider aperol to be a good gateway liqueur into drinking true amaro. 

Aperol is made with less spices than a traditional amaro. It goes very well with prosecco to make a refreshing spritzer. Try Aperol as a way to get yourself into the heavier, more powerful amari. 

Final Considerations

A good, tasty glass of Amaro Montenegro is something almost everyone can enjoy. If you can’t find Amaro

Montenegro in a store near you and you are really in need of this super tasty liqueur, give one of these substitutes a try.

We know they will help you satisfy your craving for amaro! Enjoy. 

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