Ameda Vs Medela Breast Pumps – Which is The Better Buy?

The Ameda and Medela are both trusted and reliable breast pump brands that enable you to express milk on-the-go easily. However, If you are stuck with choosing between either of them, you should first consider your budget. Also, the usage frequency is a significant criterion as some manufacturers design heavy-duty daily use products.

The Ameda breast pump brand is less bulky and cheaper. However, you can not use it frequently as it would break down. In contrast, the medela is durable and perfect for multiple uses per day but is very expensive.

For some mothers, hygiene tops the list of decision-making criteria. It is because the entire idea behind artificial pumping is primarily for the baby’s benefit. They need to know that the pump’s crevices are easy to clean, so they meet sanitary standards. Learn from this article the different features the Ameda and Medela has and which one is a decent choose for you.

Ameda Vs Medela Breast Pumps

Comparison Between The Ameda and Medela Breast Pump

Features Ameda Medela
Durability Average Heavy- Duty
Price  Cheap  Expensive 
Easy Cleaning  Easy  Hard (because of tubings)
Weight  Light  Slightly heavier 

Price And Durability

The Ameda pump is perfect for mothers on a budget. It meets their needs but would not stand regular everyday use for an extended period. It is excellent for moms who need to pump once in a while to feed their babies.

The Medela pump, on the other hand, is quite pricey but gets the job done without you overthinking it. It would work as often as you need to build your milk stash, even if it is multiple times in a day. However, both will suffice, but your choice boils down to how frequently you plan to use this machine.

Weight And Cleaning

Taking care of a baby may be stressful sometimes, so while moms express milk for later use, they do not necessarily want to feel the machine’s extra weight. The Ameda pump weighs less than the Medela pump, making it easy to carry around. 

Imagine struggling with an extra heavy bag just for occasional pumping. For this criterion, the Ameda pump wins as it is not heavy or bulky. Babies’ hygiene are sensitive, so cleaning is important. Since the Medela has Tubes, it takes more time to clean it. 

The Ameda Breast Pump

An example of an Ameda breast pump is the Ameda purely yours 

Features Of The Ameda Purely Yours

  • The purely yours pump offers a non-bulky, light-weighted breast pump. The pump’s motor weighs one pound.
  • It offers airlock protection hygienic; it keeps the expressed milk bacteria-free during pumping.
  • The pump does not use DEHP because it is not healthy.
  • It comes with an inbuilt battery system.
  • The pump uses a closed system making it an FDA-approved machine. It does not expose the milk to air.

Cons Of The Ameda Breast Pump

  1. Reliable- The Ameda breast pump cannot withstand frequent usage.
  2. Noise pollution- the Ameda purely yours breast pump can be quite noisy during use. 
  3. Bright LED light- the Ameda Mya pro LED is too bright particularly during night pumping sessions.

Pros Of The Ameda Breast Pump

Below are the pros of the Ameda breast pump


A lot of diseases are as a result of poor hygiene. Bacteria and other disease pathogen grow when the environment allows them. If you expose or cannot wash your breast pump adequately, it opens the expressed milk to molds which can harm your baby.

The Ameda provides the Airlock protection feature; it keeps your pump protected from viruses and bacteria during use. Of course, you know babies’ immunity develops as they grow, so they are usually unable to fight diseases actively. It is why Paediatricians advise washing and sanitize anything that a baby is likely to put in his or her mouth. 

Flanges Sizes

Flanges size depends on the nipple size of the mother. The Ameda breast pump offer different flanges sizes unlike the one size fit all feature that most brands give. Mothers can see through that mistake manufacturers make as they know one item can not truly accommodate all. 

For moms that do not know the flange that would fit, they can try the different flange sizes in their Ameda pump kit. A few brands may even have other sizes, but you have to buy them as extra accessories. It causes the breast pump kit not to be budget-friendly. The Ameda selling point is it gives its buyers different sizes of flanges at no extra price. Who doesn’t appreciate a practical item?

Control Suction And Speed

It is logical to point out that the more intense the suction is, the faster the pumping. However, a stronger suction should not hurt the mother. The Ameda allows you to set the pump to meet your specifications.

Clean Routine

Since the Ameda has fewer components( it doesn’t have milk tubes), the cleaning generally takes less time. For new moms, time is essential as they are stretched and bent over to meet the baby’s needs and other things. The summary is no mother wants to give more time than necessary to washing a breast pump after use.


We have repeatedly referred to these criteria, but in the real sense, it is an advantage. It does not mean that the item is not reliable or of less quality standard. Ameda  breast pump is for moms that pump occasionally, it wears off, and the suction reduces after intense daily usage.  Nonetheless, if you have a budget, want a lightweight pump, and want value for your money, then the Ameda is best for you.

The Medela Breast Pump

An example of Medela breast Pump is the medela pump in style.

Features Of The Medela Pump in style

The medela pump in style kit comprises of

  1. Two style bags ( backpack and tote) has an inbuilt pump.
  2. You can carry the breast pump in three carriage bags as a backpack, a stylish tote, and a metro bag.
  3. The smart expression technology allows you to stock up more milk in a short period.
  4. The metro bag has a detachable pump.
  5. It is an FDA-approved machine because it keeps the air out of the expressed milk.

Cons Of The Medela Breast pump

  • Clean Routine- it has a tube among its components, meaning you have to give special attention to cleaning your breast pump. Remember, most moms have limited extra time to run all their errands before attending to their babies.
  • Price- the Medela is very expensive when you compare it to other breast pump brands.

Pros Of The Medela Breast Pump

Here are the advantages of the Medela breast pump


Working or stay-at-home mothers that express milk understand the need to build their stash, so they spend free periods pumping for hours multiple times daily. 

The Medela breast pump is a durable machine that you can use as often as you need to (daily through the week). It can serve you without breaking down.


The Medela breast pump package is thorough. It comes with an inbuilt bottle stand to ensure the expressed milk does not tilt and spill. The no-spill feature is essentially vital for moms who have a limited milk supply. It keeps the liquid gold safe and steady.

The breast pump carriage bag contains an adjustable cooler and ice pack tote bag. It is convenient for a mom who needs a cooler and does not want to carry the extra luggage.

Smart Expression Technology

The Medela pump runs on the smart expression technology that produces more milk in little time. Time remains essential to mothers because they always have chores or activities to do. You can also adjust the speed and suction when it gets too intense than you can handle.

Tote Bag

A mom who wants to remain stylish as they go out with their kids deserves this tote. It keeps all you need in one place with added features like a cooler and ice pack. It allows you to arrange the tubes and bottles. There’s also space for other personal effects like keys, phones, and purses. The Medela pump in style is for heavy-duty use. You can use it several times daily.

Final Thoughts

The Ameda and medela breast pumps are of good quality. They meet the different needs of mothers depending on durability and weight. The Ameda is light weighted and cheaper than the Medela breast pump. 

The Medela offers you varied suction settings and your reward from the uncomfortable feeling  of pumping is your stockpile of milk.

It does a thorough job in pumping and goes the extra mile, particularly for moms with problems supplying plenty breast milk. However, the cost may influence your choice greatly. Select the best fit for your need after going through the pros and cons above. You may be interested in the Medela symphony

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