15 Baby Boy Bow Tie Outfit Ideas

What’s cuter than your baby boy in a bow tie? Not much – every momma (including me!) knows that their son totally rocks the bowtie look.

And honestly, bowties go with everything. Jeans, dress pants, ball caps, and top hats, the bowtie can match it. Express your little man’s swanky style with these bowtie options perfect for every occasion!

Baby Boy Bowtie Outfits

Dress your little man up in one of these stylish classic bowtie ensembles! 

1. Black Tuxedo Onesie

Another classic tuxedo find for the little gentleman in your life! Trust me; you’ll love the classic tuxedo outline that comes complete with a black bowtie and buttons.

Find the perfect color for your little man, with options ranging from the baby blue popular in the 1980s, to a modern grey shade.

This Amazon find includes overlapping shoulders and a stretchy collar to keep your little crawler comfortable while on the move. Best Features: Great quality image, multiple colors, 100% cotton.

2. Glasses, Bowtie, And Suspender Onesie

Are you looking for a simple way to show your baby boy’s style off to the world? Give this bowtie-printed onesie from Walmart a shot.

The light blue material stands out against printed-on red suspenders and a vibrant blue bowtie. Overlapping shoulders make getting the baby dressed a snap.

This machine-washable and soft cotton onesie is just the thing for a fun outfit to dress up your baby boy. Best Features: Cotton, machine washable, snaps leg closure.

Baby Boy Bowtie Gowns

Baby gowns don’t have to be boring or covered in flowers. Check out these dapper baby gowns featuring bowties for your newest bundle of joy!

3. Perfect Gentleman Gown Set

A three-pack of nightgowns for your little boy? Yes, please! This Amazon ensemble features bowties, bowler caps, and glasses in blues, greys, and white.

The 100% cotton fabric doesn’t fade over a dozen washes and stays soft for your baby to enjoy. Plus, this three-pack of gowns features fold-over cuffs for little hands and an elastic closure quickly knotted to keep little toes warm. Best Features: Multi-pack, 100% cotton, machine washable.

4. Eligible Bachelor Bowtie Gown

One day your little man will find the love of his life. Until then, he’s your little gentleman! This Amazon set is sure to let the ladies know a new, adorable bachelor is on the scene.

Three gowns in pastel mint and grey are soft, stretchy, and feature handy roll-down cuffs to protect your little one. You’ll love the high-quality images of bowler caps, mustaches, and bowties! Best Features: Three-pack, cotton, machine washable.

Baby Boy Bowtie Suit

Every man needs a suit, even your littlest man in the house! Check out these adorable and classic suits featuring bowties for your son.

5. Sailboat Suit

Give your little one a taste of the sea with this sailboat-inspired bowtie and suspender ensemble. You can pass this outfit off as semi-casual or dress it up with a pair of dress shoes or a cap for a gentlemanly look.

Your little man will love crawling or walking in these super-stretchy shorts and a lightweight cotton onesie. Best Features: Attached suspenders, attached bowtie, stretchy material.

6. Gentleman Onesie Romper

Cardigans and bowties go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you love classic styles as much as I do, you’ll adore this black and white themed romper from Amazon.

The pants feature a twill pattern in black and white that matches the lined mock-pockets on the black cardigan. Easy roll-up wrist cuffs keep baby’s hands-free during playtime.

A button snap closure on the collar and legs keeps getting your baby boy dressed a low-maintenance affair. A tiny, timeless red and black bowtie completes the entire look. Best Features: Romper one-piece, reinforced snaps, cuffed sweater sleeves.

Newborn Baby Boy Bowtie Outfit

Introduce your baby boy to the world with these delightful bowtie ensembles. 

7. Airplane Suspender Set

Every child goes through an airplane stage. Get your little boy started early with this super-cute aerial set! Yellow airplanes fly around on this white onesie set.

A comfortable, loose collar keeps your son cool during warmer weather. Attached suspenders and elastic leg cuffs make dressing your sweet newborn easier.

A navy bowtie is a finishing touch on this aerodynamically themed ensemble. Best Features: Button snap closures on onesie and shorts, stretchy collar, comfortable cotton material. 

8. Mustaches And Bowtie Set

Treat your little man to a newborn photoshoot in style with the adorable mustachioed outfit. Buttery smooth fabric is gentle on your little one’s skin, and the stretchy material is exceptionally breathable.

Cute mustaches and printed on suspenders accent the black bowtie printed on to the onesie. Best Features: Hat included, soft material, machine-washable.

9. Newborn Bowtie And Vest Set

Fans of Mary Poppins and classic English style rejoice! This beautiful outfit from Amazon will make your baby boy look every inch a proper gent! The chevron-patterned tan vest stands out against the detachable red bowtie.

You would never know this outfit is a romper just by looking at it, but hidden button snaps make dressing your dapper gentleman easy! Best Features: One-piece romper, detachable bowtie, and multiple infant size options.

Baby Boy Suspender Bowtie Outfit

Nothing goes better with bowties than suspenders. Give your little gentleman some extra dazzle with these cute suspender-ful outfits!

10. Baby Boy Polka Dot Tie And Suspender Set

Get a load of this sunshine yellow set from Amazon! Creamy-smooth yellow cotton and navy blue shorts vibrantly complement each other in this summery ensemble.

Classic black suspenders with leather fittings add extra style to this outfit. The black polka-dotted bowtie comes stitched to the collar, too!

Both the top and bottoms are versatile enough to pair with other clothing pieces in your son’s wardrobe. Best Features: Button snaps closure, attached bowtie, elastic waisted shorts.

11. Baby Boy Pink Bowtie And Suspender Set

Real men wear pink! Show off your baby boy in this black, white, and pink ensemble perfect for a day on the town or a night at grandma’s house!

Old-school black and white checkered fabric make the pink bowtie and shorts pop. Don’t worry about diaper changes, either!

These suspenders easily unbutton from the shorts to make diaper changes a breeze. Find it on Amazon! Best Features: Elastic leg snaps, adjustable suspenders, attached bowtie.

12. Starry Suspenders And Bowtie Set

Enjoy this starry ensemble perfect for the 4th of July or a day at the market. A long-sleeved cotton shirt keeps baby boy cool and comfortable year-round.

This Amazon set includes adjustable suspenders with bright white stars and remove easily from the pants for washing. The attached bowtie goes through the wash just fine, too.

Best Features: Button snaps closure, removable suspenders, breathable fabric.

13. Polka Dot Suspender And Bowtie Outfit Set

Who says stripes and polka dots don’t go together? This Amazon outfit has them both, and they look great! Slim white and blue stripes complement the navy and polka dot bowtie, while black detachable suspenders create a great contrast.

Your little boy will cut a dashing figure in this outfit. Best Features: Machine-washable, snaps closure on the onesie, calico buttons.

14. White Tuxedo Romper

This white or black onesie option from Amazon will have your little man saying, “Bond, Baby Bond.”  Easy snaps closures make getting dressed a breeze, and the cotton blend material stays cool and soft all day.

This white tuxedo romper features a bright red bowtie and tuxedo collar image perfect for your music-loving baby boy.

Make sure to keep his bottles shaken, not stirred, as your little gentleman starts taking on the world! Best Features: Multiple color options, high-quality image, machine washable.

15. 3-Piece Khaki Suit

Sometimes suits can get hot. Thankfully, there are plenty of options made of lightweight material! This khaki cotton-blend suit is perfect for spring or summer weather!

A classic white shirt pairs gorgeously with the button-up vest and black bowtie. This outfit will surely stand out at the next picnic or family get-together! Best Features: 3-piece suit, light cotton material, machine washable.

Other Baby Boy Outfit Ideas 

A Few Shopping Tips

As you set out to find the perfect bowtie ensemble for your little boy, remember to shop for quality over quantity. Shop for machine-washable fabrics like cotton or flannel for spill-friendly materials.

Keep in mind that button closures and elastic waists make diaper changes and dressing more manageable, too. With these tips in mind, have fun shopping!

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