17 Baby Boy Valentine’s Day Outfits Ideas

Dressing our little heartbreakers and sweethearts for Valentine’s Day is just one of the many perks that come with being a mom. It’s not always easy finding the perfect one for your little man.

I know; I’ve spent hours looking for Valentine’s Day ensembles for my son – it seems like stores reserve most of the hearts and cupid bows for little girls. But never fear!

I’ve scanned the internet to find the cutest, most durable, sweetest Valentine’s Day outfits for your little man. This list is your one-stop-shop for perfect boys’ Valentine’s Day outfits, from adorable onesies to dashing suits!

Baby’s First Valentine’s Day Outfits

These outfits are perfect for celebrating their first Valentine’s Day!

1. Hearts and Suspenders 

Silky soft cotton meets functional with this adorable white onesie. We all know suspenders can be tricky with newborns (those diaper changes can be tough!), but you get the look of suspenders without the hassle with this ensemble.

Plus, the printed bow tie adds an extra level of cute for your little man’s first Valentine’s Day. Best Features: Stretchy onesie with button closure for quick changes. Leggings keep the crawler’s knees safe.

2. Cutie Tie and Sweater

Classy, cute, and perfect for your son’s first Valentine’s Day! This ensemble is super soft and comes with two onesies, a sweater and a shirt combination with easy-snap buttons for diaper changes.

This onesie set is sturdy enough for crawling time and formal enough for pictures and church. If you love it as much as I do, you can even purchase the Halloween or Easter variations. Best Features: Matching outfits for other holidays. Stitched on bowtie for enhanced safety.

3. Elephants and Valentines

 As moms, we know that tough clothing for babies is a treasure. It’s not exactly easy to find onesies with seams that are comfortable for our chunky cuties. But this onesie has double-stitched seams at the legs, neck, and arms, plus an adorable elephant print perfect for the animal lover’s Valentine’s Day.

If you live in a chillier place, the hoodie option will keep your little man toasty! Best Features: Double-stitched seams for superb quality. Comes with a hooded option.

4. Lady’s Man, Mama’s Boy

Every momma loves a reusable outfit. This shirt found on Amazon works fantastic for Valentine’s Day with its white and red contrasting color scheme but is versatile enough for everyday wear.

Dress your little man up with khakis, or pair them with classic blue jeans for a comfortable Valentine’s Day look. Best Features: Your boy can wear it year-round; super lightweight materials.

Momma’s Valentine Outfits

Our babies hold a special place in our hearts. Every little boy is mommy’s little Valentine. Capture that relationship with these outfits.

5. Sorry Girls – Mommy’s My Valentine

Take a moment and be a little jealous – this shirt is soft as silk for your little man! Jersey cotton resists fading and stretching, and the printed ink stays vibrant after several washes.

You can choose a white, blue, or grey color to suit your little man’s style. Don’t worry about wear and tear, either. The double-stitching keeps the shirt in good shape no matter how your son plays in it. Best Features: Super-soft fabric comes in tons of color options.

6. Mama’s Valentine

This onesie is simple but versatile. The creamy color fits boys and girls so that you can use it for siblings, too! The seams are extra-comfortable and roomy for any babies with chunky legs, too.

Let your little one run wild in just the onesie, or pair it with khakis or jeans to complete the look. Best Features: Comes in a gender-neutral color made of stretchy fabric.

7. Matching Momma and Baby Shirts

What momma wouldn’t want to match her sweetie pie on Valentine’s Day? These adorable red shirts and onesies are great for the twinning moms out there! The sporty shirt has white stripes on the arms that give it a vintage vibe.

You can also select a t-shirt for your toddler or older boy too. Wear them with matching jeans and black sneakers, or dress them up with khakis and dress shoes for added cuteness. Best Features: Matching, handmade set for Mom (or Dad) and baby.

Baby Boys Funny Valentine’s Outfits

Sometimes, you just need a laugh during the holidays. Let your little one be the talk of the Valentine’s Day party in these imaginative ensembles that come with a bit of humor for your celebrations.

8. Heart Crusher

Every mama knows that one day their little man will be breaking hearts. This shirt warns the ladies of his heart-crushing skills playfully.

Your son will love the monster truck, and you’ll love how easily the cotton shirt washes up! Plus, the customer service from this small business is phenomenal. Best Features: Classic t-shirt design that comes in toddler and big kid sizes.

9. Mr. Melt Your Heart

Your little man’s smile melts your heart. Let this t-shirt share that truth! The flatlock seams are exceptionally stretchy, giving room for even the most active baby boy. The ringspun cotton will keep your baby comfortable during all seasons.

Be sure to check out the countless color options that include turquoise, grey, and white to fit your family’s style. Best Features: Available in multiple color options and baby, toddler, and big kid sizes.

10. Cupid’s Wingman

Adorable cupid wings and a sweet mustache make this Amazon onesie the perfect choice for a fun-loving mama. This onesie is Egyptian cotton – there’s nothing softer than Egyptian cotton. Your little one will stay comfortable and relaxed in the stretchy cotton.

You’ll love the easy crotch snaps and neck buttons that make dressing time and diaper changing a breeze.

The premium dyes won’t fade or run in the wash, and you won’t have to worry about shrinking after the wash, either. Best Features: Features neck and crotch snaps and Egyptian cotton materials.

Boys Valentine’s Bodysuits and Onesies

Keeping your son warm and comfortable during Valentine’s Day festivities has never been easier. Check out these easy-to-dress options perfect for your onesie-wearing heartbreaker!

11. Best Valentine EVER

This onesie practically oozes comfort. The seams are flat and smooth and so well sewn that you can’t even feel them! The cleverly sewn-in buttons on the crotch stay hidden from sight.

This onesie looks great with jeans or khakis and is perfect for a daycare Valentine’s Day party or a romp around the park. Best Features: Features hidden snaps and smooth neck and crotch seams.

12. Checkered Valentine’s Outfit

Buffalo check patterns are super popular these days. It’s no wonder why – the black and red pattern goes great with everything! This set from Amazon comes with super-soft cotton pants, a matching beanie, and an attached bow tie.

You won’t have to worry about your little one teething on the bow tie, either. It’s stitched securely to the onesie.

You can shake up the onesie with its print-on suspenders by swapping the pants for a pair of jeans, too! Best Features: Soft pants and a stitched-on bow tie for safety.

13. Camouflage Valentine

Who says you can’t wear green on Valentine’s Day? Not this momma! Camouflage lovers and military families will love the camo print on this Amazon onesie and pants set. The included beanie will keep your child warm on even the chilliest day.

If green isn’t your color, you can choose a classic red ensemble with cute hearts on the knees. Best Features: Includes a beanie hat – everything is soft cotton blend fabric— plus multiple style options to choose from.

Classic Baby Boy Valentine Outfits

14. Bow Tie Valentine

Overalls are popular in my house. We love them, and you will love this set from Amazon as much as I do! Lightweight, cotton material stretches well at the shoulders and knees to give the baby all the room he needs to play.

This set features a cute red and white striped bow tie to add a little extra charm to the outfit as a bonus. Best Features: Easy button straps on the overalls and features flat seams with solid stitching.

15. XOXO Print

This outfit from Amazon is the classic polo look combined with cute Valentine’s Day prints. Trust me; you’ll love the cute “xoxo” text on the romper! The stitched-in adorable pocket and collar keep their shape after countless washes, and the colors won’t fade quickly.

Getting your baby dressed is a snap with the pull-on feature and snap buttons for diaper changes. For playdates and activities, the collar unbuttons for extra comfort. Best Features: Features easy pull-on style and button snaps for diaper changes.

Matching Boy and Girl Valentine Outfits

Dressing brothers and sisters up to match is almost a right of passage for moms. We love doing it! Check out these cute matching sets perfect for the dynamic sibling duo in your life!

16. Big Brother Little Sister Set

Dreamily soft and absolutely adorable, this set found on Amazon features a tuxedo and tutu-themed onesie for your children. You’ll love how easily the elastic waistband bottoms slide on during dressing time, and your kids will love the bright colors of the outfits.

A red beanie and bedazzled bow headband bonus give these outfits a little extra sparkle for Valentine’s Day events! Best Features: Cotton blend outfits come with extra accessories.

17. Love Twins! Brothers and Sisters Set

Dressing twin siblings in matching outfits come with the twin-mom territory. You’ll love the unique font, and vibrant colors of these onesies found at Amazon!

Your babies will luxuriate in soft cotton that features stretchy seams around the legs and neck for comfortable crawling and tummy time. Best Features: This ensemble is great for twins and comes with easy snap buttons for fast dressing.

Enjoy Your Shopping Adventures!

As you shop for your little man’s perfect Valentine’s Day ensemble, don’t forget to value comfort over cuteness. Picking an outfit with flatlock seams, cotton materials, and crotch snaps for diaper changes will make your Valentine’s Day easier in the long run! 

There are hundreds of adorable, well-made outfits out there perfect for keeping your son comfortable through all of your Valentine’s Day festivities!

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