What to Put in a Baby Shower Gift Basket [16 Ideas]

Gift baskets are becoming an increasingly popular choice for baby showers. With a pretty presentation and no need for wrapping, it’s easy to see why. Baby shower gift baskets are budget-friendly and can be customized to fit both the recipient’s needs and your wallet.

The perfect baby shower basket starts with a theme. Using a gift as your basket is a great way to create a beautiful, themed basket that will steal the show. When making your baby shower gift basket, be sure to include gifts just for mom, gift cards for services are life-savers, as well as unique gifts a first-time mom may not even know she needs, like shopping cart covers, sleeping gowns, and baby carrier wraps.

Baby shower gift baskets are fun to make and a creative way to gift the new mother unique and useful items. Choosing an unorthodox vessel to use as your basket can help you build a theme quickly and makes for a special presentation.

Gifts to Use As Your Basket

When making your baby shower gift basket, don’t forget that part of your gift is the basket itself! Have fun and be creative with what you choose to fill with goodies for mom and baby. 

Consider themed baskets too! Whether you choose a color scheme, an animal theme, or a product theme, putting your own unique spin on the baby shower gift basket can truly make for an unforgettable gift.

Here are some great gifts that can serve as your gift basket.

1. A Large Monogrammed Tote Bag

New moms can never have enough bags. It’s a great idea to use the new baby’s name or monogram if you know it so your gift can grow with the baby. Totes that zip closed are ideal for preventing spilling and losing items.

Mom can use the bag when for extra clothes, snacks, and toys, and as the baby grows up, it makes the perfect bag for daycare items, playdates, beach days, and more.

You can choose the size that works best for your basket. There are large duffel totes perfect for future trips and overnights and the ever-popular classic from Land’s End.  

2. A Diaper Pail

While diaper pails aren’t considered a necessity, a new mom will be grateful to keep the odor at bay while changing up to 18 diapers a day in the first few weeks. They also make the perfect vessel for your gift basket!

For moms using disposable diapers, the classic Playtex Diaper Genie is still the best option around. And for cloth diapering mommas, the Dekor Diaper Pail is hands-down the best option. 

3. A Diaper Bag

Most new moms will register for their diaper bag of choice. If you choose to purchase one from the registry, turning it into a gift basket is a great way to enhance your gift and create a themed present just for mom and baby. 

You can fill your diaper bag gift basket with diapers of varying sizes so mom is prepared as the baby grows. Be sure to add some unique diaper accessories too. 

4. A Moses Basket 

Moses baskets are quickly becoming the hottest gift item for new moms. These are a style of bassinet that is designed to keep the baby close to you safe while sleeping during the first few months. 

They are portable, comfortable, and are easily placed next to the new mother so she can sleep while her baby does. Moses baskets are a life-saver when it comes to helping moms recover safely while keeping their little ones close.

The Badger Basket is one of the most popular choices. It comes with its own bedding, has a metal frame for extra support, and can be used until the baby weighs 15 lbs. Its simplistic style and durability make it easy for a mom to use it as a toy basket after her baby outgrows it.

Once you’ve decided what to use as your baby shower gift basket, it’s time to fill it with unique, amazing gifts that every new mom needs. 

Unique Gifts Mom Doesn’t Know She Needs

Most new moms register for the popular and essential baby items. It is impossible for them to prepare for everything they will need, especially when they are becoming first-time parents. Giving the gift of foresight and preparation is sure to make your gift basket a mom-and-crowd favorite.

5. A Winter Car Seat Cover

If the baby is being born in the colder months, the BundleME by JJ Cole is a must-have for new moms to keep their babies warm, safe, and protected when going out in the winter. 

This bunting style car seat cover provides warmth all the way around the baby and zips closed for extra warmth and security. It is designed to fit over all newborn car seat brands. 

6. Sleeping Gowns

There’s no question mom will receive cute pajamas for her new bundle of joy, but when she is changing diapers every 2 hours in the middle of the night, undressing and redressing the baby becomes a nightmare. 

Sleep gowns make for easy access to diaper changes without any buttons, snaps, or zippers and come in adorable prints, colors, and patterns. You can choose sleeping gowns that come in sizes or specially designed gowns that are meant to grow with them. 

7. A Moby Wrap

Being able to be hands-free while holding, nursing, or cradling your baby is a game-changer for the quality of life for both mom and baby. The Moby Wrap is large, breathable, flexible, and able to be used to carry the baby in many different positions while supporting the mom’s back and core.

The Moby Wrap also can be used as a car seat cover, breastfeeding cover, blanket, and more. It truly is one of the most versatile gifts a new mom can receive. 

Gifts Just for the New Mom

Almost every gift a new mom will receive at her baby shower is intended for the baby. In her preparation for motherhood, most expecting mothers forget about their needs, and in most cases, aren’t even sure what their needs will be once the baby arrives.

It’s always a wonderful gesture to give the mom something special for herself. Odds are, she is busy buying for the baby too. You may even consider making a themed baby shower gift basket made especially for the mom-to-be.

8. Body Butters and Nipple Cream

Pregnancy and childbirth can really do a number on mama’s skin. The stretching, the tightness, and the swelling are uncomfortable, to say the least. 

Pre-natal and post-natal body butters and creams are a great gift to help mom pamper herself a little and to get some much-needed relief. Mama Mio has a full line of pregnancy skincare options to choose from. Vegan, cruelty-free, and with natural fragrances, and ingredients, Mama Mio is a game-changer for a pregnant woman’s skin.

Whether or not the expectant mother plans to breastfeed her little one, nipple soreness, cracking, and dryness can take a new mother by surprise. Cooling nipple pads, breast compresses, and nipple creams can be a new mom’s best friend. Trust me; she will thank you later.

9. Gifts Cards for Mother’s Helpers

We all know that during the first few weeks after the baby arrives, nothing gets done. Mom is sleep-deprived and caught in an endless loop of feeding, diapering, changing, and napping. 

One of the most thoughtful gifts and ones that are perfect additions to a baby shower gift basket are gift cards to services that can help mom stress less and rest more.

Some great gift card ideas include:


We all know that cooking meals is the last thing a new mom has the time or the energy for. Treating her to a delivery from a local restaurant of her choice can really be a huge help for the new family.

Cleaning Service

All new moms struggle to find the balance between doing the dishes and sleeping when the baby does. Most new moms choose cleaning their homes over properly caring for themselves during the first critical weeks after birth. File this under life-saving gift ideas!

Post-Natal Massage

A new mom’s body not only goes through the trauma of giving birth and post-birth, but most new moms are adjusting to carrying around a baby and finding comfortable positions to feed the baby in. All of these can leave a mom feeling sore, tired, and stiff. A massage after settling into her new routine will be just what the doctor ordered.

Instacart/Grocery Delivery

Mom will need to keep herself fueled with good, fresh food. But grocery shopping is going to be more than she can bear some days. Give the gift of fresh food delivered right to her door, and she will be so grateful.

10. Gifts of Comfort for the Hospital

When it’s time to head to delivery, most moms pack the minimum for themselves and focus on what they’ll need to welcome their new addition. It’s important for mom to feel comfortable after giving birth so she can try and relax and spend time with her new little one.

Fuzzy socks, cozy slippers, a nursing sweater or tank, or a comfy robe to cover up are all great gifts that will be well used and much appreciated. 

The Best Basket Stuffers

The best part of a gift basket is all of the small items it can be stuffed with. Useful, unique, and overlooked items are the best things to use.

11. Pacifier Sanitizing Wipes 

These are a great way for a mom to keep her new baby healthy and germ-free on the go, especially in this new day and age. 

12. Travel Snack Catchers

While she won’t need them right away before she knows it, mom will need a convenient way to keep snacks on hand that is easy for her baby to use. 

13. A Shopping Cart Cover 

Although mom won’t need this in the first few weeks or months, the first time she ventures out to go shopping with her baby, she’ll be happy to have a way to keep baby’s mouth and hands off the cart. 

These come in so many patterns, colors, and styles and are one of the best gifts for new moms. 

14. Wet Bags

For cloth diapering moms these are essential items for a diaper bag. But all moms can benefit from these amazing diaper bag additions. 

Wet bags are waterproof, reusable, and machine washable. They are great for soiled and wet clothing for moms on the go, daycare and are perfect for swimsuits and beach days. 

15. Disposable Diaper Sacks 

Sometimes, mom is going to have to change a diaper when and where it isn’t convenient. These travel-friendly, disposable diaper bags are hygienic, odor-free ways to keep soiled diapers until mom can get to the garbage.

They’re also great for keeping odors away when in public changing rooms. 

16. Burp Cloths 

Having these specially shaped towels drape over your shoulder while you run errands with your baby makes life a little easier and a little less messy. With organic options and unisex patterns available, these are a mom’s must-have.

The Final Touches

A gift basket is a beautiful way to treat mom to essential things she’ll need and things she doesn’t even know she needs. 

It makes for a great group gift that is visually impressive and exciting to open and also makes for an easy way to stick to a budget if needed when giving a baby shower gift.

Don’t forget to include a copy of your favorite children’s book to serve as your card. It’s never too early to start growing a library. Write a special message inside the cover to mom and baby and date it. This is an easy keepsake that will be cherished for years to come.

When assembling your baby shower gift basket, start by arranging the largest and tallest items in the back and building your way forward. 

Try folding items into baby shower-themed shapes, or roll them. 

Most of all, have fun putting your basket together. If you include any of these must-have gifts, your basket is sure to be the hit of the shower! You may be interested in our guide on Baby Shower Outfits For Mom To Be.

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