5 Best Birdhouse Kits For Beginners

Do you love birds? Do you want them near your home? Then you need the best birdhouse kits the market has to offer.

You can easily attract lovely birds of your choosing with a well-made and super good-looking birdhouse (Source).

Birdhouses are readily available to purchase. However, there is always the option of building your own. But there is no need of taking the do-it-yourself route, because you have plenty of birdhouse kits to choose from.

In this we will take you through the most important features to consider when shopping for a birdhouse. We have selected our products after a thorough evaluation of design, features, and user satisfaction.

Top Birdhouse Kits

1.Gardirect Wild Bird Classic Birdhouse – Best Overall

The Gardirect Wild Bird Classic Birdhouse is our overall best choice. It is available in two separate materials: cedar and pine. The box measures 5 by 5-1/2 by 8-5/8 inches and it weighs 2.52 pounds.

It is a versatile and traditional box that you can strategically position in your garden. You can suitably mount the house on a fixture by using a back hanging slot. You can enhance the support of the box with the help of a deck screw.

The box comes already assembled, making it highly ergonomic and user-friendly. In fact, the front part opens easily for cleaning. Regardless of its high-quality design, the entrance hole may not be large enough for swallow.


  • Made of high-quality pine or cedar
  • Can be hanged with a back slot
  • The integrated hasp keeps the opening shut for safety
  • Sealed design offers superior protection from rain, wind, cold, and snow


  • The entrance hole may be too small for swallows


2. Woodlink Wooden Bluebird Birdhouse – Best Seller of Woodlink

The Woodlink Wooden Bluebird Birdhouse is made from re-forested cedar wood. This particular material is insect repellent, weather resistant, and highly durable. The box meets the minimum standards of the North American Bluebird Society.

The screwed together construction is very durable and versatile. It is assembled with screws made of rust resistant zinc chromate. The screws are very effective at withstanding temperature changes.

The ergonomic design is properly ventilated. It has 1/2-inch air gap just above the entrance hole, and a drain hole at the bottom. The front part opens easily for cleaning. All you have to do is slide it down to open.


  • Re-forested cedar wood is very durable
  • Screwed together construction is weather resistant
  • Properly ventilated for better breathability
  • Front part slides down for easy cleaning


  • May fail to attract the desired bird if not tactically positioned
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3. Nature’s Way Bird Products CWH1 – Most Ventilated Birdhouse

Are you in search of a well-made, hanging bird box? Look no further than the Nature’s Way Bird Products CWH1 Birdhouse. It is designed from rot and insect resistant cedar wood, and a stainless steel rooftop.

It is one of the best ventilated bird boxes. It has adequate air vents that allow for better air ventilation via floor and wall openings. This ensures that the newly hatched baby birds receive adequate air circulation, especially when temperatures are hot.

It is incorporated with cleanout doors that allow for easy cleaning. The entrance hole measures 1-1/8 inches. Therefore, it can provide accommodations for chickadees and wrens, while keeping off unwanted birds and predators.


  • Made of rot and insect resistant cedar wood
  • Floor and wall openings allow for better air circulation
  • Cleanout door opens easily for cleaning
  • Included vinyl coated wire allows you to hang the birdhouse


  • The entrance hole may be too small for Carolina Wrens


4. Woodlink Audubon Traditional Wren Birdhouse – Best for a Tight Budget

Do you want to provide a perfecting nesting box to attract Wrens? The Woodlink Audubon Traditional Wren Birdhouse is the ideal choice. It is a traditionally made wooden strongbox with an entrance hole that measures 1-1/8 inches.

Unlike conventional structures, this specific model is constructed to birding specifications. It comes fully assembled with a hanging cable. You can use the cable to hang the box from small hooks or branches.


  • Designed to birding specifications
  • Attaching cable makes it easy to hang the box on a hook or a branch
  • The smaller hole keeps predators off
  • Screwed construction is weather resistant
  • Installed with an air vent and drainage slots


  • The house is not adequately deep


5. Stokes Select Wren & Chickadee Birdhouse – Best Value for Money

The Stokes Select Wren & Chickadee Birdhouse is specifically built for wrens, chickadees, nuthatches, titmice, tree swallows, and bluebirds. However, you can customize it to fit larger birds of different species.

The box features a screwed construction made purely of wood. The screws are stainless steel for durability. The entrance hole is 1.25 inches in diameter, making it suitable for the abovementioned birds.


  • Fully screwed construction is rain and cold resistant
  • Designed to attract multiple bird species
  • Front side slides down for easy cleaning
  • Comes with a predator guard for keeping the hatchlings safe


  • The hole may be a bit smaller for some bird species.


Things to Consider Before Buying a Birdhouse Kit

Whether you buy or create your own birdhouse, there are important criteria to consider. Following these suggestions will ensure that your kit is both functional and safe for the birds. Generally, birds are looking for the right size cavity in the ideal locations.

Dimensions and Size

Different species of birds need birdhouse kits of different dimensions. There are a number of important dimensions to keep in mind, and they include:

  • The entrance hole ought to be large enough to allow the bird, but not so large to allow entrance for unwanted birds. If you are after a versatile kit, then you choose an entrance hole of 1½ inches in diameter. This will allow a greater variety of birds to go through.
  • The interior of the birdhouse should be large enough to allow the bird to build a sizeable nest that will appropriately accommodate hatchlings. However, it should not be too large to the extent that the bird will have a hard time filling the nest. You should consider a birdhouse measuring approximately 5 by 5 inches.
  • The birdhouse has to be deep enough to allow enough room between the nest and the ceiling of the box. This will make it extremely difficult for predators to prey on hatchlings. Consider a house with a minimum depth of six inches between the entrance hole and the floor.
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One of the biggest debates about birdhouses is what size box and entrance hole attracts which birds. When you take a closer look at what birds do in the wild, you will get the best insight, which would allow you to buy the ideal birdhouse that would help to recreate a bird’s natural environment.

The Roof

The roof has to be well-made, so as to protect the hatchlings from rain, cold, and snow among other things. There are three requirements for a perfect roof:

  • The roof should shed water effectively to prevent it from draining into the nest
  • All exposed joints should be sealed tightly
  • The roof overhang should keep blowing rain away from the entrance hole

The simplest roof design is the one-piece. The benefit of this design is that there are no joints to leak. The simplest two-piece roof structure uses a butt joint. One edge is placed at a right angle to the other roof-piece edge.

A roof made entirely of metal or roll roofing is not advisable, as heat buildup will occur unless the birdhouse is placed in a sheltered, shady area. Ample ventilation or an insulating wood coating underneath the outer roof shell can counteract the excess heat during the day.

The best birdhouse is one that has a detachable or hinged roof, floor, or side that will allow the house to be cleaned of accumulated debris. This minimizes the chance of disease or parasite being transmitted from one breeding season to the next.


Once you are done with the dimensions, you should consider a birdhouse made of high-quality and durable materials. The materials you choose should have superior insulating capability so as to protect the bird and its eggs or hatchlings from excessive cold or heat.

The best birdhouse kits in today’s market are made of ceramics, wood or plastic, all of which have advantages and disadvantages. The most favorite material is wood, because it is not harmful to birds. Moreover, there is more than one type of wood you can choose, including pine and cedar.

Apart from being harmless to birds, wood is a good insulator against temperature changes and noise. Wood is widely available in a number of price ranges, and in some cases may cost very little. Well-constructed boxes are durable and can take a variety of different finishes so as to blend with the surroundings.

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Proper Ventilation and Drainage

The best birdhouse kits are properly ventilated, making them more healthful. If you are shopping for a small house with a single room, then you should make sure that the box has a few holes in the sides for better ventilation. Make sure that the ventilation holes are not lower than the entrance.

For a larger birdhouse with two or more rooms, make sure there is a partition with an air chamber between the inside walls. Make sure there is an air outlet in the gable. A house that is properly ventilated is cooler than one with no ventilation.

In summer, the inside of many birdhouses gets so warm that the hatchlings die from heat. A birdhouse placed in the shade would be more healthful and cooler than the one placed in the sun. However, the air circulation the house depends entirely on the ventilation holes.

Drainage holes in the bottom of the house may be necessary to keep water from collecting inside the house during a heavy rainstorm. This problem is most likely to occur is the roof space  does not extend far enough beyond the entrance hole to keep out blowing rain.

Know Your Birds

There are two kinds of bird nesters: secondary and primary. There are some primary bird nesters, such as nuthatches, that have a tendency of making their own cavity nest. So, such birds would probably ignore your birdhouse.

On the other hand, secondary bird nesters, such as wrens, tit bird, and bluebirds are known to make good use of ready-made cavity nests. When making a house for secondary cavity nesters, make sure that the size of the entrance hole is spacious enough to allow different species.

Attractive Colors

Birds observe color, and they are usually attracted by intriguing colors. Birdhouse kits now come in a variety of colors and designs. Sometimes it may be difficult to know how different colors affect birds.

Under some situations, birds may nest in brightly colored birdhouses. To ensure success, we urge you to choose a house decorated with more muted colors that blend well with the natural environment. Pine and cedar have more unique and natural colors.

Mounting Options

You can choose between an overhang and a tree mountable birdhouse. For an overhang, the roof should outcrop the entrance hole by at least two inches; this will protect it from sun and rain. For a tree mount, make sure the house is strategically attached to prevent direct hit by sun and rain.

Ready To Buy The Best Birdhouse Kits?

This marks the end of our best birdhouse kits review. Always make sure the house is easy for the bird to get into and out of, while also being difficult for snakes and other predators to enter. It is always nice when you can confine entry to one or two bird species.

Make sure the entry holes are as small as possible for the desired species. Remember to have the exterior of the hole roughed up to offer gripping surface for the bird’s claws. Generally, make sure the birdhouse you choose is well-protected from the sun, wind, rain, and snow.

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