5 Best Hockey Skates For Kids [Youth & Junior] 

Does your kid want to be the next Wayne Gretzky or Bobby Orr? If so, it is imperative that they have the correct tools to get them there! However, finding the right pair of hockey skates for your child can become quite a daunting task. 

Both Bauer and CCM are names synonymous with the sport with a combined tenure of going on 200 years. Selecting the perfect footwear can make a colossal difference in performance, speed and endurance. They also protect the person wearing them. The ideal hockey skates are stiff, well-padded, and lightweight. 

The Bauer Vapor 2X Pro is a fantastic choice for the kid who already has experience on the ice. This well-structured skate features an aero foam padding that allows for a more tailored fit. The lock-fit liner further enhances this support and increases the longevity of the skate with its moisture-wicking capabilities.

Best Hockey Skates For Kids

Top Hockey Skates


Weight (Junior)

Bauer Vapor 2X Pro

Preferred skate of the NHL, the lightweight design increases skater’s performance and speed with aero foam padding and lock fit liner

693 Grams

CCM Jetspeed FT2

Lightweight skate with a razor sharp blade that is taller than other varieties guaranteeing increased momentum

721 Grams

Bauer Supreme 2S

Taller stainless steel blade, flexible tendon guard and tongue for added protection and power

646 Grams

Bauer NS

Affordable and stable entry level skate, microfiber liner, ample support, perfect for a beginner

746 Grams

CCM Tacks 9380

Beginner skates with high end features, trigger system to swap out blades, tailored for anatomical foot shape made with moisture wicking material

967 Grams

Our Top Picks 

1.Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Hockey SkatesAdvanced Player

As of last season, the Vapor 2X is the preferred skate for players in the NHL. This says a lot about the quality, craftsmanship and longevity of this product. The sleek design allows for quicker turns and increased acceleration. 

As mentioned above, this premiere gear is created for a more skilled player. This Canadian skate is one of the lightest on the market, which allows for an increased speed on the ice and therefore, better performance. Moreover, the top of the line padding gives your child ample protection while still creating a comfortable fit. 

Like other higher end equipment, this has some added features that you won’t find on  basic models. This includes a trigger system that makes for the seamless replacement of the blade if it were to get damaged. This is a spectacular attribute for the athlete who spends the majority of the game in the rink!


The custom fit of the lock-fit liner and areo foam padding leaves the skater very little wiggle room. Growth spurts are a part of life, but when investing in a high end skate you want them to last. Unfortunately, depending on when your child develops, this pricey purchase may not go the distance that you intended.

Furthermore, this skate is stiff. This can cause kids who are new to hockey to struggle. A softer material is best for beginners and then they can work their way up to firmer options.

2.CCM Jetspeed FT2 Hockey SkatesAdvanced Player

A player’s skates are the most important asset that they have in the rink. CCM has created a lightweight design with a razor sharp blade that yields a better connection to the ice. This is magnified by the fact that it utilizes a one piece configuration, instead of the traditional two. 

Measuring at a height that is 12% taller than standard options, players can expect an exemplary performance. These features reduce fatigue and improve momentum throughout the game. 


This is another more pricey option so knowing that your child is dedicated to the sport is imperative. Users also mention that the sizing on this skate is not ideal for every person. Make sure to try these on in store to ensure the correct fit. Remember that the right brand means you are getting a quality product. The right fit means better usability and a safer time in the arena. 

3.Bauer Supreme 2S Hockey SkatesIntermediate Player

If your little sportsman has a handful of ginos under their belt, this is the perfect middle ground hockey skate! The taller stainless steel blade creates a better turning radius for players. Furthermore, this boot has a flexible, yet sturdy tendon guard and tongue for additional protection and power.

The Supreme is designed to fit the average foot so this gives a uniform fit throughout the skate. This intermediate option is a bit more affordable, running about $200 less than the advanced skates. This skate is also extraordinarily light so fatigue is no issue!


The lock-fit liner is also present in this design. While the enhances stability, it also means that when their foot size changes, they will likely need a new skate. This isn’t as much of an issue for the older kids, but those under 10 can see their feet grow at an average of 1mm per month.

4.Bauer NS Ice Hockey SkatesBeginner Player

The Bauer NS hockey skates are a solid entry level choice that are affordable, durable and dependable. This recreational gear is a terrific way to transition your child into the sport without breaking the bank. Stability and support are the top features that this boot provides for youngsters learning the basic skills. 

Moreover, the microfiber liner creates a dry environment for the active player and the thick tongue forms a cushion to protect their ankles from flying pucks and hockey sticks. This is the perfect option for kids who are in it for fun and haven’t reached competitive levels of the sport just yet. 


While the Bauer NS provides a solid stainless steel runner, this blade cannot be removed in the off chance that it gets broken. Therefore, the skates would have to be completely replaced if this were to occur. 

5.CCM Tacks 9380 Hockey SkatesBeginner Player

The CCM Tacks 9380 are another extremely lightweight and budget friendly option for those who are new to the sport. However, unlike the Bauer version of a beginner skate, the CCM offers a mechanical dial system at the base of this hockey boot. This allows for a smooth switch  of the blades when one gets damaged. 

Furthermore, these hockey skates offer metaframe technology, which equates to a much more tailored fit than other options right out of the box. However, if you want to lessen you child’s transition time, these have the ability to be baked to create an even better contour.


This is another very stiff set of skates, which means that those kids not accustomed to hockey skates will notice some discomfort around the ankle. While this can be used as a beginner skate, there are softer options on the market that might be easier to use. 

Buyer Guide: What To Look For

The top qualities that you need to look for in hockey skates will depend on your child’s current experience level. Beginners should stick to the basics and then work their way up. However, for the experienced player who lives for a barn burner, there are key attributes to seek out.


This feature provides comfort and more importantly, protection. The ideal hockey skates are equipped with padding throughout the boot. This can serve to support the ankle and cushion the blow of flying pucks. 

CCM and Bauer skates come with ample cushioning, whether purchasing for a beginner or an experienced player. Therefore, you really cannot go wrong with these two brands!


As discussed earlier, beginners want to start out soft. The stiffer the skates, the harder it is to maneuver. However, experienced players want this characteristic as it improves their responsiveness to changes in direction throughout the game.

Furthermore, this adds another layer of defense when the biscuit goes flying their way. This can be exceptionally important for goalies who see a little more action than other players. Finally, the heavier the person, the stiffer the skate needs to be in order to support their weight. 

Foot Measurements

Youth skates are generally for kids under the age of 7. Junior skates will take hockey players up to the age of 13. Finally, senior skates are for those heading into the teen years and beyond. 

Additionally, Bauer and CCM both offer three different sizing options to accommodate your child’s foot dimensions. This does not relate to the length of their foot, but rather the overall shape. 

Bauer Hockey Skates

The Vapor skates line is tailored for kids with a narrow heel, a normal toe width and a flat arch. If your child has a wide measurement throughout their foot, the Nexus provides a relatively even spread and it is meant for someone with a high arch. Lastly, their final style is the Supreme. This is the closest option to the natural shape of a foot. 

CCM Hockey Skates

The Jetspeed is CCM’s version of a tailored fit. These tend to run a little more snug throughout compared to the Bauer Vapor, but both are meant for individuals with a minimal arch. They also run at a medium stiffness.

The RibCor is close to the Nexus with a flexible fit, meaning a lower stiffness. However, it is made for a more narrow toe size. Finally, the Super Tacks are equivalent to Bauer’s Supreme. This is advertised as the closest option to a normal person’s anatomical foot shape. Moreover, it is designed for maximum stiffness. 


Beginner skates will always be the most affordable option. These normally run up to $100. However, according to a university study, parents spend an average of $7,000 on their kid’s hockey hobby each year. A big percentage of this is on equipment.

If your child is spending a few days a week on the ice, then investing in a solid pair of skates is important. This ensures that they stay safe and that the hockey skates don’t wear down before the season ends.

Level of Expertise

Beginners don’t need a lot of added features in their hockey skates so don’t worry about springing for a lot of bells and whistles.

However, if you child spends a lot of time in the rink, these options can be quite beneficial. Skates that have removable blades and parts that can be easily replaced are important qualities. Higher quality runners means a longer blade life. Furthermore, additional padding can improve comfort and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions — The Best Hockey Skates for Kids

How do hockey skates fit compared to regular shoes?

Your child’s shoe size is normally 1-1.5 sizes larger than what they will need in a hockey skate. For an ideal fit, look for a size that leaves minimal space in the toe and the heel. Unlike street shoes, skates need very little wiggle room to guarantee stability.

Can I buy a size up to accommodate my child’s growing feet?

It is not recommended buying larger sizes to accommodate growth spurts throughout the season. This is because it can run the risk of injury. While this is a worst case scenario, the best case would be a higher likelihood of discomfort and blistering.

Some parents choose to forego this advice due to the extreme cost of a good pair of skates. If you decide to go this route, make sure to not go up more than half a size.

How long should it take for my child to break in their new hockey skates?

This process can take up to half a day, or 12 hours. However, the actual time frame should span from a few weeks to a month. Patience is a virtue and for a beginner, you want to pace the process.

Go out for short spurts of time a few times a week to help them get accustomed to the fit and slowly break them in. If you are hoping for a faster transition period, consider a boot that can be heat molded or baked. Best of all, this can easily be done at home!

The Wrap Up — The Best Hockey Skates for Kids

Finding the best hockey skates for your child is dependent on a multitude of factors. Experience level is the number one consideration. Next comes the actual fit of the boot. Every child is different and what works for some kids may not be the right choice for others.

Without the correct sizing and accurate formation to their foot, they will likely be off balance and in pain. This can lead to injuries as well as a quick dislike for the sport. This is why this purchase is best made in store to ensure that you find the one that is just right!

Bauer and CCM strive to supply protection and quality no matter what version of skate you choose. You cannot go wrong with either brand. Focus on finding a fit that is comfortable and then look for the features your child will benefit from most.

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