Best Time To Buy A Mountain Bike [Money Saving Tips]

For many people, biking is a hobby that they take up at some point in their life. For some, it’s about the feeling of freedom you get when on a bike, for some it’s a stress and anxiety reliever, for others it’s about grinding to lose weight and become healthier in a non-traditional way. 

No matter what reason you are looking to buy a bike, the important thing to know is that there are certain times of the year that can save you big discounts on purchasing a mountain bike.

The best time to buy a mountain bike is during the month of September and during Christmas holidays. This is because of the new shipments that come in during the month of September, and the sales that happen during the Christmas season.

Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving, is another day that could bring big sales for mountain bikes, but that isn’t always the case. 

There are ways to get a good deal on mountain bikes that include buying a demo or used mountain bike, buying from certain stores, buying from websites and buying from bigger retail stores. Bike shops are also an option for purchasing a mountain bike, but these prices may be a bit more expensive. 

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy A Mountain Bike? 


The best time of year to buy a mountain bike is during the month of September or during Christmas holidays. There are several reasons for this. 

The month of September is when most bike shops and larger retail stores get their new shipment of bicycles. That means that last season’s bikes are going to go on sale. This would be a good time to visit a locally owned bike shop to see if you can find some cheaper prices. 

During Christmas Holidays

Most retail stores run specials for their bikes during Christmas holidays. Smaller privately owned bike shops may do this as well. These prices may not be as cheap, since the holidays are big money makers for so many stores, but there is a chance that you could get a good deal. 

Look for local biking groups on your social media pages and see if anyone has any hints about where to shop around in your area. Then, when these months roll around, start looking for cheaper prices at those recommended stores. 

Black Friday And Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest shopping days in America. People line up and wait for hours for a store to open, then they race to grab the item they want, and race to checkout. 

If you are brave enough to weather the throngs of shoppers, you could possibly get some good Black Friday deals on mountain bikes. Be sure to check ads to see if there are any local retailers offering sales. 

I enjoy shopping from the comfort of my home, so Cyber Monday is my shopping day. There are plenty of websites that offer discounts on Cyber Monday, and I know that bikes are also placed on sale. This means you would have to wait a few days for shipping and possibly need help assembling the bike, but the savings may be worth it.

Ways To Get A Good Deal On Mountain Bikes

There are several things that you can do to make certain that you get the best price for your budget when buying a mountain bike. Check out the list below to see purchasing options for mountain bikes that are sure to save you money and give you a great deal. 

Buy A Used Mountain Bike

Buying something used  isn’t normally my first choice, but when going with a mountain bike, especially if you are new to biking, this may be a good choice for you. Some stores sell used mountain bikes and you can also find them online on websites like Craigslist or Facebook marketplace. 

There are also entire groups and pages dedicated to mountain biking on social media. Search for these groups, then once you’ve joined, you may be able to find someone selling a used bike for cheap.

Buying a used bike is a good choice for new bikers because you may decide that biking isn’t for you. If you just absolutely hate it, then you bought a brand new bike and wasted money. 

Buy A Demo Mountain Bike

A demo mountain bike is a bike that bike shops have set up as a display. These bikes may have been ridden short distances, sat on, touched, tampered with, or simply sat as a display in a window or on a shelf. 

Sometimes these bikes are marked down to a lower price because of these reasons. You can call independently owned bike shops to see if they have any bikes that were demos for sale. 

A good time to check for this would be around September since the new shipments of the latest models come in at that time. This means they will get rid of some of the older, unsold demos at an even cheaper price. Best Time To Buy A Mountain Bike

Build Your Own Bike

This can be a cheaper process than buying a bike, but this takes a lot of research. You will have to know exactly what to buy, where to buy it from, and much more information. I would recommend doing this, even though it can save you money, only if you are an experienced rider or have the help of an experienced rider. 

Check Websites Of Particular Bike Brands 

Instead of doing a general search for a type of bike, search for the types of mountain bikes, and then look through the individual websites. Sometimes these sites actually sell their bikes cheaper than larger retail stores and smaller bike stores. Keep an eye out on Cyber Monday for these deals. 

Is It Best To Buy From A Bike Shop Or A Large Retail Store?

Honestly, there are plenty of reasons to buy a mountain bike at a bike shop, and there are reasons against buying a mountain bike at a bike shop. This really is going to come down to your own personal preference and the amount of money you are willing to spend. There are several benefits to buying at a bike shop versus a retail store. 

Buying from a bike shop may sometimes be more expensive, but it is going to depend largely on the location of the shop, supply and demand, and the time of year that you are shopping. Check local store prices first and then move towards some of the larger and more well-known bicycle chains. 

If you want to save money, you aren’t going to want to buy a mountain bike from a bike shop at full price. Wait for September, Christmas holidays, or Black Friday to get the best deals. Many smaller shops are going to be more expensive, but you are going to get more knowledge from these employees than you would a retail worker at a larger chain store. 

Most of the smaller shops are run by people who are bikers themselves. This allows you to get vital information about your bike. Don’t forget, even though they are fellow mountain bikers, they are salesmen.

Don’t let yourself get talked into buying a high priced item. Shop and call around for the best prices on the brand that you like. Best Time To Buy A Mountain Bike

Benefits To Buying A Mountain Bike At A Bike Shop

There are several benefits to buying a mountain bike at a bike shop. The first benefit is that it supports small locally owned businesses. Most bike shops also offer free services on your bike if you bought it from their shop.

If your bike is broken or needs a tune up, most bike shops will allow you to bring it back to them for free, and they will fix it for you. Be sure to ask about a warranty at the time of purchase. 

The staff members at these bike shops are generally more knowledgeable than the average retail worker at a large chain store. Most of the larger stores have people who work in each department, and those people are not experts in those departments.

Bike store staff members will be able to give you a lot of information, and fit you for the right size bike as well. 

You more than likely will not be given the same quality of answers if you shop at a larger store and ask their department retail workers for information about their mountain bikes. 

Bigger chains also don’t get new shipments of bikes during the month of September like smaller bike shops do. This means that they probably won’t have that September sale on bikes. 

Online Promos For Mountain Bikes

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-Buy online with free delivery over $50

-Free 14-day returns (multiple coupons) (Rocky Mountain Bicycles web page)

-Offers a variety of coupons for Rocky Mountain Bicycles. Sites to buy from include ebay, Amazon, and on their website. -$20 off coupon plus free shipping over $100 for subscribing to their email list

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-1 year warranty

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Why Are Mountain Bikes More Expensive Than Regular Bikes? 

Mountain bikes are more expensive than regular bikes because the type of parts that trail riding requires are very expensive. If you don’t buy a decent mountain bike, then you run the risk of damaging your frame, wheels and handlebars while trail riding. Some parts of the mountain bike are made out of lightweight material, which is expensive.  

Mountain Bike Purchase Q & A

When to buy a bike for the best deals?  -September

-Christmas Holidays

-Black Friday

-Cyber Monday

Where to buy a bike -Retail store

-Small bike shop

-Online from brand websites

-On social media or marketplace

-Online websites like Craigslist

-Build your own

-Buy a used one from a friend. 

How to get the best deals on a bike -Search for coupons in newspapers and online. 

-Keep an eye out for advertisements. 

-Call the store and ask when their next bike sale will be. 

Final Verdict

If you do your research, you should have no problem finding a cheap mountain bike that is budget friendly and safe for you to ride. The brand you like may be difficult to find, but by utilizing the tips above, you should have a good start with research. 

There are pros and cons to buying at a bike shop, just like there are pros and cons for buying at a larger retail store. Researching the prices will definitely come in handy before you go. Just remember that September, Christmas, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are days that you will have the best chance of catching a sale.

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