23 Birthday Outfits For 10 Year Olds [Girls & Boys]

So, your baby is growing up! Ten years have passed, and now you’re looking for the perfect outfit for them to wear on their big day. Look no further!

I’ve gathered a comprehensive list of cute, functional, and fun birthday outfits for your ten-year-old to rock while blowing out the candles. Trust me; these outfits will undoubtedly take the cake!

Birthday Outfits For 10-Year-Old Girls

Gowns And Dresses

1.Perfectly Polka Dotted

Got a retro-loving girl in your home? Maybe it’s a 1950s themed birthday party? If so, check out this bright red, polka-dotted dress from Amazon.

This fun number features cheery red fabric, bright white polka dots, and a classic white belt perfect for your Rockabilly girl! Pair it with a cardigan, jean jacket, or leggings for a fun twist on this traditional dress.

2.Pink Flowing Lace Gown

This dress is perfect for the princess of the party! Decadent pink layers of tulle lined in ribbon flow out the golden embroidered bodice.

This ankle-length gown comes in a flattering cut with a flowing, fluffy skirt perfect for twirling.

Rhinestones and flowers add a regal charm to this pretty dress. Your daughter will steal the spotlight in this Amazon exclusive ensemble!


3.Rainbow Tutu

Is your daughter a fashionista with a fun, funky style? If so, she will adore this rainbow tutu outfit featured on Amazon!

The bodice features a bright purple and blue checkered birthday cake and rainbow-colored “Happy Birthday” text.

Swirling confetti and shapes finish off the bodice design, adding to the vibrant charm of the rainbow tulle tutu-style skirt.

This outfit is fully lined to keep your daughter comfortable as she celebrates her special day!

Jumpsuits And Rompers

4.Perfectly Pink Romper

Let your birthday girl party like a queen in this blush pink walk-thru romper.

This outfit has all the beauty of a dress, with its maxi-styled skirt that flows from the bedazzled waist, but has all the benefits of a romper thanks to the walk-thru design.

The shorts are comfortable and breathable, but still dressy with classy lace material that any fashionista will love.

Pair this outfit with sandals or flats for a dressy but comfortable birthday outfit!

5.Regal Teal Romper

This Tiffany’s teal-colored romper is perfect for the sparkle-loving birthday girl! The silky bodice and shorts are lined for extra comfort, with an easy button closure that makes getting party ready a snap!

This walkthru outfit from Amazon features a simple, flowing empire-waisted skirt for a more formal romper look.

The included silver belt completes this out – your daughter will love wearing this one again and again!

6.Retro Skirted Jumpsuit

This retro semi-formal romper is a groovy choice for your ten-year-old flower child! This item comes in a gorgeous gold and pink speckled material with a classy pattern of white swirls embellishing the suit.

Its unique features include ruffled, semi-transparent layers creating a flowing hot pink organza skirt and a single shoulder strap for a chic birthday look.  

This outfit also comes in a neon-green color scheme for any bright color-loving birthday girl! Pair it with heels or sandals, whatever suits your daughter’s style!

7.Red Radiance Romper

Let your superstar shine in this burgundy showstopper from Amazon! Rhinestones and sequins sparkle this faux-dress-styled romper.

Lace details continue from the sleeveless blouse to the connected shorts, accented by a flowing chiffon skirt.

The rhinestone-studded waist adds plenty of dramatic style for your birthday girl’s big day! 

Sets And Separates

8.Lovely In Pink Set

Soft, peachy pink and stylish flowers come together in this gorgeous Amazon exclusive!

Details of hearts embellished with daisies and lilies pop against the black color of the pants.

The faux-cardigan includes an attached tank top and sparkling gemstone buttons. So your daughter can wear this set to school, church, and future parties too! You can also purchase it in cream, teal, and yellow variations.

9. Purple And Pink Perfection

Sweet flowers and a timeless peasant’s top bring this gorgeous Amazon look together.

Your daughter will love the lilac-colored skirt with its pink cherry blossom pattern and stylish high-waisted cut.

The included white peasant’s blouse falls off the shoulders gracefully and pairs great with other staples in her closet. An added gold beaded necklace completes the set. 

Birthday Outfits For 10 Year Old Boys

Suits And Semi-Formal

10.Spring Suspenders And Pants Set

Every gentleman needs a pair of suspenders in his wardrobe. This Amazon exclusive includes adjustable and removable suspenders and a clip-on bowtie for the fashionable birthday boy.

A pair of sturdy slacks that stand against stains match the suspenders. A traditional blue, collared long-sleeve shirt complements the outfit. This set comes in countless other color variations, from yellow to pink!

 11.3 Piece Outfit Set

Button-up shirts and ties are a staple in every man’s closet. So, get your gentleman started early with this classy set exclusively at Amazon.

The dark teal material of the shirt highlights the checkered pattern of the black and teal tie.

A pair of classically cut black slacks come with this vibrant set.  And, your son can adjust the elastic waist as he grows! 

12.French Vest Set

Your birthday boy will stun in this French designer set from Amazon! The tailored navy vest features a silk lining and welt pockets.

You know this outfit is super fashionable when the vest includes an engraved metal strap with the designer’s name!

This outfit also includes a dashing pair of trousers with pressed creases and an easy pull-on waist.

13.Dove Grey Suit Set

Dove grey suits are fashionably timeless. This set gives your son all the class and style of a British gentleman!

The ensemble comes with a crisp white shirt, dove grey morning coat, vest, and slacks, and a soft pink handkerchief and bowtie.

The clothing comes with a limited edition bird lining that keeps your birthday boy comfortable in his new suit!

Unique Sets And Separates

14.Velvet Pageboy Suit

Gift your son a velvet suit for his tenth birthday! This gorgeous set includes five pieces: a classically cut tuxedo jacket accented with a satin stripe pocket, tuxedo pants with a matching satin stripe down the legs, a velvety burgundy vest, a dashing bowtie, and a crisp white shirt!

The entire set exudes confidence and style perfect for the young gentleman.

15.Navy Tuxedo Set

Every boy needs a navy suit in his closet. This three piece set includes a dapper vest, slacks, and a tailored jacket perfect for the classy young man.

The jacket and vest both look great buttoned or unbuttoned, depending on how formal your son wants to go with his outfit.

This gentlemanly set goes great with any tie or hanky in his closet, and the outfit comes with a complimentary set of each, too!

16.Tailored White Suit Set

This outfit brings back the age of white suits at the sock hop! The white and black suit creates a timeless color scheme that goes with just about any colorful shirt or bowtie accessory your son could want.

This set comes with classically cut black slacks and a white jacket featuring black trimmed pockets. A complimentary bowtie comes with the set to complete the look!

17.Classic Caravat Suit

Your son will look like a little lord in this timeless wedding-styled waistcoat suit. This five-piece set features a light grey jacket and slacks, a coordinating cream colored waistcoat vest, bright white shirt, and silky blue caravat and hanky.

Be sure to check out the winged collar of the shirt and the clever swirl design on the waistcoat vest that add extra charm to the entire outfit.

18.Retro Teal Suit Set

Your son will steal the spotlight in this turquoise suit set! This outfit comes with five fashionable pieces of clothing, including a vest, jacket, trousers, shirt, and tie.

The black base material makes the turquoise, navy, and purple pattern shine. The slightly floral vine pattern gives this outfit a retro, disco vibe. This set dresses well with the included bowtie!

Birthday Outfits For 10-Year-Old Twins And Siblings

19.Sunny Gowns

Are you looking for a birthday outfit for your twins and mom? Then check out this sunny set of dresses!

Momma and her daughters will brighten any room in these golden-colored dresses.

These gowns have some serious farmhouse and vintage vibes with the lacey material and classic round-neck collar. You’ll all look great in the party photos with these matching dresses!

20.Stunning Twin Ballgowns

Dress your twin princesses to impress in these stunning ballgowns! These off-the-shoulder dresses feature gorgeous layers of tulle and poofy lace material and a dramatic v-neck outline emphasized by the beaded floral design of the bodice.

Twin girls

Ribbons accent the waist of the gowns, and the tulle sleeves gently float off the shoulders.

Each gown is handcrafted in Europe! Your girls can select from a light pink, lilac, or blue colored gown to express their own style!

21.Brother And Dress Sister Set

Your twins will shine in this handmade teal and white outfit set! Both outfits feature blue floral patterns. Your daughter’s peplum top and silky skirt epitomize elegance.

The elbow-length sleeves of the peplum shirt are delicately ruffled and beautifully tailored.

Your son will love the soft cotton silk of his kurta pants and the loose collar of his tunic shirt. These outfits beautifully pay homage to Indian heritage.

kids gown

22.Day And Night Matching Gowns

Sometimes, twins can be as different as night is to day! Express their uniqueness with these gorgeous matching gowns! The color options include a black and silver gown or an ivory fabric.

Each dress has a shimmery bodice accented by feathers, with a high collar and capped sleeves. The a-symmetrical skirt adds a fun, modern style to the beautiful gowns.

23.Mint And Pink Twinning Gowns

Take twinning fashion to a whole new level with these gorgeous, sparkling gowns! These tulle skirted gowns feature a beaded waist and a lacey bodice for timeless elegance.

The A-line skirt compliments any body style! Your girls can select matching dresses in champagne, pink, or mint, or mix it up with a different color for each twin.

Pair it with heels or sandals for an elegant birthday look for your twins!

Sparkling Skirt Set

Your birthday girl will rule the party in this sparkling set, perfect for any movie star or fashionista!

The two-piece Amazon set features a pretty pink skirt with tons of layers and a matching top.

The skirt shines with ribbon trim on the hem, while a beaded and rhinestone-studded waist adds an extra pop to the outfit.

The matching sleeveless top has contrasting hot pink sequins, sparkling faux diamonds, and lace, finishing the look of this Amazon exclusive. 

Before You Go Shopping…Remember These Tips:

Always shop for the party you have in mind; dress clothes are great for parties that don’t involve running, paint, or messy games. Also, keep your child’s comfort in mind!

Keep these things in mind, and you’ll find a great birthday outfit to celebrate your child’s tenth birthday!

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