10 Camping Activities for Couples [Romantic & Fun]

If you’re like me, the idea of camping makes you think of activities with kids or trips with your scout troop. But camping can also be a wonderful getaway for couples if you plan it right!

Whether you are worried about filling the time during your trip or you want to find memorable ways to connect, there are lots of easy and fun things to do with your partner while camping.

In general, good planning will ensure your couples’ camping trip is a success. Choose a camping destination with the environment and amenities that will best fit the couples camping mood you’re looking for. Plan to make a cozy campsite and to up your camp food game for a more romantic experience. Then, plan couples activities like hiking, rafting, and romantic picnics to enrich your time together.

I researched 50 great ideas for a fun and romantic couples camping trip. Here are the 8 best ideas:

  1. Hiking
  2. Horseback riding
  3. Romantic campfire picnics
  4. Ropes courses
  5. Rafting, kayaking, paddle-boarding, or canoeing
  6. Dancing under the stars
  7. Playing couples games
  8. Watching the sunrise from a scenic overlook

1.Choosing the Best Campground for a Romantic Trip

A romantic setting for couples camping starts before you even leave home. You’ll want to research the camping location you’ve chosen and make sure that you will be able to select a secluded spot for your tent and campsite.

Some campgrounds are designed for a more shared experience and there will be little space between campers.

If you’re looking for a romantic camping trip, a campground designed with more seclusion in mind is the way to go.

You should also consider the types of additional activities you might want available at your camping location.

For example, you can choose a campground that offers horseback riding and includes a romantic trail ride to your trip.

Or, visit a campground with a ropes course, where you can bond with your partner as you cheer each other on toward conquering the challenges along the course.

Thinking outside the box about where to camp can also bring great results. While you may assume camping would take place in the woods, if you and your partner enjoy the water, you have lots of unique camping options to consider.

What about beach camping, which gives you the opportunity to add swimming and enjoying a waterfront stroll to your camping agenda? Or, consider renting a boat that has sleeping quarters and spending the night on the water itself!

Water lovers can also, with the right gear and the right location, add kayaking, canoeing, river rafting, or paddle-boarding into their trips.

If you’re not sure what campgrounds are available near you, or you’re looking for something new, try searching at the National Recreation Reservation Service.

You’ll be able to search by locality and read a narrative description of each campground, including information about activities and amenities available at each site.

2.Setting Up a Romantic Campsite

Beyond selecting the right sort of place to camp, the first key to a romantic camping trip is to make sure your campsite and tent are cozy and comfortable and encourage you to snuggle up with your partner.

There’s no more obvious separation than climbing into two sleeping bags at the end of the night, so you’ll want to find a double sleeping bag to share.

For even more closeness, you may be able to find a double camping chair or portable bench for cuddling by the fire, too.

Another cozy option is to bring a camping hammock on your trip. Be sure to get one that’s made to hold more than one person.

You can hang it near the fire and cuddle together while you look up at the trees, listen to the sounds of nature, and enjoy relaxing together. If you’ve chosen the right spot for your hammock, you may also be able to lie in it together after dark for stargazing.

Be sure to also pack a warm outdoor blanket and maybe a pillow or two to make cuddling in your hammock or by the campfire even more appealing.

Finally, remember to prepare for things that can be very un-romantic, like bugs! Choose a bug-repelling tool that can create a bug-free zone around your camping area. You won’t feel much like cuddling if you are both slathered in bug spray.

Now that you have found the right camping location and set up a romantic campsite, you’re ready to dive into fun camping adventures with your date.

3.Planning a Couples Hike

Nearly every camping trip includes a hike of some kind. While there are many types of hikes, you’ll want to think carefully about what kind of hike you want to undertake on a couples camping trip.

The goal is to spend time together and relax, so you probably do not want to take on a really challenging trail.

If you are experienced hikers and really enjoy the challenge, a difficult trail might work well for you. But for everyone else, a trail with a lower challenge rating would probably be the best choice.

You can get some exercise and enjoy the scenery without coming back to camp too sweaty and exhausted to enjoy the rest of your time together.

If you are real nature fans, you might want to enrich your hike further by bringing along a bird or plant identification book.

Use it to identify things you don’t recognize, or to challenge yourselves with a scavenger hunt and see how many of the species in the book you can find during your trip!

If you want a more unique hiking experience, consider a nighttime hike. Hiking after dark can give you a whole different perspective on nature.

It can also spooky or unnerving, depending on your point of view! If you’re going to hike in the dark, keep safety in mind and be sure to stick to well-defined paths so that you do not get lost.

4.Horseback Riding

If you chose a campground that supports horseback riding, whether along a wooded trail or on the beach, you are in for a treat.

Be sure to research in advance whether guides are available and what you will be expected to handle yourself in terms of caring for the horses.

5.Romantic Campfire Picnics

Traditional camping food is often quickly shoveled into campers’ mouths as they stand around the fire, and if you and your partner enjoy a simple camping meal of hot dogs, canned beef stew, and s’mores, that might be the way to go.

But for a romantic camping trip, you might consider sprucing up your mealtimes a bit.

If you bring along a blanket and a few other accessories, you can spread out picnic-style to make your meal feel a bit more special.

Consider bringing the sorts of things you might bring on a nice picnic (wine glasses, a charcuterie board, etc.) and having a meal of wine, cheese, cured meats, and fresh fruit instead of traditional camping fare. (You can always still follow it up with s’mores, which are hard to pass up!)

Another romantic food idea for camping is fondue. What better place to make fondue than when you are cooking over the fire?

Don’t forget breakfast as you’re planning your food for camping! If you like a hearty breakfast, campfire coffee with eggs and bacon is a great way to wake up.

If you or your date like things a little lighter, consider bringing along croissants and juices for morning fare.

And finally, remember to bring lots of easy-to-eat protein-filled snacks (trail mix, protein bars, dried fruit, etc.) and an abundance of water.

There is nothing less romantic than sniping at each other because you’re tired, hungry, and dehydrated.

6.Ropes Courses

A ropes course can be a great way to bond, whether you’re a couple trying to deepen your connection, a kids group, or office colleagues learning new teamwork skills.

Ropes courses come with different levels of challenge, so research in advance to be sure that you aren’t signing up for something that will be too much for you (especially if you or your partner is afraid of heights, as many ropes courses end with a zip line experience).

7.Rafting, Kayaking, Paddle-Boarding, and Canoeing

If you’ve chosen a campsite near the water, you’ll have options to engage in exciting or relaxing water sports.

Whether you’re tubing down a calm river, kayaking on rapids, or something in-between, water activities always make for a memorable trip!

8.Dancing Under the Stars

If you are able to camp in a secluded area away from other campers, bring along some equipment to allow you to play music.

Play your favorite love songs and slow dance together by the campfire under the stars. It really doesn’t get more romantic than that!

9.Playing Couples Games

A game is a great way to have fun and connect. It can be a good activity to plan on for the hours after dark, or something to have on hand in case it gets rainy or cold and you’re stuck in your tent for a bit.

If you’re looking for something on the fun end of the spectrum, bring along a murder mystery kit or an escape room game.

You can cozy up together in your tent and bond over solving the puzzles together by lantern light.

If you’re looking more for great conversation and deepening your connection as a couple, come prepared with discussion prompts to help you find great topics to talk about and ways to learn more about each other.

There are lots of books and games out there that let you pick a card or flip through a book to find fun, unique, and interesting things to talk about with your partner. For example, you could try The Ultimate Game for Couples or Convo and Chill.

10.Watching the Sunrise from a Scenic Overlook

If you plan your location carefully, and your tent is near a scenic overlook or other open areas with a view, you can wake up early, make some coffee, and take your blanket out to sit together and watch the sunrise.

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Final Thoughts

A couples camping trip can be a fantastic way for you and your partner to get away from it all, spending time together in a place where you can really connect and enjoy each other’s company.

Picking the right location, planning fun activities for both daytime and after dark, and bringing along amenities and food and drink that will keep you comfortable and relaxed are key to having a great experience on your next couples camping trip.

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