Can Sausage Be Pink? [Find Out Now]

Sausage is one of the most popular ways to eat meat, and for good reason. The versatility on how sausage can be made is really endless.

Choosing the meat, spices, cooking application, and so on is just the beginning when choosing which to cook.

But it is important to know how to cook, and you might ask if the sausage can be pink after cooking.

Generally speaking, only beef sausage is safe to eat with some pink if cooked to 160F. However, pork, turkey and chicken sausage should never be eaten when pink due to the fact that when these products are cooked fully, they will not have a pink color. Any pink color is an indicator that they have not met their respective temperature thresholds. 

Can Beef Sausage Be Pink 

When cooking beef sausage, it is important to go off of a temperature benchmark rather than a color.

For beef sausages, the ideal temperature to cook them is 160F. Undercooked beef can be dangerous to consume, and in a sausage when hitting this temperature you are losing that risk. 

Naturally at 160F the Beef Sausage may still have some pink color to it. As long as there is searing on the outside, the sausage has firmed up and you have hit this temperature then it is fine to eat.

Can Pork Sausage Be Pink

When cooking pork, many believe 145F is the temperature that is considered safe. This benchmark is only for whole cuts of pork.

The USDA actually suggests ground meats, such as pork, to be cooked to 160F. This is due to more bacteria possibly being introduced during the grinding process. 

Pork sausage should not be pink when cooking. At 160F the product should be fully cooked and any sign of pink meat shows that it is undercooked and can be unsafe to eat. If it is undercooked it will not be firm and will not have proper color.

Can Chicken and Turkey Sausage Be Pink

When cooking any poultry product it is always recommended to cook this product until 165F.

There can be many bacteria or parasites in poultry when raw, and ensuring product reaches this temperature is integral to consuming poultry safely. 

Chicken or Turkey sausage cannot be eaten when they are pink. The sausage will be very soft and have a pink and undercooked interior. If your sausage looks like this, continue cooking. Consuming pink sausage made of poultry could result in food borne illness.

What Happens When Eating Pink Sausage

If you do consume pink sausage the outcome can vary due to how long it was cooked and the type of meat used.

If you do happen to eat pink sausage, the following could occur:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Fatigue

If you do experience any of these then it is best to seek medical care

Sausage Staying Pink After Cooking

It is very possible that you may find that you cook certain sausages to a designated temperature, only to find the interior is still pink.

Italian sausage is notorious for this, mostly due to being pink well past the point of the temperature it should be cooked to. 

There are a couple reasons for this. One could be the spices used in the sausage. Paprika is a common spice that can give cooked meat a pink hue.

Any other ingredients that can give meat a pink hue can be confused as being “pink”. 

Additionally, many sausages have a preservative for the meat that can preserve that color of the sausage even when fully cooked.

These preservatives actually preserve not only flavor but color too. So if you are unsure it is best to use a thermometer for a more accurate reading.

Pink due to a spice or preservative is different from pink due to being undercooked.

How Pink Is Too Pink For A Sausage

As stated before, you may find some cooked sausages may have a pink interior color.

The “pink” we are looking at when considering raw and undercooked products will often be accompanied with a soft product with little texture. 

The pink meat will have a raw look, and is very discernible from cooked meat that happens to have a pink hue. As you cook sausage you will notice the difference. 

A fully cooked sausage should be firm, have a nice cooked color and should be at 160-165F. An undercooked sausage that is pink will not be firm, have protein strands that are loose and stringy and will not be at the required temperature.

Pink Sausage Within Different Shapes

Sausage Rolls

Sausage rolls are very popular and are often eaten cooked and on a sandwich or accompanied with sides.

Some include kielbasa, italian sausage and bratwurst. Due to the shape of the sausage and the cooking method you may find some difficulty in a fully cooked product. 

Since the Sausage Rolls are so thick and have a circular shape, heat transfer throughout the meat is limited.

It is important to ensure that these sausages are cooked fully by inserting the thermometer into the center of the sausage. 

Sausage Rolls often do give trouble to home cooks in regards to being pink in the middle due to their shape.

The key is patience, heat control and understanding of when the sausage is cooked. 

Sausage Patties

Cooking Sausage Patties is easier due to their thinner shape and more even surface area.

Heat is able to transfer easier and more efficiently in a patty, so achieving a fully cooked product should not be too difficult

Sausage patties

Some pink in a Sausage Patty made out of beef is common, much like a hamburger would have.

But for pork, chicken or turkey there should be no pink indicating undercooked product. 

Can Breakfast Sausage Be Pink?

Breakfast Sausage can be made up of various different animal proteins, but the most common is pork sausage.

Pork breakfast sausage should not be pink. This is due to the parasite, Trichinella, being found in some raw pork.

If consumed, trichinosis, a food borne illness, can be caught. It is best to not consume pink or undercooked breakfast sausage.

On Cooking Different Shapes And Types Of Sausage

Regardless of the shape or method of cooking, all sausages must be cooked to meet their respective temperatures that make them safe to eat. Meeting the temperature threshold based on the specific protein is always key and should always be met to prevent food borne illness.

Ways To Cook Sausage

The best way to ensure that sausage is fully cooked and there is no pink in it is to understand the cooking methods associated with it.

There are a variety of ways to prepare sausage and below are a few more common ones. 


Sauteing sausage is great for achieving color and applying high heat to the product.

Using fat as a cooking medium and the elevated heat levels allows for browning and a fast cooking process that yields a caramelized exterior and a juicy interior when done correctly. 


Great for achieving a smoky flavor and the attractive grill marks, grilling is another great way to develop the flavor of sausage.

Grilling Sausages

While it may take slightly longer than sauteing, grilling offers more time to develop the caramelized flavor on the meat and will ensure a tasty final product. 


Baking is a great way to cook sausage due to the heat circulation in the oven.

Where cooking a sausage link in a pan can cause uneven product, baking is a surefire way to ensure that heat is applied evenly to a sausage.

Temping with a thermometer and a longer cook time is required, but can yield a perfectly cooked sausage when done.


The last method I will share is boiling. While boiling will not yield any color or caramelization, it is extremely useful to cook a sausage fully.

A sausage famous for being boiled is the Polish kielbasa, but others can be cooked this way as well.

Overcooking Sausage and Its Flavor

I’d like to touch on the importance of not overcooking your sausage.

While it is important to not undercook from a food safety standpoint, it is very important to not overcook from a flavor standpoint. 

You should target the 160-165F temperature range on sausage, depending on the protein.

If overcooked, the fat in the sausage will completely melt and will leave the product dry and unpleasant to eat.

Additionally, if there are other ingredients such as cheese, this product will melt or even burn. 

Final Thoughts

Determining whether or not sausage can be eaten when pink comes down to a couple of factors.

The major one to be aware of is the protein. While beef sausage is considered to have some pink color when fully cooked, any pork or poultry should not and eating this could lead to food poisoning. 

There is also the added dimension of the spices and preservatives added into the sausage.

It is very possible that some sausages still do look pink even after being cooked due to the different ingredients within them. This is why having a thermometer handy is very helpful. 

It is good to finally use your best judgment as a cook. If a sausage seems undercooked or raw there is nothing wrong with putting it back on the heat to cook longer.

It is always better to be safer when cooking so be aware of the different sausages you cook and what they look and feel like when they are pink.

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