Can You Freeze Boston Cream Pie? [Plus How To Defrost It]

It is the official dessert of Massachusetts, known for its spongy texture, rich and creamy custard filling, and the decadent chocolate ganache that is drizzled on top!

For those who like to have this sweet treat on hand, can you freeze Boston Cream Pie? We have pieced together the answer! 

Unlike many other desserts, you can not freeze Boston Cream Pie. This is due to the sweet custard filling, which stereotypically includes cornstarch to condense the whisked mixture and corn syrup, which helps with the crystallization of the mixture. In fact, thickening agents are not recommended ingredients when preserving most foods.

However, you can freeze the sponge cake and chocolate ganache topping separately and then construct your Boston Cream Pie later! The suitable freezer storage time for sponge cake is no more than two months. Additionally, the chocolate ganache will only stay fresh for one month.

Thus, if you make these ingredients at the same time, make sure to serve your assembled cake within a month’s time. 

How To Freeze The Components Of Boston Cream Pie

1. Freeze The Sponge Cake Sections

In case you didn’t know, Boston Cream Pie actually consists of two thick layers of a sponge cake!

This delicious dessert is light and fluffy and is traditionally held together with a mixture of egg yolks and sugar.

Like most other cakes, this variety will last seven days in the fridge. However, this is known to dry out the moist consistency of the cake.

Conversely, freezer storage can expand the shelf life to two months and it will help to retain the original aspects of this dessert! 

Triple Layer Protection Is Key

Thus, bake the layers of sponge cake and allow them to cool completely. Then, take freezer plastic wrap and delicately, but tightly, wrap up each piece. 

Next, take heavy-duty aluminum foil and apply a second layer of protection to each section.

This is an extremely important step because the foil will help to keep out oxygen, moisture, and light.

Without these components, bacteria are less likely to grow and freezer burn is less likely to set in. 

Finally, place the double wrapped cake pieces in either an airtight freezer-safe container or a freezer-safe ziplock bag.

If using sealable bags, make sure to remove as much air as possible. Label the container with the date of packaging and freeze at a consistent zero degrees Fahrenheit until you are ready to put your Boston Cream Pie together. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: While both methods of storage are exceptionally effective, a plastic or glass container will better guarantee that your cake maintains its original shape. With big families, items can easily get moved around in the freezer, leading to the smooshing of certain foods. 

2. Freeze The Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate ganache is a delicious mixture of chocolate and heavy cream that makes a rich and luxurious filling and topping for desserts.

While the cream is not normally a product that does well in the freezer, this combination is cooked so it can span up to a month in cold storage.

Moreover, some recipes call for cornstarch, but as mentioned above, this ingredient will not bode well in the freezer.

Therefore, leave out this thickener or find a suitable alternative (detailed below). 

Simply make your signature ganache and then transfer it into a freezer-safe airtight container.

Make sure to leave ¾ of an inch of space between the top of the chocolate and the lid.

This will allow for the safe expansion of the mixture when it freezes without the worry of the seal being broken.

Next, allow it to cool completely. This should begin on the counter and then you need to move it into the refrigerator.

This transfer should occur prior to the two-hour mark (past this time frame and bacteria can begin to grow).

Then, the experts at Lake Champlain Chocolates advise that “once a full 24 hours have gone by, move the container from the fridge to your freezer (this avoids temperature shock, and helps [to] preserve texture).”

Finally, make sure that your chocolate remains in the airtight container throughout this entire cooling process.

This step is extremely important for diminishing the impact your other refrigerated foods may have on the taste of the chocolate.

Thus, store any items that may have pungent odors or flavors in airtight containers as well. 

How To Defrost The Components Of Boston Cream Pie

Remember that these two components have different “Best By” dates. What this means is that you should always construct your Boston Cream Pie prior to the earliest expiration date of the items that you chose to freeze. 

1. Sponge Cake 

When defrosting sponge cake, remove the sections from the airtight Tupperware container or the zip lock bag. Then, remove the aluminum foil and plastic wrap.

This is imperative because if you leave these layers in place, condensation can form.

This, in turn, will destroy the texture of the cake. Clearly, you want the Boston Cream  Pie to be moist, but soggy cake is not ideal!

Sponge Cake 

Finally, place it in the fridge 24 hours before you want to make it. This is imperative because sponge cake will only last one to two days after it is defrosted.

2. Chocolate Ganache

In order to defrost your chocolate ganache topping, Lake Champlain Chocolates further notes that you should reverse the steps that you completed to freeze it.

Thus, “move [it] from [the] freezer to [the] fridge, wait a full 24 hours, [and then] remove [it] from the fridge, and let [it] come to room temperature”.  

Chocolate Ganache

Once it has fully thawed, the last step is to thoroughly remix your ganache. When frozen, grainy spots can arise so take ample time to whip it back into shape!

Assemble Your Boston Cream Pie

The final step in this process is quite simple. Take your first section of cake and place it on your cake tray.

Then, prepare your custard filling and spread a hefty helping on the top of the sponge cake. 

Next, apply the second cake section. Finally, warm the chocolate ganache in a saucepan over low to medium heat, stirring regularly.

Pour this melted mixture over the top of the cake and smooth the edges.

Cover your Boston Cream Pie and refrigerate until you are ready to serve.

This final course should never be left out for more than two hours at room temperature, otherwise, spoilage may occur.

Lastly, for those who want to get really creative with their presentation, consider topping this rich, yet airy cake with strawberries, peaches, and other fruit.

This has all the similar attributes to a typical custard dish, so this addition would pair nicely!

Preparation Alternatives And Freezing Tips

If you have to freeze your Boston Cream Pie, there are a few ways to avoid a dessert disaster.

First, throw out the cornstarch! This ingredient will give your custard a thick and smooth consistency, but once frozen, it will separate.

Not only will this deliver an unappetizing texture, but it will also cause the cake to take on a soggy, and even spongy consistency.

Thankfully, there are some fantastic alternatives that can give you the option of freezing your entire dessert.

Ingredient Alternatives


Flour is a simple option that virtually everyone has on hand in their kitchen. However, it is not nearly as effective as cornstarch so you will likely need to double the quantity that the recipe calls for adding.

Conversely, if you plan ahead, arrowroot is not only effective at extremely cold temperatures, but it will provide the glossy appearance that cornstarch gives off.

This is specifically ideal for the folks who also use cornstarch in their ganache. Finally, clear-jet is another starch that can substitute cornstarch.


When swapping out normal ingredients, always make a point to check with your guests about potential allergies. A good host should always be thinking a few steps ahead!

Corn Syrup

Corn syrup is the other ingredient that causes the custard to not handle the freezer conditions well.

A simple remedy is to replace this with brown rice syrup! This will prevent crystallization, but it can have a slightly nutty flavor.

Freeze Your Whole Boston Cream Pie

If you use this alternative, know that the consistency will not be the same as fresh if assembled the day of your event, but it can take a lot off of your plate.

In order to freeze the entire Boston Cream Pie without ruining the smooth sheen of the chocolate topping, find a freezer-safe airtight container that has ample space. Then, apply a layer of freezer wrap over the top.

Next, double down with a layer of heavy-duty aluminum foil. Finally, pop on the lid and slide it into the fridge.

Boston Cream Pie

Allow it to sit for at least an hour and then move it to the freezer. This should stay fresh for up to a month.

Lastly, when it comes time to defrost the cake, place it in the fridge 24 hours before your event.

Final Thoughts 

Finally, when it comes to serving, two do not overlook these key details. First, always serve Boston Cream Pie chilled.

This will not only preserve the perishable parts of this delicious cake but will also ensure that the custard filling can hold up the weight of the rest of the cake.

Additionally, take your finest non-serrated cake knife and warm it with a clean, wet dishtowel that has been run under hot water just before cutting the cake. This will allow for a clean, picture-perfect cut.

Boston Cream Pie Day comes around every year on October 23rd. These steps can give you the latitude to prepare the majority, if not all of your dish, prior to this momentous occasion!

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