Can You Freeze Velveeta Cheese Dip? [Large & Small Quantities]

Labeled as “liquid gold” and “the best side of dinner”, Velveeta is a processed cheese product that makes up one of the best quesos on the market.

This velvety, creamy and slightly spicy mixture is a fan favorite at tailgates, family gatherings and as a snack by the poolside.

However, for those who became a bit overzealous with their recipe, ​​can you freeze velveeta cheese dip?

While it is technically possible to freeze Velveeta cheese dip, doing so may affect its texture and quality. Freezing can cause the cheese to separate and become grainy or crumbly once thawed, altering the smooth consistency Velveeta is known for. If you choose to freeze Velveeta cheese dip, store it in an airtight container to minimize exposure to air and freezer burn. Upon thawing, stirring or gently reheating the dip can help restore some of its creaminess, but the texture may not fully return to its original state.

Velveeta Cheese & Rotel Dip Ingredients

Ro*Tel® Famous Queso Dip features just two main ingredients — Rotel and Velveeta. Simple, and yet spectacularly delicious! Here is a look at these components and how they fare in cold storage. 

Velveeta Cheese

Velveeta is considered a pasteurized prepared cheese product. In the past, this meant that at least 51% of this product was made with cheese.

However, the recipe has been revamped and it is now primarily made with whey and milk protein concentrates.

Unfortunately, while these products can be frozen, Velveeta is not recommended for freezer storage. 

Kraft Heinz has included the phrasing “DO NOT FREEZE” on their packaging. They go on to state that “after freezing, crystals may form within the product which may make it grainy, or its texture to become mushy.

Freezing can also break down the ingredients used to make the cheese. This may cause water to form on the surface of the product.”

Velveeta Cheese

The good news is that if stored properly, you can technically freeze Velveeta Cheese for up to three months.

Since the assumed intention is pre-make your dip and then reheat the mixture on a later date, this is less of a concern. Why? Most of the consistency changes will be remedied during this cooking process.


Tomatoes, chopped green chili peppers and cilantro. This simple mixture is essentially pico de gallo minus the onions and lime juice.

Chili peppers fare quite well in the freezer, lasting up to six months. 

Conversely, tomatoes do not bode nearly as well. Due to their high moisture content, freezing will drastically alter the consistency of this fruit, giving it a mushy texture.

Thankfully, once cooked, most tomatoes take on this characteristic, so this will not radically change your Velveeta cheese dip if you choose to freeze it.

This product can also last up to six months in cold storage.

Ground Beef

Ground Beef

Some people like to go above and beyond to bulk up this classic recipe by adding a bit of beef! If this meat product is included in the recipe, then you are in luck! 

You can safely freeze ground beef for up to four months with no worry of changes in flavor, texture or consistency!

How To Freeze Velveeta Cheese Dip – Large Quantity

Step 1: Prepare Your Signature Velveeta Cheese Dip

Mix your Ro*Tel and Velveeta in a saucepan and cook over medium heat.

If you are adding in ground beef, season and fully cook this separately and then add it to the saucepan.

This process can also be completed in a crock pot once the meat is browned. 

Step 2: Allow Your Velveeta Cheese Dip To Cool, FULLY

Once cooked, pour the Velveeta cheese dip into a freezer safe container — this can be a plastic tupperware container or a glass Pyrex dish.

Make sure to leave at least ¾ of an inch between the top of the dip and the lid. Why?

Food expands in the freezer and without this space, you run the risk of the container’s seal breaking and the food being introduced to oxygen and moisture, which will lead to spoilage. 

Finally, leave the food on the counter to allow it to cool. Make sure this time frame does not span more than two hours, otherwise dangerous bacteria can begin to grow.

If this is not enough time, transfer the food to the fridge.

Step 3: Finish Packaging Your Velveeta Cheese Dip To Freeze

 Cheese Dip

The best way to ensure an optimal shelf life is to apply multiple layers of protection against oxygen, light and moisture.

Thus, cover the top and sides of the plastic or glass dish with a tight layer of heavy duty aluminum foil. Then, snap the lid overtop and label the dish with the date.

Freeze your Velveeta cheese dip for up to three months at a consistent temperature of zero degrees Fahrenheit.

How To Freeze Velveeta Cheese Dip – Small Quantity

Step 1: Prepare & Transfer Your Velveeta Cheese Dip

If you don’t intend to consume all of your cheese dip at once, there is a simple method of freezing that will cut back on food waste. First, follow Step #1 in the ‘Large Quantities’ section. 

Next, take either a silicone muffin tin or ice cube trays and fill the sections with your Velveeta Cheese Dip. Allow it to cool fully.

This should take less than the aforementioned two hour window.

Step 2: Freeze & Package Your Velveeta Cheese Dip 

Slide your trays of cheese dip into the freezer and give them a few hours to harden. Once frozen, pop out the sections of dip and place them in a freezer safe ziplock back.

Make sure to remove as much air as possible. Seal the bag and label it with the date of the initial freeze.

Finally, place the container back in the freezer. 


How To Freeze Velveeta Cheese Dip Ingredients Separately

Alternatively, you also have the option of using vacuum seal plastic to individually package your sections of frozen dip. This can be a great choice for those who want to take their dip in their lunch!

Another option for making sure that you always have Velveeta cheese dip on hand is to have the ingredients at the ready. Rotel comes in a can.

Therefore, it can safely sit on the shelf for up to two years after the date of purchase. Alternatively, you have the option of freezing Velveeta cheese in its original block form.

When the Velveeta has been taken out of the original packaging, divide out the sections that you would like to store.

Then, wrap them in a tight layer of freezer safe plastic, followed by a tight layer of heavy duty aluminum foil.

Finally, place in a freezer safe plastic bag and seal. Again, label with the date.

When the cheese is unopened, remove it from the box (leaving the aluminum packaging intact) and place it in a freezer safe ziplock bag. Remove as much air as possible and seal the container.

Both methods will allow for the cheese to stay fresh for up to three months. Thawing instructions remain the same as above.

Best of all, using this method will let you to make the dip the day of your event, allowing for a fresher and more flavorful result!

How To Thaw Velveeta Cheese Dip

In order to thaw and reheat the cheese sauce, simply place the container of dip in the refrigerator 24 hours before the time of intended use.

While time consuming, this will help to retain the original structure of your dish. 

Conversely, for individually portioned dip, remove the amount you want from the freezer and place it in a bowl or container and cover with aluminum foil.

Wait for the same period of time to pass. You want to mixture to re-equilibrate properly.

However, if you find yourself in a hurry, you can skip the defrosting process with the small quantities of Velveeta cheese dip.

Simply place the preferred amount of frozen sauce in a skillet and reheat on low to medium heat. Stir regularly to ensure that it heats evenly.

Checking Consistency

If the mixture remains watery after reheating, consider adding some real cheddar or Colby jack to help thicken the dip.

Since Velveeta mimics the flavor of American cheese, these cheese choices will compliment the dip perfectly!

Flour and cornstarch are also fantastic thickeners if you do not have real cheese on hand.


You also have the option to substitute Velveeta with American Cheese. Kraft actually manufactures both products and they taste almost identical.

They also both have extremely low melting points so cook times will remain similar. You have the option to freeze this dairy product as well. 

Final Thoughts

Leftover Velveeta cheese dip should never go to waste! Whether you are trying to salvage the extras from your Super Bowl party or your Mexican fiesta, there are easy ways to elongate the life of your dish.

However, while some consistency changes are expected with cold storage, always discard the food if you notice alterations in smell, taste or color.

While freezing food is a fantastic method for food preservation, it does not actually prevent bacteria growth. It just halts it until you defrost the product.

Lastly, if you like to use your Velveeta Cheese Dip in other dishes like enchiladas, you also have the option of freezing those leftovers as well!

This is a dish that is normally soft in texture. Therefore, slight changes in consistency will not impact the reheated dish.

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