Cava Copycat Recipes

Craving the fresh, vibrant flavors of Cava but don’t want to leave the comfort of your home Cava, a beloved Mediterranean fast-casual chain, is known for its bold flavors and healthy options. Recreating these dishes at home allows you to customize ingredients to your taste and enjoy these flavors anytime. From the zesty Crazy Feta to the savory grilled chicken and signature dressings, our copycat recipes will help you replicate Cava’s most popular offerings with ease.

Dive into these recipes to bring a taste of Mediterranean cuisine into your kitchen and impress family and friends with your culinary prowess.

In A Rush? Key Takeaways:

  • Learn to make Cava’s famous bowls, from the base grains to the top layer of flavorful sauces.
  • Discover secrets to perfecting the Crazy Feta dip and other unique Cava-style spreads.
  • Explore vegetarian and vegan options that don’t compromise on taste or texture.

1. CAVA Honey Harissa Chicken

The CAVA Honey Harissa Chicken is a vibrant and flavorful dish that embodies the bold, Mediterranean-inspired essence of its original source. This recipe offers a tantalizing mix of sweet and spicy, featuring tender chicken marinated in a unique blend of honey and harissa.

The marinade not only imparts a rich, smoky flavor but also ensures the chicken remains succulent and juicy after cooking. Perfect for grilling or roasting, this dish is a surefire way to bring some zest to your dinner table, complemented ideally by a side of fresh, crisp vegetables or a light salad.

2. Spicy Tofu Rice Bowl 

The Spicy Tofu Rice Bowl is a delightful concoction for those who crave a meatless meal with a robust kick. This dish features cubes of firm tofu, marinated and pan-fried until golden brown, then tossed in a fiery sauce that blends the perfect amount of heat with a hint of sweetness. The tofu is served over a bed of steamed rice, absorbing the flavors of the spicy sauce, creating a satisfying and cohesive dish.

To balance the spiciness, the bowl is topped with an array of fresh, crunchy vegetables such as sliced bell peppers, shredded carrots, and green onions, adding a burst of color and freshness. This copycat recipe of the popular CAVA Spicy Tofu Rice Bowl is incredibly versatile and can be adjusted according to personal heat tolerance or dietary preferences.

3. Copy Cat Cava Mediterranean Grain Bowl

The Copy Cat CAVA Mediterranean Grain Bowl is a wholesome and nutritious offering that perfectly captures the essence of Mediterranean flavors. This bowl starts with a hearty base of mixed grains, typically a blend of brown rice and quinoa, providing a rich, nutty flavor and a satisfying texture.

Atop this grain foundation, you’ll layer vibrant, marinated vegetables like roasted red peppers and kalamata olives, adding a juicy and tangy punch. The centerpiece is tender, grilled chicken or lamb, seasoned with herbs and spices reminiscent of the Mediterranean coast, offering both depth and protein to the dish.

4. Chicken Cava Chicken

The Chicken Cava Chicken dish is a simple yet scrumptious recipe that captures the spirit of CAVA’s renowned Mediterranean cuisine. The star of this dish is the perfectly seasoned and tenderly grilled chicken breast.

Each piece is marinated in a blend of aromatic herbs and spices, including oregano, garlic, and a hint of lemon, which infuses the chicken with a zesty and savory flavor profile. This marinating process ensures that the chicken is not only flavorful but also retains its moisture during cooking, resulting in juicy, succulent slices that are hard to resist.

5. Cava Garlic Dressing Recipe Copycat

The Cava Garlic Dressing Recipe Copycat is a delightfully zesty and creamy addition to any salad or grain bowl, capturing the bold and bright flavors characteristic of CAVA’s signature dressing.

This recipe combines fresh, minced garlic with tangy lemon juice and a hint of Dijon mustard, creating a powerful flavor base that is both invigorating and aromatic. To this, extra virgin olive oil is emulsified into the mixture, adding a smooth, velvety texture that coats salad leaves or grains perfectly, enhancing their taste without overpowering them.

6. Creamy Feta Dip

The Creamy Feta Dip is an irresistibly smooth and tangy spread that makes a perfect appetizer or snack for any gathering. This dip features crumbled feta cheese as its base, known for its crumbly texture and salty bite. Blended until smooth with Greek yogurt, the feta transforms into a creamy, rich concoction. To enhance the dip’s flavors, a dash of lemon juice adds a refreshing zest, while minced garlic introduces a subtle sharpness that complements the cheese’s bold profile.

This dip isn’t just about texture and taste; it’s also about versatility. A sprinkle of dried herbs, such as dill or oregano, and a drizzle of olive oil complete the Mediterranean-inspired theme, making it a perfect pairing with warm pita bread, fresh vegetables, or as a unique spread on sandwiches.