The Cheapest Time Of Year To Go To Vegas [Ways To Save]

Las Vegas has no shortage of fun and fabulous ways to spend money. From amazing performances to fine dining, it’s all too easy to spend more than you planned during a trip to Sin City.

If you want to save on airfare and travel expenses, consider timing your visit with the cheapest time of year to travel to Las Vegas.

That will free up your hard-earned cash for making the most of your trip while you are there.

The cheapest times of year to go to Las Vegas are during January and August. Airfare tends to be less expensive and many hotels offer cheaper rooms during this low month. Food prices and casino offerings are pretty consistent year-round, but you can take advantage of free entertainment and tours.

The Cheapest Time Of Year To Go To Las Vegas

You can enjoy Las Vegas on a budget during any time of year but taking advantage of low flight prices and hotel discounts during the cheaper times of the year can be a great way to maximize your budget.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Does Vegas Have An Off-Season?

The off-season in Las Vegas is very dependent on the weather. July and August are some of the hottest months in this desert oasis.

Temperatures can easily get to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which deters visitors from coming. Hotels know this and often reduce their room costs accordingly.

The other time of year that Vegas is noticeably less busy is right after the Christmas holidays in January and into February.

Many people embrace healthier lifestyles at the beginning of the year and might be reeling in their holiday spending.

Las Vegas doesn’t fit well with either of those goals, making January a great time to get cheaper deals.

What Is The Best Month To Go To Las Vegas?

The best month to go to Vegas will depend on your itinerary and goals. If you want to be the most efficient with your budget, book a trip for January or July to take advantage of lower prices.

If you want to spend a lot of time outside, stick to a time of year with more hospitable weather. January is a good option to combine both of those priorities.

The Cheapest Time Of Year To Travel To Vegas

No matter where you are coming from, chances are you have to travel to get to Las Vegas. There are a few ways to do so and the cheapest option will depend on your location.

Vegas By Plane

There are plenty of airlines that fly to Las Vegas from all over the world. Spirit Airlines is a popular choice for its cheap airfare but be prepared to pay for any extras, including bags.

While you can usually find better savings by booking well in advance, don’t rule out snagging a last-minute deal.

McCarran International Airport is the largest airport in Las Vegas and only five miles away from “The Strip,” the heart of Vegas.

The smaller North Las Vegas Airport is a little bit further away from the bustling center (10 miles) but still very accessible. Both are good options for cheap flights to Las Vegas.

The Cheapest Time Of Year To Fly To Vegas

Flights to Las Vegas are driven by supply and demand. If fewer people want to fly, the airlines lower ticket prices to fill as many seats as possible.

After all, the plane will still fly to Las Vegas with empty seats. The airline would rather have someone paying for the seat, even if it is at a lower price.

What Is The Cheapest Month To Fly To Las Vegas?

Flights to Las Vegas are the cheapest in August, according to the airfare site Kayak. Because temperatures in Vegas are highest at this time of year, fewer people vacation there in the summer and the demand for flights is lower.

The exception to this is when large conferences or events are hosted, which can increase demand and prices.

When Should I Buy Tickets To Vegas?

Book your tickets at least one week out to be able to take advantage of great deals. You can also sign up for alerts to extra savings or low airfares.

This works best if your travel dates are flexible so that you can jump on cheap tickets when they become available.

Vegas By Train

Amtrak serves the Las Vegas area for rail travel. There aren’t a lot of stations and options. Most of the train tickets are as expensive (or more) than flights.

But if you want the experience of train travel, it can still be a fun and cost-effective option. Once you are in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Monorail is a great way to get around.

A single ride costs $5 but the unlimited day passes are the most cost-effective option. You can purchase anything from a single-day pass ($13) up to a seven-day pass ($56).

You can also book a train trip that stops at other notable locations along with Vegas, such as the Grand Canyon and San Francisco.

These trips usually run around $2,500 or more and are meant to be a vacation in themselves. They’re not the cheapest way to experience Vegas but still a fun trip for train enthusiasts.

Train in Vegas

Vegas By Car

Driving to Las Vegas can be a cheap way to get there, depending on where you live. If your costs in gas and parking are more than $100, chances are you can find a flight that is a better deal.

Because the majority of attractions and entertainment in Las Vegas are on The Strip, you won’t need to drive much once you get there.

There is plenty of parking available, with the premium spots costing a premium price. If you are a hotel guest, you may be able to get free parking. You can find free parking year-round but more will be available during the off-season.

Vegas By Bus

Bus travel to Las Vegas might not be the most glamourous option but it is probably the cheapest. A one-way trip from Southern California to Vegas costs around $32.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays tend to be cheaper for bus travel, according to Greyhound, the largest bus fleet serving Las Vegas. You can also sign up for cheap ticket alerts on Greyhound’s app.

Cheapest Time To Go To Vegas

Now that you have your options for travel, you should also consider what you want to do when you get to Las Vegas and how to book those attractions and shows to maximize your budget.

Avoid Expensive Events

Vegas is a popular location for conventions and events but prices will go up during these times.

The Consumer Electronics Show in January, Electric Daisy Carnival in May, and National Finals Rodeo in December bring big crowds and high prices.

Look For Free Entertainment

There are plenty of free things to do and see in Las Vegas year-round. Some of the best ways to explore the city are free or cheap. Check out our favorites below:

Hotel Hopping

You don’t have to be a guest to visit most of the famous hotels in Las Vegas. Simply stroll through to see the sights and experience the luxury of Vegas.

The Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino and The Venetian Resort are two highlights.

The Bellagio Fountain

The beautiful fountain puts on a completely free show every 30 minutes in the late afternoon and evening. No ticket required!

Just find a good spot to watch and enjoy the show. The Bellagio also has an impressive floral garden that you can enjoy for free.

Ogle Some Gold

It’s free to look at the 61-pound gold nugget in the lobby of the appropriately-named Gold Nugget Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

Taking this priceless treasure home is out of the budget but there’s no harm in looking!

Go for a Hike

There is plenty of outdoor fun in the Las Vegas area, although you should be sure to pack plenty of water even in the cooler months. Red Rock Canyon has multiple trails, including a petroglyph wall.

Traveling To Las Vegas From Overseas

Planning a trip to Las Vegas from overseas can involve more steps and overall costs.

You need to consider the extra time and money that are required to get a passport and make all of the necessary reservations.

Cheapest Time Of Year To Go To Las Vegas From UK

Flights from the UK to Vegas follow the expected peak and off-seasons. January is the cheapest time of year to go to Las Vegas from the UK.

When traveling internationally, it’s a good idea to book at least three weeks in advance to get the cheapest airfare.

Because your travel options are more limited, sign up for cheap flight alerts on travel apps to get the best deals.

Cheapest Time Of Year To Visit Vegas

Take advantage of cheap airfare to maximize your budget in Las Vegas. Finding the cheapest time of year to visit Vegas is as much about avoiding peak times and large crowds as it is about finding good deals.

January and February

This time of year is a great combination of cool temperatures and cheap airfare and accommodations.

Some hotel pools may be closed so just double check if lounging by the pool is on your must-do list.

March through June

Conventions are popular during this time period, which can drive up prices. While airfare and hotels are more expensive, you can take advantage of some discounts available for convention and event attendees for deals on dining and events. Make sure that you budget the cost of event tickets, however.

July and August

This is one of the best and cheapest times to visit Las Vegas. The weather is hot, hot, hot, though.

If you plan to spend time outdoors, the savings may not be worth the heat stroke you are risking.

This is the perfect time to catch a show, enjoy the free and cheap attractions in Vegas, or lounge by the pool.

September through December

With many holidays during this time of year, the demand for Vegas flights and hotels skyrockets. So do the prices.

This is one of the most expensive times to visit Las Vegas. If you do travel to Vegas during this peak season, you can maximize your budget by planning fun free and cheap events.

Cheapest Time To Go To Vegas 2020 And 2021

The least expensive times to go to Las Vegas in 2020 revolved around the typical peak season and off-season.

August was the cheapest time for flights and hotels. Many conventions and events were canceled in 2020, so flights in March through May were a bit cheaper than normal.

The same availability and prices are expected in 2021 and beyond. However, make sure to check local COVID-related restrictions and guidance before booking.

Final Thoughts

Taking a vacation to Las Vegas can be budget-friendly and tons of fun with the right planning.

Take advantage of cheaper flights and savings on hotel stays by booking your trip during the off-season in January and August.

There are plenty of free and cheap attractions in Las Vegas year-round. These are even easier to enjoy with smaller crowds during the cheapest times to visit Vegas.

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