5 Healthy Cheesecake Brands [Low Fat & Sodium]

My love for cheesecake makes me bake them at home. However, there are times I crave this delicious treat, but I am too busy to bake them. Like me, you want to know how to get the best store-bought cheesecake.

So, I got to find the best store-bought cheesecakes that will make you not miss your homemade delicacies much.

Read on to find the answers to some cheesecake questions you might have.

CheesecakeTop QualityWeightCost
Trader Joe’s New York Deli Style Baked CheesecakeBest Thick Rich Filling30 oz$6.99
Costco’s CheesecakeBest Rich Taste4.5 lb$13.99
Walmart variety cheesecakeBest for Low Calories40 Oz$14.98
Wegmans large ultimate plain cheesecakeBest Nutritious Content50 Oz$26
Junior’s Cheesecake 8″ Strawberry CheesecakeBest Rich Flavor4.25 pounds$69.95

1. Trader Joe’s New York Deli Style Baked Cheesecake: Best Thick Rich Filling

One part of the cheesecake I like is the filling. If you get the filling right, you almost get every part of the cake right.

Trader Joe's New York Deli Style Baked Cheesecake

This cake from Trader Joe’s has the best thick and rich filling you can get on a cheesecake. It is no surprise that it contains 400 calories, 252 of them from fat.

It has a sweet, crisp crust with a rich buttery taste. Another part of the cheesecake I like is the crust that holds its shape when cut.

This Trader Joe’s delicacy gives me that. If you like vanilla flavor, rich, thick filling, and sweet crust, I recommend this Trader Joe’s cheesecake.

2. Costco’s Cheesecake: Best Rich Taste

There is a reason Costco is a highly competitive brand. Their cheesecake is one of the best you can buy in the store.

What do you say about a cheesecake that satisfies your craving for a homemade recipe?

Costco’s cheesecake is the perfect homemade replica with its smoothness, and I love its rich taste.

The crisp crust is perfect with its savory graham flavor, and the brown sugar makes it even better. Moreover, it has the perfect creamy, thick, and rich topping.

Other brands are in the market, but Costco makes the perfect treat. I recommend this cheesecake if you have a small party or are expecting a guest you want to impress. It comes with 16 servings and 440 calories per slice.

3. Walmart Variety Cheesecake: Best for Low Calories

Walmart variety cheesecake is also a great option. I love this variety of cakes because it has a low amount of calories compared to other cakes.

A slice of the New York, strawberry swirl, triple chocolate, and turtle cake contains 320, 310, 350, and 350 calories, respectively. It is lower than the 400 counts in a slice of other cakes.

This cheesecake is one cake you can have and still consume other foods without consuming too many calories daily. This cake has a high level of preservatives.

4. Wegmans Large Ultimate Plain Cheesecake: Best Nutritious Content

This cheesecake is a rich mix of cream cheese, Greek yogurt, and vanilla flavor sitting on a graham cracker.

I love this cake because of its nutritious value. It has 480 calories per slice, though.

It is a rich source of calcium, iron, potassium, and vitamins A and C. This cake also contains dietary fiber, which is good for digestion. It has 48% of your total fat daily value, 42% cholesterol, and 15% carbs.

5. Junior’s Cheesecake 8″ Strawberry Cheesecake: Best Rich Flavor

This Junior’s cheesecake is one of the best you can find around. I like the graham crust and macaroon crust.

If you like creamy cheesecakes like me, you will like this cheesecake from Junior’s, which has a rich mixture of vanilla, egg, and heavy cream.

One of the best toppings is strawberry compote, a great deal on this cake. The rich, delicious strawberry filling is another reason this Junior’s cheesecake is great.

I love the flavor of this cheesecake. The combination of vanilla, cream, and strawberry gives it a rich flavor I cherish.

This cheesecake provides 360 calories in 14 servings, making it a great choice for a small gathering.

Other “Honorable Mention” Store-Bought Cheesecakes

Aldi Dessert Menu New York Cheesecake

This cheesecake is made of wheat flour, cream, milk, wheat starch, vegetable margarine, brown sugars, and other ingredients.

It has a rich filling and sits on a sweet biscuit base. The taste is amazing, and it makes for a rich meal. This cheesecake did not make it to our top 5 list because it is vegetarian.

It contains 349 calories with 4.8g of protein. You can make this a part of your treat if you enjoy vegan meals. It weighs 450g and costs 1.39 pounds.

Whole Foods Market New York Cheesecake Slice

Whole Foods Market makes one of the cheesecakes around, and this one slice of New York cheesecake does not disappoint.

It contains rich ingredients, including milk, whey, flour, eggs, and cream. This cake did not make it to our top 5 list because it contains high calories of 510 with fat taking 330 counts. This cheesecake weighs 4 Oz and sells for $4.0.

Daiya Vegan New York Frozen Cheesecake

You can still enjoy a good cheesecake even with a dairy allergy. Daiya Vegan New York Frozen Cheesecake doesn’t contain any of the eight known major allergens. It is plant-based, gluten-free, and vegan.

You will enjoy the cheesecake with 22g of sugar, 0g of cholesterol, and 0g of trans fat. Just knowing it is plant-based doesn’t stop you from working out 480 calories for every 133g per serving.

The Cheesecake Factory Original Cheesecake

The Cheesecake Factory has a delightful history of being as good as homemade. Started by a Detroit house in the 1940s who sold her cheesecakes to local businesses, the company has continued to sell quality cheesecakes.

But, one serving of cheesecake is 70% of the recommended daily allowance of high saturated fat content.

You also get 54% RDA sugar content. Considering that it’s only a desert, you might not want to burn 390 calories for every 120g serving.

Sara Lee Classic Strawberry Cheesecake

Any lover of cheesecake probably knows the Sara Lee brand. The cheesecakes are a delight for any lover of the sweet dessert. But, if you are on any diet, the 49 grams of carbs will not do any good to your diet.

Add the 64% RDA sugar content, and this cheesecake is one to have only occasionally. You get 330 calories per serving, 14g total fat, and 4g protein.  

What is Cheesecake?

Cheesecake is a dessert made primarily with cheese, eggs, and flour among other things.

You will find chocolate, lemon, vanilla, pumpkin, spices, and other flavors added to the cheese layer today.

The dessert is sometimes topped with nuts, cookies, fruit, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup.

Is Cheesecake Healthy for You?

All the fun of eating a delicious cheesecake can be lost if you consider the health implications at times.

But it is essential to keep your health as a major determining factor in your consumption. You don’t want to eat something that’ll only gradually kill you.

It would help if you didn’t make cheesecakes a consistent part of your diet. You can get gluten-free version of the cheesecake to stay healthy while enjoying this decadent dessert.

Is Cheesecake Considered a Pie?

Have you heard someone refer to cheesecakes as pie? Maybe it’s even someone you respect.

It’s right in the name, though – cake. But you wonder if there’s even the slightest possibility that you’re mistaken.

Yes, a cheesecake is a pie. Cheesecakes are considered a sort of custard pie. With the toppings put on its crusty top, cheesecakes qualify as a pie than a cake.

However, since it is different from the Arabic dish called cheese pie, it makes sense to refer to it as cheesecakes.

What is the Difference Between New York Style and Italian Style Cheesecakes?

The cheese is the major difference between New York style and Italian style cheesecakes. Where New York cheesecakes contain cream cheese, Italian-style cheesecakes are made with ricotta cheese.

So, you can expect a lighter, dryer texture from an Italian-style cheesecake. It gives you a taste quite close to cake than the pie taste of the New York-style cheesecake.

What is the Best Store Bought Cheesecake Toppings?

Although I like baking my cheesecakes, I get so occupied with activities and other necessities that I do not have the time to bake them. Then I will get a good store-bought option.

However, sometimes, I still want my cheesecakes to have my touch. Getting a naked cheesecake from the store and adding my topping becomes the best option.

Strawberry compote, blueberry compote, sour cream topping, and chocolate topping are some of the best options available. The toppings are available In many stores online.

Can You Get Store Bought Cheesecake Bites?

Cheesecakes can also come in smaller sizes, making the perfect bite at any party. Instead of making the whole lot for your guests, you can buy good store-bought cheesecake bites to save the day.

I recommend Costco mini cheesecake bites, which come with chocolate, cinnamon, and other toppings.

Sara Lee’s classic cheesecake bites are also great, especially for people who like very sweet bites. Cheesecake bites from Archer Farms, Whole Foods, and First Streets are also great.

Is Frozen Cheesecake as Good as Fresh?

Cheesecake consists of ingredients that improve its taste when they stay in the fridge until the next day. So, yes, frozen cheesecake is as good as fresh.

You can keep your cheesecake in the fridge if you want it to last a few days and remain fresh.

You can as well freeze it if you want it to last for a longer time. Freezing your cheesecake does not impact its taste.

What Should You Consider When Buying Cheesecake


If you’re buying cheesecake, it’s because you want to give yourself a treat. So, you want to choose one that is delicious.

However, you might not have the time to start test tasting the different kinds of cheesecakes available. That’s why you should use our review of the best store-bought cheesecakes.

Ingredients & Nutrition

While cheesecakes are naturally a lot of carbs, fat, and sugar, you still want to pay attention to the ingredients used when buying at a store.

Ensure that the cheesecake you buy doesn’t contain any additives or allergens. The fewer additives and preservatives, the better for your health.

Final Considerations

If you love homemade cheesecake like me, you know what it means to find a store-bought cheesecake replicating the homemade treat.

Trader Joe’s New York deli-style baked cheesecake, Costco’s cheesecake, and Junior’s cheesecake 8″ strawberry cheesecake are some of the best store-bought cheesecakes.