12 Cherry Heering Substitutes

I am a big fan of fruity drinks. I especially love cherry-flavored drinks which is probably why Cherry Heering is one of my favorite liqueurs.

If you love the fresh cherry flavor and a strong, stiff drink, then you should definitely try Cherry Heering, too. It will make all your drinking dreams come true!

However, I can’t always find Cherry Heering in my local liquor store. It is a specialty liqueur so it can be a little tricky to find. 

Luckily, I have found lots of different ways to replace Cherry Heering in my favorite mixed drink recipes. 

Generally speaking, the best substitute for Cherry Heering in cocktails is cherry syrup. The cherry syrup is sweet and very flavorful so it will have the same taste as Cherry Heering when blended into a mixed drink. Cherry Flavored Brandy is a good substitute for Cherry Heering when served straight over ice. Try using cherry extract in place of Cherry Heering when baking. 

Take a look at all of these Cherry Heering substitutes so you never have to go without that sweet cherry flavor for too long!

Substitutes For Cherry Heering

1. Cherry Syrup

Cherry cocktail syrup is a great replacement for Cherry Heering. It is sweet and has a strong cherry taste. You only need about half the amount of cherry syrup to replace Cherry Heering. 

Cherry syrup does not have alcohol so keep this in mind when blending your cocktail. You may want to add a few extra alcoholic ingredients to make the drink stronger.

2. Maraschino Cherry Juice

Maraschino cherries are a little more tart than Cherry Herring cherries. However, they will give your drink a nice cherry flavor. 

Use the juice from a jar of maraschino cherries to replace Cherry Heering. This is another non-alcoholic option that works well but will make a more mild drink.

The same quantity of cherry juice can replace Cherry Heering.

3. Cherry Flavored Vodka

Cherry flavored vodka is much stronger than Cherry Heering and not quite as sweet. It works well to replace Cherry Heering in a cocktail thanks to the cherry flavor. 

Cherry Flavored Vodka

Cherry flavored vodka is typically made with artificial cherry flavors so it is not all-natural like Cherry Heering. The same amount of cherry-flavored vodka will work to make your cocktails taste fruity and fresh!

4. Kirsch

Kirsch is a brandy that is made from fermented cherries. It is very common in cocktails and makes a great substitute for Cherry Heering.

Kirsch is not nearly as sweet as Cherry Heering. You may want to add a little simple syrup to your mixed drinks.

Use the same quantity of kirsch as Cherry Heering then add a teaspoon to a tablespoon of simple syrup. 

You can find kirsch almost anywhere so it is an easy replacement for the more rare Cherry Heering. 

5. Port Wine

Port wine has a very similar aroma when compared to Cherry Heering. It is spicy, woody and fruity. Port often has a complex cherry taste.

While the port is technically a wine rather than a liqueur, it is a solid substitute for a glass of Cherry Heering. Enjoy port chilled or room temperature.

6. Cherry Flavored Brandy

Cherry brandy is not as sweet as Cherry Heering but it has a powerful, cherry taste. It will make for a stronger sipping drink but you may like the warm heat that comes with each sip. 

Cherry Flavored Brandy

The most popular type of cherry brandy is the Bols brand. You should be able to find it in most liquor stores.

7. Amaretto

Many people love a good glass of chilled amaretto after dinner. Cherry Heering loves will too!

Cherry Heering has hints of almond flavors and amaretto is made primarily with almonds.

Amaretto has a slight bitter taste so you may want to add a little simple syrup to your glass in order to make it as sweet as your favorite cherry liqueur.

8. Homemade Cherry Brandy

Try your hand at making your own, homemade version of Cherry Heering. This way, you will never have to search your liquor store for Cherry Heering ever again!

Take a look at the section below to find detailed instructions on how to make your own Cherry Heering mix. 

9. Cherry Jam

A scoop of cherry jam will add sweetness and flavor to your baked goods. Cherry jam can be found in most grocery stores, giving you a very convenient substitute for Cherry Heering. 

Cherry Jam

Use one tablespoon of cherry jam to replace ¼ cup of Cherry Heering.

10. Cherry Extract

A teaspoon or two of cherry extract will really make your baked goods pop with cherry flavor.

Use a teaspoon of cherry extract to replace ¼ cup of Cherry Heering. Cherry extract is super strong and will definitely give you that cherry taste you need. 

Look for all-natural cherry extract to stick with the natural essence of Cherry Heering.

11. Luxurado

Luxurado is a syrupy cherry brandy. It is quite sweet but still contains a small amount of liquor.

It is perfect for using the dessert recipes in place of Cherry Heering. Use the same amount of Luxarado as Cherry Heering in a recipe.

12. Cherry Puree

Look for whole black cherries in your grocery store. Remove the pits and puree the cherries. Use the cherry puree in any recipe in place of Cherry Heering. 

Cherry puree will give your foods a fruitier taste and a deep purple color. However, that real cherry taste will be there! ¼ cup cherry puree can replace ¼ cup of Cherry Heering. 

How To Make A Cherry Heering Substitute

A true chef loves making everything from scratch. Why not make your oven version of Cherry Heering? All you need is a few simple ingredients and a little bit of time!

  1. Wash about two pounds of black cherries. You can leave the pits in the cherries but remove the stems. 
  2. Prick the cherries with a toothpick all over, making little holes in the fruit where the liquor can seep in. 
  3. Place the cherries in a large jar and add a liter of spiced brandy. Spiced brandy will give the liqueur a flavor like Cherry Heering. 
  4. Add 1 ½ cups of raw sugar to the jar. Cover the jar and then give it a good shake. Let the jar sit for about six weeks. 
  5. Shake the jar every other day to keep it well mixed. The cherries will slowly infuse their flavor into the brandy.
  6. Give it a taste to determine when it is cherry enough for your taste buds!
  7. Strain and discard the cherries and keep the liquid. Enjoy your very own, homemade Cherry Heering!

What Is Cherry Heering?

Cherry Heering is a cherry-flavored liqueur that is originally from Denmark. It is made with fresh cherries, a blend of spices, and neutral grain alcohol.

The result is a sweet, full-bodied liquor that is a ruby red color. 

One of the hallmarks of Cherry Heering is that it is made without any artificial flavorings or colors.

All the beautiful color of the liqueur is from the cherries and the flavors are simply created by the spice blend. It is such a powerful, delicious, natural drink!

Ingredients In Cherry Heering

You probably guessed that Cherry Heering is made with fresh cherries. You are correct!

The liqueur is actually made only with black cherries. The variety is sweet and also a little tart, giving the liqueur a complex flavor.

The unique blend of spices in Cherry Heering is part of what makes the drink so incredible.

While you may taste notes of cinnamon and cardamom, your spice guess is as good as mine! The exact blend of spices is a secret that will likely never be shared with the public. 

Cherry Heering is aged in oak casks for up to five years. This gives the liqueur a unique oaky taste that is definitely unlike any other cherry liqueur.

The love that goes into every bottle is very apparent and part of the reason why this liqueur is so popular!

Drinks Made With Cherry Heering

Many people like to drink Cherry Heering chilled over ice. The bright, bold flavor of cherries is quite delicious and really needs no other additions!

This is definitely my favorite way to enjoy Cherry Heering. 

Cherry Heering is used in lots of mixed drink recipes. Here are a few of our favorite drinks made with Cherry Heering.

1. Singapore Sling

The Singapore sling may be the most popular drink made with Cherry Heering. Gin, cherry liqueur, and lime juice are mixed together and topped with club soda. It is quite a refreshing drink! 

2. Cherry Old Fashioned

The classic old-fashioned cocktail is made so much better with the addition of Cherry Heering.

Bourbon, Cherry Heering, simple syrup, and a splash of club soda make a perfect drink. Add a cherry garnish and the cocktail is picture perfect!

3. Cherry Champagne Punch

A simple mix of Cherry Heering and champagne will make a tasty cherry champagne punch. The fizzy, light champagne tastes delicious with fruity cherry liqueur. 

4. Dirty Shirley Temple

Dirty Shirley Temple

Vodka, grenadine, Cherry Heering, and 7-Up are all you need to mix up a dirty Shirley temple. Cherry Heering really amplifies the cherry flavor in this cocktail.

5. Cherry Gin And Tonic

If you like fruity drinks and you also enjoy gin and tonic, why not combine the two? Add a splash of Cherry Heering to your gin and tonic to make it even more incredible. 

There are so many ways to use Cherry Heering to liven up your favorite drinks. However, a Cherry Heering substitute can be just as good.

Let’s talk a little bit about what to do when you crave cherry liqueur but can’t find it anywhere!

Final Considerations

Cherry Heering is such a unique liqueur that it can be tricky to perfectly replace it.

However, all of the substitutes for Cherry Heering listed here work wonderfully. Let us know which substitute you think is best! Enjoy. 

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