How Much Is A Class Ring Worth At A Pawn Shop?

High school is a special time that’s worth commemorating. That’s why many students choose to purchase a class ring when they graduate.

Maybe you decided to do the same. However, there may come a point in your life where you no longer want your class ring.

Or maybe you’ve fallen on hard times and need money. Either way, you may consider selling your class ring to a pawn shop.

Generally speaking, the amount that a pawn shop will pay for a class ring varies based on what it’s made of. Most class rings are made from 925 silver. Pawnshops will buy them for about $15. But you can get a lot more if your class ring is made of 10 karat gold. A pawn shop might pay several hundred dollars for your 10K gold ring.

Are Old Class Rings Valuable?

The value of old class rings can vary greatly. The amount that yours is worth will depend on several different factors.

One of these is what the ring is made out of. Most rings are made from 925 silver.

But this material is one of the least valuable since it contains only 92% of pure silver. Sterling silver rings are worth more since they contain 99.9% pure silver.

Gold class rings are generally worth more than silver ones. These are often made out of 10 karat gold, which can be worth a lot.

The exact amount that you get paid for a gold class ring can vary based on the gold market.

It’s also worth mentioning that certain class rings may have value beyond their materials. For example, very old class rings and class rings from elite schools have higher values. 

Rare class rings from certain time periods also can be worth quite a lot. For example, some rare WWII-era class rings have sold for over $10,000.

Where Can I Sell Old Class Rings?

There are a few different places where you can sell an old class ring. Pawnshops are probably the easiest.

You can bring your ring into one and they might want to test it before buying. But once the shop knows the material composition of the ring, they will almost always purchase it.

You can also try selling your class ring to a jewelry store. Many major chain jewelry stores buy old pieces of jewelry like class rings.

Some will even take rings that are damaged or scratched. 

You can typically get paid with either store credit, cash, or a check. Each store will have its own set of purchasing standards for class rings.

There are online shops that buy class rings too. Most do so because they want the material.

The process starts with requesting an appraisal kit. Then the company will evaluate your ring and make you an offer for it.

Here are two online stores that will purchase old class rings:

  • ExpressGoldCash
  • SellYourGold

Finally, you may also be able to sell a class ring to a collector. But this only works for old or rare class rings.

What Is A 10K Class Ring Worth?

10K class rings can vary in price pretty significantly. You need to perform some quick calculations to figure out how much yours is worth.

10K is short for 10 karats. If you have a 10K class ring, then it means that the ring has 10 karats of gold in it.

This equates to about 41.66% of the ring being pure gold. The rest will be made of other metals that have limited value.

Then multiply it by 0.4166. That will give you the total weight of the gold that is in your ring. For example, if your ring weighs 10 grams, you would have 4.16 grams of pure gold in it.

Once you have that number, look at the prices on the current gold market. This will tell you how much that amount of gold is currently selling for.

class ring

Of course, you may not be offered the full value of your ring when you try to sell it. But performing this calculation will give you a good baseline number for your negotiations.

Does Jostens Buy Back Class Rings?

Jostens does buyback class rings. But they won’t give you cash for yours. Instead, the company will give you credit towards the purchase of a new class ring.

You might want to do this with a high school ring if you decide to buy a college class ring.

The company says it will give you up to 50% of the original purchase price back. But you should expect the credit you receive to be about what you would get from a jeweler.

Jostens won’t give you anything extra for the ring.

Is A Class Ring Worth It?

This is something you have to decide for yourself. There’s no objective answer to the question.

Class Ring

Rather, you have to consider how valuable owning a class ring would be to you. How much would you care about having one? Read our detailed post on why class rings are expensive

There are some factors you’ll want to consider. For example, class rings can be a physical manifestation of your high school memories.

They’re also made with good metals and will celebrate your high school accomplishments.

The answer to this question really depends on the dollar value you assign to these benefits.

If that dollar amount is more than the cost of the ring, then purchasing one is worth it. But if it’s less than the cost of the ring, then you shouldn’t buy one.

Is It Weird To Wear Your Class Ring After You Graduate?

Most people don’t wear their class rings after graduating. There isn’t necessarily a stigma against doing so. But the practice of wearing a class ring after graduation is very uncommon.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear one after you graduate. People may just think that you’re living in the past if you do.

However, you may or may not care all that much what people think about you. You can really do whatever you want with your class ring. It’s your life after all.

How Do You Wear Your Class Ring After You Graduate?

There are some common practices for wearing a ring that are worth considering here.

Traditionally, rings have been worn on the ring finger of the right hand. That’s probably the most common way to wear a class ring.

But you may also want to wear your class ring on your pinky finger. You can do this on either hand.

Just make sure that your class ring fits your pink finger so that it doesn’t fall off.

Some people also wear class rings on their index and middle fingers. You’re certainly welcome to do that as well.

Ultimately, you can wear your class ring in whatever way feels best to you.

What Is The Point Of A Class Ring?

Class rings are essentially just a form of celebration and commemoration for a long journey. That’s why they’re often purchased at the end of high school.

This is a key milestone in a young person’s life. So it makes sense to celebrate the accomplishments it took to get there.

People also buy class rings at the end of college for the same reason. College class rings are a way of celebrating the end of a major part of your academic journey.

You’ll remember that part of your life whenever you look at your class ring in the future.

Are The Stones In Class Rings Real?

Most class rings have a stone in the center. The space around the stone often displays the school’s name and various designs.

But you may be wondering whether that stone is actually a real gemstone or not.This depends on what you chose when you bought the ring. Jewelers often give buyers the choice.

They can either pay extra for a real gemstone or pay a standard price for a fake one. Both options are available to you.

What Is The Best Metal For A Class Ring?

In terms of price, gold is usually the best metal for a class ring. It’s the material that will be worth the most if you ever decide to sell your class ring.

However, there’s no real answer to this question if price isn’t a factor you’re considering. 

Rather, the best metal for your class ring will depend on your personal preferences.

Common materials include sterling silver, 10K gold, Sterling silver, white gold, and rose gold. You can pick whichever you like best.

Are High School Class Rings Made Out Of Real Gold?

Yes, most high school class rings are made of real gold. But they are almost never 100% gold. Instead, they’re often 10K gold.

This means that they contain about 41% of pure gold. That’s still a good amount, though. 10K gold rings can sell for upwards of several hundred dollars in some scenarios.

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