18 Classic And Cute Baby Boy Polo Outfits Ideas

18 Classic And Cute Baby Boy Polo Outfits

Are you looking for a dressier alternative to a t-shirt, but your little guy isn’t a fan of three-piece suits? I get that. Sometimes, getting my son ready for church or family dinner turns into a screaming match trying to get him into something more excellent than yesterday’s pajamas.

Enter the versatile and oh-so-popular polo shirt. Polos have all the comfort of a t-shirt with a classic vibe that comes from over a century of fashion history! Check out these great options for your son to wear that are sure to go with just about anything. 

Baby Boy Polo Outfits

Versatility and the polo shirt go hand in hand. Check out these super-cute polos with matching bottoms perfect for the family picnic!

1. Anchor Polo Set

Land ho! Your little man will rock the boat in this nautical polo and cargo short sets from Macy’s. A gold and blue embroidered anchor stands out against the teal onesie.

Functional, easy snaps on the leg closure keep diaper change time to a minimum. The best part? The matching cargo shorts have cute pockets! Best Features: Buttoned collar, button snaps, 100% cotton material. 

2. Polo Golf Set

Is golfing on the green a family pastime? Get your little man ready to hit the driving range in this stretchy white polo ensemble! Don’t worry about the white material, either! The entire outfit is machine washable.

You’ll love the beautifully embroidered golf clubs and t’s on the shorts and shirt. For growing boys, use the sturdy belt loops for a matching belt. Best Features: Real pockets, embroidered material, machine washable.

3. Sailboat Polo Set

I’m a big fan of sailboats, and if you like them as much as I do, you’ll love this nautical polo from Macy’s. The two-piece style means you can pair the shorts or polo with other articles of clothing in your son’s wardrobe.

The seersucker shorts have ample pockets and a stretchy waistband to accommodate growing babies. Striped green and navy colors emphasize the turndown collar and pocket of the shirt. This outfit pops with classic color! Best Features: Two-piece style, elastic waisted shorts, real pockets.

4. Fire Dog Polo Set

It seems like every baby goes through a firefighter stage. And why not? Firefighters are heroes! Let your little man show off his support for the firefighters and his daddy in this 2 for 1 outfit set from Amazon.

A grey t-shirt declares your husband’s bravery (and little man’s support) comes with trendy striped shorts. A classic red polo shirt featuring a white embroidered puppy matches the included tartan shorts. The sets “mix and match” perfectly together! Best Features: Includes two outfits, soft cotton material, tie waisted shorts for easy adjustment.

Baby Boy Polo Dress Shirts

Not all polos are dress shirts, but it certainly is a hallmark of their design. Check out these fantastic baby ensembles that explore the classic, dressy side of all things polo. 

5. Golf Print Polo Set

Golf has a legacy of being the gentleman’s sport. So let your little man express his gentlemanly side in this two-piece ensemble. The sky blue shorts feature embroidered crossed golf clubs that create a timeless look for your future golfer.

The tailored collar and trimmed sleeves enhance the classic charm of this white polo dress shirt. Add a belt for the perfect fit for any active baby boy! Best Features: Sturdy belt-loops, button-up collar, calico buttons on the shorts, quality embroidery. 

6. Black Polo And Bicycle Set

Bike enthusiasts rejoice! This dashing black polo comes with a matching pair of khaki shorts patterned with – you guessed it – bicycles! The khaki shorts and polo shirt feature sturdy stitching and a comfortable elastic waist perfect for even the most energetic crawler.

This Amazon find is the ideal neutral pick for any baby boy’s wardrobe. Best Features: Elastic and tied waist, secured collar buttons, 3 to 24 months sizes. 

7. Green Striped Polo Shirt

Mint green and navy come together in a fashionable pairing in this Walmart pick. An attractive collar stays well-shaped through the wash and dries without excessive wrinkles. The jersey polo material is airy and breathable, perfect for outdoor fun.

The top pairs beautifully with shorts, dress pants, khaki, or jeans! It’s versatile enough for playdates but dressy enough for Sunday morning service. Best Features: Machine washable, resists staining, attractive collar. 

8. Coral Car Polo Shirt

Summertime means afternoon cruises on the beach and chilling in the jeep! So take your little man cruising in this cute coral polo featuring contrasting blue jeeps. A tailored collar keeps your baby comfortable, with an added button for extra decoration and functionality.

This classic color matches just about anything, from blue denim to the black Bermudas! Best Features: Button-up collar, cotton-polyester material, easy pull-on construction.

9. Classic Teal Dress Polo Set

Deck out your baby boy in this luxuriously soft polo and checkered shorts set from Amazon. Breathable cotton material and a lined collar keep your son cool during the heat of summer.

But don’t mark this set as just a summer outfit, either. The teal polo works great for Fall or Spring colors too! Best Features: Elastic waisted shorts, breathable cotton material, machine washable, comes in tons of sizes!

10. Old School Striped Polo Shirt 

Polos earned their name for being worn by polocrosse players all over Europe. This striped, long-sleeved polo harkens back to those origins. Gold and navy pair fantastically on this classic polo shirt.

Brown elbow patches and an embroidered chest logo add extra class to this old-school option. Pair it with khakis or navy pants for a complete look. Best Features: Classic polo colors and design, button-up collar, soft cotton material, newborn to 12 months sizes. 

Newborn Baby Boy Polo Outfits

We moms want our newborns to look cute while staying comfortable. This assortment of newborn polos certainly fits that bill! Soft material and handsome designs make these options great for every future trendsetter ready to take on the world.

11. Newborn Sunglasses Polo Set

Moms know that one day, our little man will grow into one cool kid. So why not start him early in this clever polo and shorts set from Amazon? Your son will sport a stitched-on pair of sweet shades on his embroidered pocket.

The navy blue shorts show off matching printed shades and a van perfect for the beach-hopping baby. Soft cotton material stays cool and wrinkle-free all day, and stains wash out with a simple toss in the washer. Best Features: Easy two-piece construction, embroidered design features, stretchy shorts.

12. Newborn Cap And Romper Set

My son went through several caps as a newborn while keeping him warm! So any set that came with a hat was popular in my home. This particular outfit features a matching cap and a baby blue polo romper.

The red trim stands out against the romper and cap material; all eyes will definitely be on your sweet little boy in this suit. Best Features: Pull-on style collar, leg snaps closure, matching cap included. 

Baby Boy Polo Bodysuits

Bodysuits make getting dressed simple – you just need one piece of clothing for an entire outfit! Check out these adorable and comfortable bodysuits perfect for your romping baby boy. 

13. Striped Shortall Romper

White and navy stripes give this Ralph Lauren romper a timeless lacrosse team vibe. The rugby-inspired look includes a twill, comfortable collar with a three-button placket for easy dressing. Hidden leg closure snaps create a seamless look without sacrificing easy diaper changes.

The cotton material is machine washable and super breathable, great for keeping the baby comfortable at the next rugby match or picnic. Best Features: Hidden snaps closure, button-up collar, comfortable cotton fabric. 

14. Romper Polo Suit

Are you seeking a patriotic, timeless look for your baby boy? Look no further than this stylish onesie polo romper. Red and white trim on the capped sleeves and collar highlight the gorgeous sky blue material. The button snap closures are hidden from sight for a seamless look, too.

The knit cotton fabric stays cool in the summer and warm in the fall or winter, so be sure to keep this onesie out for year-round wear! Pair it with a sweater or cap for extra charm! Best Features: Hidden snaps closures, pull-on friendly collar, breathable cotton fabric, dryer friendly. 

15. Navy Long Sleeved Polo Romper

Ralph Lauren does the polo justice in this trendy and practical romper set. You would never know this onesie design features button snaps; that’s how well they hide on this outfit! A matching striped cap comes with the romper, which both feature the classic red horse logo of Ralph

Lauren. This set is particularly great for photos because it includes a matching monogrammed bear for your little one to cuddle! Best Features: Matching cap and teddy bear included, concealed button snaps, long sleeves for added warmth, machine washable. 

16. Celestial Polo Bodysuit Set 

Moms love matching sets – I know they’re definitely popular in my house! This Amazon pack comes with three, yes, three polo collared onesies.

Classic neutral colors of black and white go with just about anything in your son’s wardrobe – khakis, jeans, you name it. A unique, constellation-inspired print decorates one white onesie, while the others come striped and in solid black.

You’ll find plenty of sizes to fit your little one’s needs, plus all three onesies come with elastic leg closures and button snaps for a comfortable fit. Best Features: Set of three onesies, newborn to 24 months sizes, stretchy cotton material, button snap closures. 

17. Lattice Print Polo Romper

There’s nothing classier than tartan print or a polo? Putting them both together, that’s what! This navy-colored romper from Amazon features a tan and red lattice print on the shoulders highlighted by matching trim on the collar and sleeves.

The turndown collar is soft on the skin, while the tailored sleeves provide stretch for a comfortable fit. Button snaps on the leg closure and collar add functionality to this adorable design. Best Features: Unique lattice pattern, button snaps closures, classy wooden buttons. 

18. Dinosaur And Cute Monster Romper Polo Set

Dinosaurs, monsters, and stripes – oh my! This Amazon set comes with tons of variety and fun colors to add excitement to your little man’s closet. One polo romper has adorable dinosaurs romping around the material, while the other two rompers feature a cute monster (that doubles as a pocket!) and classic stripes.

The vibrant greens and blues of this set will brighten up your son’s day, for sure! Best Features: Three-pack of rompers, calico buttons, easy leg snaps closure, unique pocket features. 

Other Baby Boy Outfit Ideas 

Parting Thoughts On Shopping For Baby Boy Polos

You can’t go wrong with adding a polo onesie or shirt to your baby boy’s clothing selection. Polos are comfortable and timeless, with plenty of room for unique features, trendy designs, and functionality.

Just keep an eye out for polo outfits featuring breathable material like cotton and accessible dressing features like button snap closures, elastic waists, or belt loops. And don’t forget, a machine-washable outfit is a mom’s best friend!

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