16 Coconut Rum Brands

Nothing says tropical or beach vacation like coconut rum. Coconut rum is a classic staple in Pina Coladas, a deliciously creamy frozen cocktail.

Coconut Rum was originally created to make life easier for bartenders making Pina Coladas. Since it took off, coconut rum is now widely used in a variety of cocktails and mixed drinks.

Coconut Rum Brands

Coconut RumPriceSize
Parrot Bay Coconut Rum$17.99750 mL
Bacardi Coconut Rum$24.991.75 L
Malibu Coconut Rum$25.991.75 L
Hammock Bay Coconut Rum$9.99750 mL
Koloa Kaua’i Coconut Rum$35.99750 mL
Brinely Shipwreck Coconut Rum Cream$21.99750 mL
Largo Bay Coconut Rum$10.99750 mL
Malibu Black Rum$21.99750 mL
Don Q Coco Rum$21.991.75 L
Sugar Island Coconut Rum$19.99750 mL
Coconut Cartel Special Rum$38.41750 mL
SelvaRay Coconut Rum$31.99750 mL
Siesta Key Toasted Coconut Rum  $26.99750 mL
Seacrets Coconut Rum`$24.99750 mL
Capt Morgan Coconut Rum  $15.99750 mL
Kingston Coconut Rum$17.99750 mL

Looking for coconut rum for your favorite mixed drink? Check out these common coconut rum brands you may stumble upon.

Strongest Coconut Rum

1.Parrot Bay Coconut Rum

The Parrot Bay Coconut Rum is one of the strongest coconut rum products available, with 90 proof!

Use this coconut rum as an ingredient in any of your favorite cocktails, like a strawberry daiquiri cocktail.

Parrot Bay Coconut Rum is from the US Virgin Islands. This alcohol is also great for a solid flavor without a heavy alcohol taste.

Bacardi Coconut Rum

2.Bacardi Coconut Rum

Bacardi is a classic when it comes to flavored rums. Their Bacardi Coconut Rum will make you envision a summer beach or tropical island thanks to the strong coconut taste.

Bacadi Coconut Rum

For a simple cocktail, mix this Bacardi Coconut Rum with pineapple juice for a fruity drink that seems fancy, but is only two ingredients.

Take a bottle of this tropical coconut rum poolside or on your next beach trip for memories that will last a lifetime.

Barbados Coconut Rum

3.Mailbu Coconut Rum

Malibu Coconut Rum is one of the world’s leading flavored coconut rum brands.

The clear, smooth coconut flavor makes for a perfect drink or to use any of your favorite cocktail recipes. This coconut rum is from Barbados.

4.Malibu Black

You’re like to have recognized the classic bottle, which has an iconic palm tree for a tropical feel.

Malibu Black is a bit stronger than traditional Malibu rum, at 70 proof instead of 42 proof.

This rum is a bit less sweet, making it the perfect addition to cocktails that contain a lot of sugar.

5.Hammock Bay Coconut Rum

Looking for a cheaper option than Malibu Coconut Rum? Try Hammock Bay Coconut Rum, also from Barbados!

This affordable coconut rum is perfect to have on hand for the best Caribbean-inspired cocktails. It is sweet, yet smooth.

This coconut rum has aromas of coconut, milk, and even mango for a tropical vibe all around. You’ll picture palm trees when you take a sip!

Koloa Coconut Rum

6.Koloa Kaua’i Coconut Rum

This 80-proof Koloa Kaua’I Coconut Rum is another well-trusted classic.

Using natural coconut flavoring in Hawaiian rum, this rum is distilled and blended on the garden island of Kaui.

This coconut rum is so good it has even won awards! With hints of young, toasted coconut and cocoa, you can’t go wrong when you choose this coconut rum for your beachside drink.

Creamy Coconut Rum

7.Brinley Shipwreck Coconut Rum Cream

Want a smooth and creamy coconut rum drink unlike any other?

Try Brinley’s Shipwreck Coconut Rum Cream which is handcrafted with real, New York State dairy cream and rum from St. Kitts. This drink is also gluten-free.

Featuring a natural coconut flavor with sweet rum, you’ll notice notes of nutmeg and cardamom too.

Budget-Friendly Coconut Rum

8.Largo Bay Coconut Rum

This sweet white Largo Bay Coconut Rum won’t let you down. Plus, the price is unbeatable.

If you’re making mixed cocktails for a group, grab a bottle of this budget-friendly coconut rum brand. While the price is good, you won’t sacrifice quality.

With notes of fresh coconut and almond, this coconut rum is great in tropical cocktails or mixed drinks. It even won a double gold medal in a Spirits competition!

9.Don Q Coco Rum

Don Q Coco Rum is aged 1 to 1.5 years, giving it the perfect natural flavor that people know and love.

Using extracts from real coconuts, the coconut infusion taste in this rum cannot be missed. Each 1.5 oz serving contains 80 calories and 7.5 carbs.

If you’re in search of a coconut-flavored rum that is jam-packed with flavor and budget-friendly, this rum is worth a shot.

10.Sugar Island Coconut Rum

What makes Sugar Island Coconut Rum a great value is the amazing versatile uses of this product.

The natural coconut flavors are strong enough to enjoy on their own, whether you want to take party shots or enjoy it in a glass over ice.

The smooth flavor is never bitter and makes for the best fruity cocktails. This is a white rum.

Aged Coconut Rum

11.Coconut Cartel Special Rum

This unique Coconut Cartel Special Rum is dark, featuring the richest caramel flavor with coconut.

After being aged for four to twelve years, this unique special rum needs nothing more than ice to enjoy as is.

When you open the bottle, you’ll detect scents of vanilla and caramel with this oaky-aged rum.

Give this fancy coconut rum as a gift around the holidays or as a wedding gift for a couple going on a tropical honeymoon.

12.SelvaRay Coconut Rum

SelvaRay Coconut Rum is an elegant and sophisticated coconut rum that has been aged for two years.

The gold and maroon bottle are recognizable on store shelves, unlike another other comparable coconut rum.

While this coconut rum is in the higher price range, you certainly get what you pay for with this coconut-flavored aged rum.

American Coconut Rum

13.Siesta Key Toasted Coconut Rum

Made in small batches in the United States, Siesta Key Toasted Coconut Rum is amongst Florida’s finest craft spirits.

Made with real coconut, the taste of this coconut rum also features ground spices, notes of honey, and even marshmallows!

Using this Siesta Key Toasted Coconut Rum, create a pineapple cream cocktail for your next pool party.

Complete with mini umbrellas, this rum is perfect for all of your favorite island drinks.

14.Seacrets Coconut Rum

Made in Maryland, Seacrets Coconut Rum is a full-flavored coconut rum made in small batches.

It’s also gluten-free, so it’s safe for celiac and gluten-sensitive drinkers to enjoy too. This Caribbean rum is made from pure sugar cane for a natural taste.

Capitan Morgan Coconut Rum

15.Capt Morgan Coconut Rum

With a sweet full-bodied finish, you cannot go wrong with classic Capitan Morgan Coconut Rum.

Capitan Morgan rum is the second most sold brand of rum in the United States, a leader in the industry.

Their quality rum products, including coconut rum, is easy to find at your local liquor store, no matter where you’re located.

Also, they’re generally reasonably priced compared to other brands of coconut rum.

Jamaican Coconut Rum

16.Kingston Coconut Rum

This balanced coconut flavored rum from Jamacia has 24% alcohol by volume. Kingston Coconut Rum offers premium taste at affordable pricing!

This coconut rum will inspire you to travel to Jamacia with its delicious coconut flavoring,

Can you Drink Coconut Rum by Itself?

Yes, you can drink coconut rum all on its own in a shot, or you can utilize it in a mixed drink.

If you like the taste of coconut and strong alcohol, you may like it right out of the bottle.

If you’re more of a mixed drink lover, there are so many delicious and fun cocktails to make using coconut rum.

A Mailbu bay breeze or sunset are just a few of the many fruity cocktails that use coconut rum.

What to Look for When Shopping Coconut Rum

Years of Age

An aged rum will have a more golden or amber appearance to it. After aging for a couple of years, the flavors really come out, bringing out bold flavors.

If you’re wanting a milder coconut rum, opt for a non-aged rum.

Malibu Coconut Rum


Some coconut rums are actually liqueurs. This simply means they’re under 80 proofs.For an ultra-strong option, check out the category above for the strongest coconut rum brands.

Liqueurs usually contain more ingredients and will have lesser alcohol content.

Value and Size

If you’re splurging on a fancy bottle for yourself or a gift, you’ll pay more than choosing a budget-friendly brand.

If you just want a solid coconut rum to make several mixed drinks, choose a value-sized bottle from the budget-friendly coconut rum brands listed above.

Final Thoughts

Enjoy a tropical drink to relax this summer using one of these excellent coconut rum brands. Gather friends and family for pina coladas or fruity daquiris with a hint of coconut!

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