Do You Tip PetSmart Groomers? [Find Out Now]

Whether you’ve recently added a new furry friend to your family or you’re looking for a new groomer, you may have found yourself considering PetSmart’s grooming services. 

Grooming is a necessary part of taking care of a pet, but some animals, such as cats and dogs, may require an extra hand.

However, when you’re paying for a groomer, you may wonder if you need to tip on top of the amount you’re paying for the grooming itself.

Whether you’re dealing with a private groomer or a PetSmart groomer, tipping is a customary gesture that is always accepted and encouraged to help show your appreciation for a professional service

On average, a trip to PetSmart’s groomers costs anywhere from $60 to $90. This means that with a 15% minimum, the proper tip should be anywhere between $9 to $14. A larger percentage is encouraged for dogs who are particularly difficult, whether due to breed or behavior. 

Why Should You Tip PetSmart Groomers?

There are several reasons why you should tip any type of pet groomer, weather they work at a private institution or at PetSmart.

First, pet grooming is a demanding job, especially if you have a larger breed or a louder breeder (we’re looking at you, huskies and Shibas).

Not only that, pet grooming requires skill and hundreds of hours of training. In fact, PetSmart requires most of their groomers to have over 800 hours of hands-on experience with over 200 different breeds.

This training is what helps ensure that your dog or cat gets the best grooming experience possible.  

Finally, grooming is a professional service, much like a restaurant, hair salon, or tattoo shop.

As a result, tipping is a customary part of these services that help express your gratitude to receiving a satisfactory service that takes skill and training in order to receive outstanding results. 

How Much To Tip A PetSmart Groomer

While you may know how much to tip at your favorite restaurants, when it comes to tipping your pet’s roomer, you may find yourself a little lost.

Thankfully, tipping a groomer is no different than tipping your own hairstylist. For PetSmart groomers, it is traditional to tip anywhere between 15 and 20 percent. For a $75 service, this can range from a tip of $11 to $15.

Groomers go through a lot to ensure that you and your pet receive the pet service possible.

This includes doing everything possible to make sure that every haircut and grooming session is just as good as the last, if not better.

Your pet may also prove to be more of a challenge than others.

Whether they’re larger with a thicker coat or need special assistance during their grooming, you may find that your groomer goes out of their way to make sure you and your pet are satisfied.

In these cases, you may find it appropriate to tip your groomer more for not only their skills but their compassion and dedication to their training and services.

No matter how much you leave, your tip is a sign of your appreciation and gratitude for your groomer’s professional service, which involves sometimes years of training and hard work each and every day. 

Here is a guide for how much to tip your PetSmart groomer (based on 15%) for the different services available:

ServicePriceTip (15%)
Teeth Brushing & Breath Freshener$12$1.80
Sanitary Trim$7$1.05
Nail Trim & Ear Flushing$18$2.70
Gland Expression$12$1.80

These services are part of PetSmart’s à la carte options and are included in their bundled packages.

PetSmart’s packages usually also include more traditional means of grooming, including a hair cut and bathing. 

However, it is more difficult to estimate a tip for the packages at the final price is based on several factors including which bundle you choose, your dog, and their current state of hygiene. Make sure to check online for an estimate for your dog.

grooming cost at PetSmart

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Book An Appointment For PetSmart’s Grooming?

While you don’t have to book an appointment at PetSmart to have your dog or cat groomed, it’s definitely recommended.

PetSmart’s Grooming team does take walk-ins but only when there is an availability.

As a result, without an appointment, you can either be turned away or have a long wait time that could leave your pet antsy (and PetSmart won’t allow distressed animals to undergo grooming if they display certain signs). 

As a result, it’s best to book an appointment to make sure that your pet’s grooming experience goes as smoothly as possible for everyone involved. 

Thankfully, booking your appointment is easy and can be done through their website. 

As an added note, having your cat groomed involves a specialist who may not always be working.

As a result, it’s always best to schedule a grooming appointment for your cat in advance to make sure that a specialist will be working with the team on the day of your cat’s appointment. 

How Much Does Grooming Cost At PetSmart?

PetSmart offers several different pet grooming packages depending on whether your animal is a cat or dog as well as other aspects such as size, breed, and grooming requirement.

As a result, it can be difficult to pin down an exact price without talking to one of the groomers currently working there. 

You also have the option to choose from PetSmart’s à la carte services. These are individual grooming services, such as nail trimmings, that you can purchase if your dog or cat does not need a full grooming.

You can find out more information about PetSmart’s grooming and service prices here

Price can also vary depending on the state of your dog or cat’s coat, which won’t be accessed until the day of your grooming.

Things that can increase price are matts in your pet’s fur or fleas. As a result, any prices given prior are usually just an estimate.  

How Long Will My Grooming Appointment At PetSmart Take?

Grooming time varies depending on breed, coat condition, and the grooming service you choose when scheduling your appointment.

For the most part, you can expect your pet’s grooming experience to take anywhere from three to four hours.

Larger dogs, or dog with thick, heavy coats, will take longer to groom than the opposite, and if you choose a more inclusive package with more options, it will take longer than a simple bundle. 

However, there are also express services for senior dogs or breeds with a tendency to become anxious during grooming.

PetSmart also offers options for Brachycephalic dogs and cats who cannot be kennel-dried, which may help reduce your pet’s grooming time. 

Can I Watch My Pet Being Groomed At PetSmart?

Whether you’re worried about your pet’s first grooming session or just enjoy watching the groomers work, you’ll be glad to know that PetSmart does offer an area where you can watch your dog or cat be groomed.

While you can watch, you won’t be allowed to be involved in the grooming process, such as helping.

This allows your pet’s groomer to work efficiently and maintain a safe environment for themselves and your pet.

You also won’t be allowed to enter the bathing or kennel areas for safety reasons. 

Will PetSmart Grooming Include Flea Treatment And Removal?

While you can have your dog treated for fleas, it’s not available in every package. Instead, PetSmart offers two different options for you.

First, you can purchase one of their support brands from the store and bring it into the grooming station with your pet.

From there, you can talk to your pet’s groomer about including it during the service.

Second, you purchase PetSmart’s flea package, in which they will provide a high-quality product to help remove and prevent fleas in the future.

PetSmart offers several different flea treatment options, including all-natural options. 

How Often Should I Have My Dog Groomed?

Different breeds will need different amounts of grooming – and it doesn’t always align with how much hair that they have.

For example, while it may seem that a Sphynx cat doesn’t need any grooming because they have no hair, they’re surprisingly high-maintenance animals that need regular bathing and skin treatments. 

Pet Groomer

For a general rule of thumb, you should groom your pet at least once a week. Some dogs or cats will need to be brushed every other day, especially during heavy shed seasons. Nail trims and ear cleanings should be done as needed.

The best way to schedule an appropriate grooming routine with your best is to speak to a professional and do your research on the breed and its needs. 

Final Verdict 

Whether it’s your cat or dog’s first time at the groomer or their hundredth, your groomer can truly make a difference in how the experience goes.

The best groomers are highly trained professionals who strive to ensure positive results every time – not only in your pet’s appearance but how they feel before, during, and after their grooming.

As a result, it is customary to leave a tip for your groomer, usually ranging between 15 to 20 percent.

However, the exact amount that you tip can depend on a variety of things, such as your satisfaction with the results as well as your pet’s level of difficulty when it comes to grooming.

No matter the amount you decide to leave as a tip for your groomer, it’s a token of your appreciation for a professional service you wouldn’t be able to complete on your own, or at least with the degree of skill a professional groomer may possess. 

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