Does Grenadine Need To Be Refrigerated?

From Shirley Temples to Tequila Sunrises, a splash of grenadine is the vibrant and sweet ingredient that finishes off these lively refreshments!

Whether you grab a signature bottle of Rose’s or make your own, the question remains, does grenadine need to be refrigerated? We have some berry good information for you to know!

In general, all grenadine syrups should be refrigerated once opened, regardless of the ingredients. This means that no matter if it is made with all natural ingredients or high fructose corn syrup, cold storage is requiredAdditionally, just like all other perishable items, it is imperative that you not leave your opened grenadine out for more than two hours at room temperature. Otherwise, dangerous bacteria can begin to grow. Conversely, when unopened, you can store grenadine syrup at room temperature, in a dark environment away from direct sunlight.

What Is Grenadine?

Grenadine is a common cocktail syrup that has been around since the late 1800’s. Interestingly enough, the name “grenadine” actually comes from the French word grenade, which means pomegranate. 

In case you didn’t know, this healthy fruit is the main flavor component of the ruby red syrup. That is why this popular garnish is the perfect mix of sweet and tart.

In addition to the juice from this superfood, grenadine also includes a large amount of sugar, a dash of lemon juice and a hint of either rose or orange blossom water.

Some recipes also use pomegranate molasses. However, when you purchase this product at the store, expect high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) to be one of the main ingredients. 

When purchased from the store, ingredients can also include high fructose corn syrup, natural and artificial flavors, preservatives and red dye.

Alcohol is not an ingredient in store bought grenadine syrups, but some homemade recipes include spirits like vodka to help extend the shelf life.

 Torani Grenadine Liber & Co. Real GrenadineRose’s Grenadine Homemade Grenadine 

Pomegranate Juice


Cane Sugar


High Fructose Corn Syrup



✓ Orange Flower Water

Red Dye


Natural Flavors



Artificial Flavors




✓ Sometimes added to elongate shelf life

Grenadine Should Always Be Refrigerated, But Shelf Life Depends On Ingredients 

Most grenadine products have an extremely long shelf life. However, the ideal window of freshness is highly dependent on the brand.

Here are the top Grenadine products on the market and how long they last.

Torani Grenadine Syrup

“Flavor for all, Opportunity for all.” Torani is a brand synonymous with syrup. Their extensive line of products began in 1925 with five flavors – one of which was grenadine.

Made with pure cane sugar, water and natural flavors, this product has a substantial lifespan. 

The company notes that “the shelf life of our regular syrup in glass bottles is three years from the date of manufacture. [In contrast,] for any Torani Syrups in plastic (PET) bottles, the shelf life is two years.”

However, once opened, they guarantee the quality and freshness of the syrup until the Best By date printed on the bottle.

Keeping This Grenadine Refrigerated Is Not Required, But Storage Temperature Matters

In terms of storage, refrigeration is not required, but they do note that their syrups need to be kept at temperatures between 35 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, the heat will spoil the product. 

Liber & Co. Real Grenadine

Liber & Co. is a present day cocktail syrup connoisseur that strives to make products from quality, natural ingredients.

They cold press pomegranate juice and mix it with cane sugar and orange blossom water. This makes for a much healthier Roy Rogers! The syrup is actually 65% juice! 

The shelf life of their grenadine is slightly shorter than other products, spanning 18 months from the date of manufacturing.

Considering the fact that this is a much more natural product, this is a generous amount of time. 

Grenadine With Natural Ingredients Needs To Be Refrigerated After Opening

Moreover, while refrigeration is not required, it is highly recommended. Additionally, you will need to shake the bottle before each use.

There is a natural separation that occurs in products with different densities. This does not indicate spoilage. It is just a lesson in physics!

Rose’s Grenadine Syrup

Grenadine With High Fructose Corn Syrup Needs To Be Refrigerated After Opening

Rose’s is the most recognizable brand of grenadine. Simply put, it is flavored corn syrup.

Rose’s Grenadine Syrup

While you would assume that this means it will last forever, the company advises customers to follow the Best By date when it comes to unopened bottles of Rose’s.

These can also be store at room temperature. However, once opened, the syrup must be refrigerated.

At this time, the product will now last for six months, regardless of the expiration date. 

Homemade Grenadine Syrup

Grenadine Without Preservatives Needs To Be Refrigerated At All Times

Homemade grenadine syrup will have a much shorter shelf life compared to store bought varieties. That is because it contains no preservatives.

Thus, cold storage is imperative. Expect the mixture to stay fresh for one month. If you want to extend the shelf life, cocktail experts advise adding alcohol. 

Alcohol Can Extend The Shelf Life Of Grenadine

“15% or so of alcohol helps work as a preservative environment; the higher the better. (Note [that] alcohol at this level will not sterilize the syrup, merely extend its lifespan.)”

Vodka is the alcohol of choice due to the lack of flavoring in most varieties. This will allow the grenadine to last up to three months.

Grenadine Storage Recommendations — After Opening, Keep It Refrigerated

Despite company recommendations, all products are susceptible to spoilage. In this case, sugar and fresh pomegrante juice are the main culprits for grenadine going bad over time.

Oxygen, moisture, light and temperatures are four of the main triggers for this degradation process.

Thus, keep your grenadine bottles in a cool, dark place. In addition, avoid storing it in direct sunlight. 

Grenadine Should Be Refrigerated Once Opened

You can store your unopened bottles of grenadine at room temperature (between 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit) or in the refrigerator.

Once opened, refrigeration is necessary to help the product remain fresh and maintain its original consistency. 

How To Tell If Grenadine Has Gone Bad

The best way to tell if grenadine has spoiled is to use your senses! First, if the smell or flavor are off, discard the condiment.

Moreover, if the mixture has become cloudy or has developed mold, it is also time to buy a new bottle.

However, crystallization can occur in your homemade grenadine syrup. This is not a sign that the grenadine has gone bad.

You will just simply need to reheat the mixture and allow it to cool again. This will dissolve those sugar crystals and your mix will be good as new!

It is important to note that this is much more likely with homemade and natural grenadine products because they use real sugar.

A quick way to prevent this from happening is to include a small amount of lemon juice or HFCS in the recipe.

How To Make Grenadine From Scratch

Step 1: Mix And Heat The Ingredients 

First, combine two cups of sugar with two cups of pomegranate juice in a saucepan. Next, bring the mixture to a boil, stirring consistently.

Then, reduce the heat to a simmer and cover the pan. Continue to stir the mixture regularly.

The intent is for the liquid to take on a honey-like consistency. This should take about 15 minutes. 

Step 2: Allow The Grenadine Mixture To Cool — Room Temperature, Then Refrigerated

Next, remove the pan from the burner. Then, leave it to cool at room temperature. Remember to never leave perishable foods on the counter for more than two hours.

Once you begin to approach the end of this window of time, transfer this mixture to the refrigerator.

When the grenadine syrup has fully cooled, pour it into an airtight container. Sealable bottles are normally best to allow for easy application. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the pan is still warm, make sure to place a dish rag down on the refrigerator shelf before placing the pan inside. 

Step 3: Add Additional Ingredients 

The final step is up to the palate of the preparer! Orange blossom water and rose water are favorites for many, but you can also choose to make the mixture more tart by adding lemon juice instead. 

No matter which you choose, only add a dash (approximately half a teaspoon). Otherwise, you will dilute the thick consistency that you just worked to create.

Finally, if you want to extend the shelf life of your grenadine syrup, add one ounce of flavorless vodka to the mix.

Finally, seal the bottle and shake it up. Voila! Your signature syrup is complete! Make sure to note the date of preparation on the bottle and then place it in the refrigerator. 

Grenadine Syrup Substitutes

It is an unfortunate thing when the grenadine syrup runs out! Thankfully, there are a few substitutes that are comparable in both flavor and consistency.

The first is raspberry syrup. Like pomegranates, this berry is also a fantastic mixture of sweet and tart flavor! 

Additionally, when in a real pinch, you can also pour the maraschino cherry juice directly out of the jar and into the glass! It will be thick like grenadine syrup and has a sweet, but slightly tart taste to it. 

Finally, you can also substitute grenadine with pomegranate molasses. However, there are two things to consider.

First, it contains a lot less sugar. It is also more dense. Therefore, less is more. 

Unique Ways To Use Grenadine Syrup

Grenadine is not just for cocktails! It can also spruce up your lemonade, ice tea and slushies.

Grenadine Syrup

In addition, you can elevate your ice cream sundae bar and even add some pizzazz to your Thanksgiving cranberry recipe.

Moreover, for those who love the marinate their meat, pomegranate is a spectacular accent to pork, duck and chicken.

If you have purchased your grenadine in bulk, get creative with your recipes. Add some of this sweet condiment into the mix and wow your guests!

Final Thoughts

Ingredients matter when it comes to making a quality product. Unfortunately, these also bring a shorter shelf life than those brimming with high fructose corn syrup.

Thankfully, grenadine that is refrigerated will last longer. Nonetheless, make or buy small quantities of the good stuff. 

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