Dyson Products: Why Are They So Expensive? (Cheaper Alternatives)

Watch any Dyson commercial and you will be convinced that their products are the way of the future.

Homeowners look downright happy to be vacuuming, a chore that most of us avoid until absolutely necessary. If a Dyson vacuum can make this task so enjoyable, just let me know where I can buy one!

They are sleek, high-tech, and on the cutting edge. They also come with a hefty price tag.

Why is Dyson so expensive? Read on to find out why so many consumers will pay top dollar for products from this home appliance company.

Generally speaking, Dyson products range from $300-$800. They are more superior, longer-lasting, and continuously offer consumers new and innovative products. Dyson products are on the cutting edge of home technology, and they invest significant funds into the research and development of new products.

Dyson Solving Problems

Like many innovators, company founder James Dyson started out on the search to solve a problem he was experiencing. His traditional bag vacuum was clogged with dirt and low on suction.

He knew that centrifugal force could separate particles in the air and spent the next five years testing to see if the same cyclone motion could work in a vacuum cleaner.

After 5,127 prototypes, he found that it did! Welcome to the world, Dyson vacuums. All of that manpower and engineering make Dyson expensive, but the company continues the tradition of research and design to solve problems today.

“More ideas. More invention” says the company’s website. It’s no surprise that following the bagless vacuum invention, Dyson came out with a bladeless fan and supersonic hairdryer, as well as numerous other products.

Expensive Dyson Bagless Vacuums

The most well-known of the Dyson lineup is their bagless vacuum. They began with a full-size upright model but have expanded to stick vacuums and handheld vacuums, as well as canister and upright models.

When Dyson developed its first products, they started with bagless vacuums, which were expensive.

Upright vacuums (Dyson Ball Multi Floor Origin, Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2, Dyson Ball Animal 2, Dyson Ball Animal Total Clean): Best for the whole room and whole-house vacuuming. Prices range from $300 – $600.

Canister vacuums (Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Vacuum): Best for whole room and whole house vacuuming. Separate canister and hose. $400.

Hardwood floor vacuums (Dyson Omni-glide, Dyson Micro 1.5kg): Best for spot use on hardwood floors. Profile similar to a stick vacuum. $400.

Cordless stick vacuums (Dyson Outsize, Dyson V8 Absolute, Dyson V8 Animal): Best for spot use or single room use. Easy to transport and charge. Prices range from $400 – $800.

Handheld vacuums (Dyson Humdinger): Best for spot use on upholstery, tabletops, or small areas. Easy to transport and charge. $300.

Cleaner Air

Dyson set out to clean the air using advanced technology, just like they did for floors and carpets.

When they unveiled the bladeless fan, Dyson enthusiasts were as excited about its futuristic design as its performance.

Purifying Humidifiers (Dyson PureHumidify + Cool , Dyson PureHumidify + Cool Cryptomic): Best for households with a high level of allergens or people who are sensitive to pollutants in the air. Prices range from $800 – $900.

Air Purifiers (Dyson Pure Cool Tower, Dyson Pure Cool Circle, Dyson Purifier Cool, Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde): Best for those who want a fan that can also purify the air. Prices range from $300 – $650.

Vacuum in a Carpet

Air Purifier + Heat (Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde, Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool, Dyson PureHot+Cool): Best for a combination fan and space heater that can also remove airborne pollutants. Prices range from $500 – $750.

Beauty And Performance

In recent years, Dyson used their airflow technology to tackle another problem facing today’s consumers: drying your hair.

They released a line of beauty tools meant to streamline the process of getting ready for the day while still keeping great performance at the top of their list.

These are some of the most expensive Dyson products compared to others available on the market.

Hair Dryer (Dyson Supersonic): Best for drying hair in record time (without heat) while still keeping it manageable. $400

Hair Straightener (Dyson Corrale): Best for creating a smooth and shiny look. Cordless. $500.

Curling Iron/Brush (Dyson Airwrap): Best for creating curls, waves, drying, and smoothing. $550.

Let’s Turn On The Lights

Dyson also developed a line of lighting products. Although the selection is still limited, each one combines Dyson’s signature modern style and innovation.

Adaptive Lights (Dyson Lightcycle Morph Lights, Dyson Lightcycle Task Lights: Best for those who use lights at different times of the day and need adjustable lighting. Prices range from $660 – $850.

Dyson Innovation

When Dyson first hit the market with their bagless vacuums, other vacuums required bags that had to be changed and resulted in dirty vacuums that didn’t work well. Consumers were happy to spend more on a Dyson because it worked better.

Better performance was more expensive and that was okay with everyone. Since those early years, other companies have adopted bagless technology but Dyson still remains the most reputable and respected brand.

Even though there are other vacuums that perform as well (or better) and cost less, having a Dyson is still a status symbol.

Consumers will pay more for a Dyson because the company has such a long history of innovation and superior design.

Dyson has used their profits to continue to innovate and design new products. Their vacuums are still the cornerstone of the company but aren’t as expensive compared to other competitors (although they are still more).

Their newer products, such as their beauty tools and lighting, are where you can really see the difference in cost.

Saving On Dyson Expensive Products

Don’t let sticker shock scare you away from purchasing a Dyson. Even though they are a luxury company with a big fanbase, Dyson also runs a lot of promotions and sales.

Dyson Deals

Available on their website, Dyson promotes saving on their products through Dyson Deals. The deals change periodically and usually promote older products (to clear inventory) and new products (to build hype).

Savings can be around $150 per product. Stick vacuums range from $350 – $700, significant savings over the full-priced items.

Seasonal Discounts

Take advantage of holiday savings. Many of these promotions don’t require a coupon or special code.

Simply checkout online and the savings are applied automatically. Savings typically range from $100 – $150 off, though they may only apply to new models.

The best times to look for savings include Labor Day, early Spring, and the Winter holidays. You can buy a popular Animal 2 Total Clean upright vacuum for $450 ($150 off the full price).

Dyson Outlet

Another way to save and still buy direct from Dyson is to purchase a refurbished product on the Dyson Outlet.

Dyson engineers put them through the wringer to make sure that they are still functioning well and use genuine Dyson replacement parts if they have any issues.

These products can also come with a warranty to provide additional peace of mind. Savings can be between $50 and $150. The selection does vary, but prices range from $180 – $450.

Price Match

Dyson will match any price. If you find the same product available from a third-party retailer for less, all you have to do is show the price or advertisement and Dyson will honor that price.

Price Match

One great way to do this is to look for holiday sales around Labor Day and Christmas. You can find the same model Dyson stick vac for $300 – $700.

Go With An Older Model

If you don’t see a Dyson Deal on the item you’re looking for, check out a big box retail store. Home Depot and Lowe’s often offer discounts on last season’s models and a 10% discount for military members and Pro members.

Best Buy also has a lot of savings, especially when you purchase on your Best Buy Credit Card. Discounts can be as much as $200 off a $500 vacuum, which results in a top-quality vacuum for around $300.

Top Home Products For Less

If Dyson is out of your budget and you want a less expensive alternative, check out these top brands. They may not have as much futuristic styling as a Dyson, but most of them perform just as well (or better).


While Dyson has a lot of loyal fans, Shark is a strong competitor for significantly less. Their cordless stick vacuum is even ranked higher than the Dyson cordless stick vac in some reviews.

They start at $250 compared to Dyson’s lowest-priced model, which costs $400.


Hoover has been making vacuums for what seems like forever. Their upright bagless vacuum isn’t as powerful or sleek as the Dyson. But at $100 (compared to Dyson’s $300), it’s a steal. If you want a budget-friendly alternative, check out vacuums from Hoover.


One area of the market that Dyson doesn’t dominate (yet) is the robot vacuum. There are a variety of companies and models out there, but the $275 Roomba 600 Series is one of the best performing for the best price.

Its capacity isn’t as much as a Dyson vacuum, but it does all the vacuuming for you. Worth the money, in my opinion!

Final Thoughts

Dyson is expensive, but there are also numerous deals and savings available directly through the company and other retailers.

Look for a special deal on an older model or new release, go with a refurbished product, or shop around for the best price to get the best savings.

If you’re still not ready for a Dyson, check out one of the other vacuum companies using the bagless technology first developed by Dyson.

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