32 Engagement Party Food Ideas [Finger Foods & More]

Kick-off the celebration of your engagement with your friends and family with a stellar engagement party!

Hosting an engagement party is fun because it allows you and your partner a chance to highlight your favorite foods or even create a unique theme.

When planning for an engagement party, there is much to consider! Before you get overwhelmed, check out these excellent engagement party food ideas.

These tried-and-true engagement party food ideas make for a party that is perfect for both you and your guests.

Appetizers for Engagement Parties

1. Sweet and Tangy Meatballs

These simply delicious, sweet, and tangy meatballs make the perfect appetizer for your engagement party. Not only do they look super appealing, but they require limited ingredients to make.

Stick toothpicks or bite-size plastic forks into these to make serving easy. These sweet and tangy meatballs are the perfect engagement party appetizer because you can make a huge batch in your crockpot!

2. Caprese Skewers

These Caprese skewers look fancy yet are so simple! This cold appetizer is perfect for guests to grab themselves or to have caterers walk around with.

They’re great for guests who want something lighter or are on a gluten-free diet. Simply slide some fresh mozzarella and fresh cherry tomatoes onto skewers with your favorite greens in between.

3. Stuffed Cucumber Bites

Expecting guests at your party who are on a vegetarian diet? It’s important to have an option for everyone.

Fresh stuffed cucumber bites are delicious and healthy. Using cucumbers and cut-up grape tomatoes, these stuffed cucumber bites are cool and refreshing.

BBQ Foods for Engagement Parties

4. Simple & Delicious Deviled Eggs

Have a summer or outdoor engagement party in your backyard? Deviled eggs are a classic appetizer enjoyed by many!

What’s so great about these deviled eggs is that they’re easy to prepare and can be served over greens to look fancy.

Simple & Delicious Deviled Eggs are extremely budget-friendly too, making this a perfect finger food for your engagement BBQ.

5. Fun Rainbow Peppers Side Dish

These rainbow peppers with herb cream cheese add a fun cold side dish to your bbq engagement party. Perfect for summer, they feature different colored peppers stuffed with cream flavored cream cheese.

6. Mexican Street Corn on the Cob

No barbeque party is complete without corn on the cob. This version of Mexican Street Corn on the Cob is sure to be the talk of your party.

Using Mexican spices like cilantro and chipotle chili powder, this corn on a cob has a slight kick without being too spicy.

To save some extra money, grab the corn at your local farmer’s market and support a local business.

7. BBQ Sliders with Pulled Pork

Sliders are adorable bite-sized sandwiches that everyone can enjoy. They’re the perfect summer engagement party food as the guests can make them up themselves!

Throw some mini hamburger rolls out, the BBQ pulled pork Sliders, and some coleslaw and you’ve instantly created an easy serving station.

For a laid-back and casual engagement party, you cannot go wrong with sliders.

8. Fruit Cup Tower

Fruit salad is the perfect ending to a BBQ engagement party. Pick up a three-tier dessert stand and create mini-fruit cups on a tower.

Your guests will love this healthy snack. Plus, you can customize it using fruits that are in season at the time of your engagement party.

Least Expensive Engagement Party Foods

9. Olive, Ham & Cream Cheese Roll-Ups

Have an engagement celebration on a budget? Try olive, ham, and cream cheese roll-ups, made with all inexpensive ingredients.

Line these up on a fun-themed platter and leave them out as a yummy appetizer for your guests. You can whip these roll-ups together as a last-minute addition to your party.

10. Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese and Celery

Buffalo wings are usually one of the most popular party items! If your engagement party is causal, your guests will love these mild wings, dipped in blue cheese dressing.

Purchase extra-large packs of chicken wings at your local club outlet such as BJs or Costco for an inexpensive way to make this engagement party food.

Buffalo Wings
Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese

11. Fontina Asparagus Tart

Want something that looks fancy and authentic but is quite affordable? A fontina asparagus tart can be whipped up in just 15 minutes, using only five simple ingredients.

Using a frozen puff pastry as your base, fresh asparagus and fontina cheese are baked on for a delicious savory option for your engagement party.

Buffet Ideas for Engagement Party

12. Taco Bar

If you and your partner love Mexican food, this taco bar buffet idea is for you. You can customize this taco bar with all your favorites like guacamole and hot sauce!

Pair a mar agarita station with this taco bar too for a fun-themed Mexican fiesta. Not only is this taco bar fun, but it lets your guests customize their food.

Tacos Bar
Tacos Bar

13. Chocolate Fondue Station

Are you a chocolate lover? Creating a chocolate fondue dessert station is far simpler than it sounds. Grab some marshmallows, cut up fruit, or other dipping snacks and set up a chocolate fondue machine.

Your guests will love this fun ending to your party. To keep on the engagement theme, offer white chocolate to dip in!

Chocolate Fondue Station
Chocolate Fondue Station

14. Italian Pasta Bar

Ever gone to a party with a pasta bar? If not, it’s time to change that! A pasta bar is not only easy to construct, but it’s perfect to feed many guests on a budget.

Make it creative with your favorite sauces and mix-ins for an engagement party everyone will remember.

15. Simple Sandwich Bar

For a lunchtime engagement party, keeping your food light is ideal. A DIY sandwich bar is simple, easy, and a great light lunch.

We’re not talking boring peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! A DIY sandwich bar can be customized with artisan cheeses and meats, as well as spreads and veggies as an add-in.

Fall Engagement Party Food Ideas

16. Pumpkin Fluff Dip

Every fall-themed engagement party needs a delicious pumpkin fluff dip. Throwing together this fall treat is simple, using whipped cream, vanilla pudding, canned pumpkin, and pumpkin pie spices.

For an aesthetically pleasing display, place the dip inside a real pumpkin or pumpkin-shaped serving bowl.

17. Buffalo Meatball Pumpkins

The bright orange coloring of buffalo sauce is perfect for pumpkin buffalo meatballs.

Whether you want to make fresh meatballs or use a large frozen bag, these are the perfect autumn-themed food to serve at your engagement party.

Using a mix of pumpkin puree and buffalo sauce, these tangy meatballs are a crowd-pleaser.

18. Autumn Sangria

Every engagement party needs fun-themed cocktails to celebrate! An autumn sangria features apple cider and cinnamon-infused red wine for a delicious fall drink.

Whip up this sangria in advance in a big container and set up sliced fruit on the side. They taste delicious!

19. Fall Breakfast Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are a super popular trend right now, for good reason.

A fall breakfast charcuterie board is quick to assemble and right on point for your autumn-themed engagement party.

This grazing board would be great to put out at a breakfast or brunch-time party, using all pumpkin and fall-themed items.

20. Mini Pumpkin Pies

Whip up a batch of these mini pumpkin pies in advance of your party! These adorable pumpkin pies feature that classic pumpkin pie taste that everyone knows and loves.

Even better, their miniature size is perfect for guests wanting a small snack, rather than something too indulgent. They’re certainly Instagram-worthy!

Engagement Party Finger Food Ideas

21. Bacon Pineapple Bites

Try bacon pineapple bites to offer the perfect pairing of sweet and savory! The sweet pineapple appetizers will be the talk of your engagement party.

Who doesn’t love pineapple or bacon? These make the perfect finger food when you stick tiny toothpicks in. You’ll want to make a bunch of these popular bites!

22. Mini Taco Salad Cups

Not having a taco bar but still want to keep on a Mexican theme? Everyone will love these mini, bite-sized taco salad cups.

Filled with ground beef, guacamole, sour cream, and salsa, you will capture all your favorite Mexican flavors in one bite.

These taco salad cups are simple to make in large batches using a sheet pan.

What’s great about these taco salad cups is they are light and crunchy on the outside, with an indulgent center.

23. Mini Macaroni and Cheese Bites

Are you having picky eaters or children at your party? Mac & Cheese Bites offer a classic flavor everyone knows and trusts.

Individually sized, these tiny bites are packed with flavor thanks to the addition of herb cheese.

Mac & cheese bites are the perfect finger food idea for the couple that wants to keep things simple.

24. Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato (BLT) Mini Bites

For a spring or summer outdoor engagement party, BLT mini bites are must-have finger food!

Tiny bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches keep it classy while remaining simple.

With multiple layers of sliced tomato, freshly cooked bacon, and crunchy lettuce, these bites would be the perfect cold finger food to serve at your engagement party.

Seafood Engagement Party Foods

25. Cocktail Shrimp Tray Hearts

Want to keep love in the air? Design a cocktail shrimp tray by placing shrimp in hearts!

Not only is fresh shrimp a delicious appetizer for seafood lovers, but the heart shape will certainly impress the guests.

If crafty and complicated food is not your style, this simple appetizer is for you.

26. Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

If there’s one food to splurge on for your engagement party, it is creamy crab stuffed mushrooms. They are the perfect seafood-based party appetizer that is super classy!

Use any type of mushroom you’d like and fill it with breadcrumbs, fresh-cooked crab, and plenty of cheese!

27. Shrimp and Spanish Chorizo Bites

Shrimp and Spanish Chorizo Bites are perfect for a cocktail engagement party.

Prepared on skewers, these simple bites combine seafood and sausage for a hearty appetizer.

The kick and spice from the Spanish chorizo are exactly right, without being overpowering. These shrimp and spicy Spanish chorizo bites are sure to go quickly!

Picky Eater Engagement Party Food

28. Everything Bagel Pigs in a Blanket

Hosting the perfect engagement party is all about knowing your crowd. If you know you’ve got a picky eater crowd, stick to the basics.

Everything Bagel Pigs in the Blanket take regular pigs in a blanket up a notch. The outside is coated in everything bagel seasoning for an adult version of this classic finger food.

29. Starbucks Copycat Cake Pops

These delicious cake pops are inspired by a popular starbucks treat. Cake pops are a simple and easy alternative to a traditional cake at your engagement party.

The outside of these cake pops can be customized in any color to match your party theme. The inside is a delicious and moist vanilla cake for everyone to enjoy.

30. Deviled Strawberries

You’ve heard of deviled eggs, but have you had deviled strawberries? Deviled strawberries would make the perfect addition to a brunch engagement party or as a dessert for any party.

What’s not to love? Deviled strawberries are made using fresh strawberries, cream cheese, and graham cracker crumbs.

This classic snack is best to make when strawberries are in season.

31. Mini Heart Cheesecakes

Miniature heart cheesecakes are the perfect dessert to end your engagement party. Even most picky eaters love to indulge in a smooth, creamy cheesecake.

Instead of having one big cheesecake, these mini pre-cut slices make your party run smoothly.

Make them in heart shapes or add heart-shaped décor on top, the choice is yours!

32. Tiny Champagne Flutes

Not every guest at your engagement party is going to want to celebrate with sweet, indulgent cocktails.

Champagne flutes are the perfect way to toast to you and your partner’s new engagement.

Tiny 2-ounce plastic flutes are a classic way to raise a toast, while also offering a smooth drink for the non-cocktail drinkers.

What Are The Typical Foods for Engagement Party?

Engagement party foods can vary quite a bit! The types of typical foods served depend on the type of party.

In general, finger foods, appetizers, and small bites are served. Most engagement parties do not have plated dinners, although fancier parties may.

Does Cake Have To Be Served?

There are many options for cake at an engagement party. A typical sheet cake can be cut up and served, or you may opt for a cupcake tower or alternative.

The traditional “cutting of the cake” by those getting married is reserved for the wedding. If cake has to be served, it is generally done so without announcement.

What Has to be Served on Small Engagement Party?

A larger engagement party may be more robust in food offerings; perhaps offering more food options, a seated meal, or more varieties of food options.

Make Your Engagement Party Food Unique and Practical

These practical food ideas for your engagement party are unique while remaining practical.

As you finalize the menu for your engagement celebration, look for foods that are easy to create for a large guest list and recipes that appeal to a crowd with differing tastebuds.

Remember to consider drink options, dessert, and of course, the main course.

You cannot go wrong with these trusted party foods to celebrate your upcoming marriage!

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