Freezing Egg Salad with Mayo (How Long Can It Last?)

Egg salad will be edible for 3 to 5 days if stored in the refrigerator. Egg salad with lemon juice or vinegar will keep longer. You can also store it in an airtight bag and place in the fridge.

Freezing egg salad with mayonnaise might seem like a great way to make it last longer. You want to make a large batch and save some for sandwiches next month. Unfortunately, freezing egg salad with mayonnaise is a bad idea.

When thawed eggs take on a very unappetizing texture and mayonnaise separates. Even though you shouldn’t freeze egg salad with mayonnaise there are ways to preserve it.

Generally, it is a bad idea to freeze egg salad with mayonnaise because the consistency of hardboiled eggs and mayonnaise after thawing doesn’t taste great. However, it is a perfectly safe way to store egg salad for long periods of time without the worry of food-borne illness. Instead of freezing your egg salad with mayonnaise, you might consider other ways to preserve your egg salad when storing it in the refrigerator.

One way to increase the shelf life of egg salad with mayonnaise is to add a small amount of lemon juice, vinegar, or to make it in smaller batches.

What Happens to Egg Salad if it’s Frozen?

Chances are, the mayo in the egg salad will separate. This will affect the flavor and texture of the egg salad. It is best to eat the egg salad within 3 to 5 days, stored properly in the refrigerator.

What Ingredients Are In An Egg Salad?

One of the earliest known recipes for egg salad was published in 1896 but people had been eating eggs for centuries before cookbooks were printed. So, it’s possible egg salad precedes its first printed recipe. 

Egg salad is primarily made with hardboiled eggs, though some make it with scrambled eggs.

The hardboiled eggs are chopped up and mixed with lots of different ingredients. Most commonly celery, dill, yellow or Dijon mustard, onions, and relish.

The chopped eggs and other ingredients are mixed and mayonnaise is added. An egg salad with mayonnaise is rich and flavorful with sudden bursts of crunchy freshness. It’s yummy to enjoy on bread as a sandwich or by itself.

Can I Freeze Egg Mayonnaise? 

Egg mayonnaise is not meant to be frozen. Eggs are extremely temperature-sensitive, so the risk of bacterial growth is high when mayonnaise is left to thaw for long periods of time. The taste of the mayonnaise could also be affected when defrosted. 

Why You Should Avoid Freezing Egg Salad With Mayonnaise?

It is suggested that you avoid freezing egg salad with mayonnaise for one major reason: when thawed, it tastes horrible.

Frozen egg salad looks very similar to fresh egg salad. However, when it is thawed to be eaten, it begins to take on a very different and unappetizing form. It might appear thin and oily.

Frozen egg salad with mayonnaise might taste spongey and the vegetables will completely lose their crunch.

egg salad

The three main ingredients in egg salad are mayonnaise, hardboiled eggs, and celery or onion.

Each of the three main ingredients does not freeze well for its own reasons, let alone mixed up together.

Hardboiled Eggs

It’s not a good idea to freeze hardboiled eggs because when they are thawed they get a spongey texture.

It almost tastes like egg-flavored foam. The eggs can get a grainy texture and oftentimes they fall apart.

Overall, the texture is strange and hard to enjoy. If you freeze your egg salad with mayonnaise, the terrible flavors and textures will keep on coming.


Mayonnaise is notoriously terrible with freezing. When mayo is frozen, it looks fine but as it begins to thaw it will separate.

Separation means the oil and egg mixture form their own layers and are no longer a cohesive sauce. Sometimes when mayonnaise has separated you can re-emulsify it.

However, this would be nearly impossible when the egg salad already has mayonnaise mixed in with it.

In terms of taste, it’s really not good. In egg salad with mayonnaise, it is very important that you avoid freezing it if you hope you enjoy it at a later date. 


When celery is frozen then defrosted it wilts and gets soggy. Any excess water, produced as the egg salad thaws, is absorbed into the celery.

It loses its signature crunch and lacks any flavor at all. Even worse, celery has a tendency to get freezer burn when the moisture in the vegetable meets air.

For these reasons, it is not suggested to freeze egg salad with mayonnaise or celery. 

How Long Does Egg Salad With Mayo Last In The Fridge?

Although it is not suggested for you to freeze your egg salad with mayonnaise, you can always store it for several days in the refrigerator.

Egg salad with mayonnaise lasts a surprisingly long time. It will last up to 5 full days in the refrigerator!

As long as it is stored in an airtight container it will last quite a while. If it is not in an airtight container, it might spoil in 2 to 3 days.

There are a few ways you can increase the shelf life of your egg salad.

How To Make Your Egg Salad With Mayonnaise Last Longer?

There are a several ways to increase the shelf life of your egg salad. All of these options might help to preserve the flavor you originally achieved when making your egg salad with mayonnaise fresh.

However, be sure to not overdo it because some of these added ingredients will significantly change the flavor profile of your egg salad with mayonnaise. 

Add Vinegar

One option to extend shelf life is to add a little bit of vinegar. Be very careful not to overdo it as vinegar has a fairly robust and potent flavor profile.

How much vinegar you can use depends on how much egg salad you made. I would say, start with 1/8 tablespoon per cup or so of egg salad. 

Add Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

Like vinegar, you must be careful to not add too much lemon juice as it will also overwhelm the flavor profile of your egg salad.

Shoot to add a ½ tablespoon per cup of egg salad. You’ll likely taste a difference but it might be so mild that it’s worth considering to make your egg salad and mayonnaise last longer.

Store In An Airtight Container

The key to preserving your egg salad is to make sure the container you store it in is airtight. If extra air gets to the egg salad, it will spoil much more quickly.

Opt for a Pyrex-type dish or a mason jar when thinking about what will best preserve your egg salad.

Plastic bags, plastic wrap, metal containers, and silicon are all great options as well.

Consider storing your egg salad with mayonnaise in separated portions to limit the number of times it is taken out of the refrigerator. The less air exposure, the longer it will last.

How To Know When Egg Salad Is Spoiled?

Some people say smelling your egg salad will tell you if it is spoiled. But, eggs are smelly already so this can be confusing.

Nonetheless, smelling egg salad with mayonnaise to be sure it’s still ok to eat will still work.

Although it will work, the best way to know when your egg salad has spoiled and you should not eat it is to assess the flavor.

It will taste off even if it’s only mildly. However, it doesn’t make much sense to check if you should eat something by eating it. 

A better way to know when egg salad is spoiled is to look at its color. Has it become more yellow or crusty on the top?

Has it faded in color? Are there any dark spots or white hairy growths? That’s mold. Look at the color of your egg salad and you will know if it’s ok to eat. 

Freezing Other Salads With Mayonnaise

Many people wonder if freezing egg salad with mayonnaise is the only no-no. Can you freeze other types of salad with mayonnaise?

No, you should not. Freezing egg salad with mayonnaise will give particularly bad results when thawed because both eggs and mayo are used.

In other salads like pasta salad or potato salad, the based ingredients can be frozen well.

However, the problem lies in mayonnaise itself. Mayonnaise, as discussed earlier, will separate when thawed.

This causes the mayonnaise to taste slimy and its unappetizing flavor seeps into every salad ingredient.

This is why you should avoid freezing just about anything made with a lot of mayonnaise, including the various mayo-based salads.

Final Thoughts 

It is best to not freeze your egg salad with mayonnaise because when thawed, its texture and flavor will change a lot.

Your eggs will become spongey. Your mayonnaise will separate and be very unappealing. The celery or onions will become wilted and soggy.

Instead of freezing egg salad with mayonnaise, you can keep it refrigerated for up to 5 days.

To increase the shelf life of your refrigerated egg salad with mayonnaise, you can add ingredients like lemon juice and vinegar. 

To tell if your egg salad with mayonnaise has gone bad in the refrigerator you must assess its smell and color.

Spoiled egg salad will have a grayish tint and will smell extra foul. Although the smell is not a great measurement when it comes to eggs, you can always rely on its color to tell you if it’s ok to eat or not.

Avoid freezing egg salad to ensure you have the freshest tasting dish after thawing.

However, it is perfectly safe to eat frozen egg salad with mayonnaise as freezing helps to kill bacteria. 

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