Freezing Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (Best Before & After Baking Tips)

Nothing promises deliciousness like the sound of a fresh-popped can of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls.

Whether you are enjoying these tasty rolls on their own or using them to make something fun like Pigs in a Blanket (mini hot dogs wrapped in crescent roll dough–trust us, it’s delicious), having a can or two on hand can bring your meal from just a regular weekday dinner to something special.

One of the best ways to store Pillsbury Crescent Rolls is in the freezer.

Generally speaking, you can freeze Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. They will keep for up to a year uncooked when stored in a freezer-safe container. If you want to bake them and have already made rolls ready to reheat and eat, you can store cooked Pillsbury Crescent Rolls for up to two months in the freezer.

Finding crescent rolls on sale can be a great day. It’s easy to stock up and save some money since these delicious morsels are usually more expensive than baking from scratch.

Many home cooks think that the convenience (and delicious flavor and texture) is worth the slightly higher cost.

If you do find them with a discount, it’s the perfect time to get Pillsbury Crescent Rolls for future use.

Freezing Pillsbury Crescent Rolls is easy but does require some preparation, whether you freeze them baked or unbaked.

What Happens If You Freeze Pillsbury Crescent Rolls?

If you freeze your crescent rolls in the canister they come in, get ready for a loud bang and surprise as the can explodes.

This happens when the water content in the crescent roll dough expands and pushes out against the pressurized canister.

This is the same reason that ice cube trays shouldn’t be filled to the top with water before they are put in the freezer.

How Long Can You Freeze Pillsbury Crescent Rolls?

The length of time that your frozen Pillsbury Crescent Rolls can stay in the freezer will depend on if they are cooked or uncooked.

Raw crescent roll dough can be stored frozen for up to one year. Just like any other item in the freezer, it can get freezer burn, which will make it tough and bland.

Reduce the raw dough’s exposure to air in your freezer to cut back on potential freezer burn.

Heavy-duty plastic bags meant for the freezer or airtight plastic containers are both good options for storage.

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

Baked crescent rolls can be stored frozen for up to two months. After two months, the flavor and texture will start to get worse.

The rolls can become dry and hard, making them less appealing to eat but great for dishes like croutons or bread pudding.

Can You Freeze Pillsbury Biscuits In The Can?

No, do not freeze crescent rolls, biscuits, pizza dough, or any other pressurized cans of dough.

If you do put an unopened can in the freezer, the dough inside will expand as it freezes.

Not only will this result in a surprising pop as it opens, but it could also create a mess and potentially dislodge other items in your freezer.

The exposed dough will also be vulnerable to freezer burn, resulting in dry, tasteless crescent rolls anyway.

How To Freeze Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

So if you shouldn’t store Pillsbury Crescent Rolls in their can, what is a better alternative?

Taking a few preparation steps before throwing your dough or baked rolls in the freezer can make all the difference.

Can You Freeze Pillsbury Crescent Roll Dough?

To freeze crescent roll dough in the shape of crescent rolls, take the dough out of the can by twisting the top until you hear a pop. Unroll the dough and separate it into individual crescent rolls.

Starting with the widest part of the dough (which will look like a triangle), roll it into a crescent shape.

You can also form it into any other shape that you’d like. You can even stuff it with mini hot dogs, cheese, or other fillings.

If these steps sound familiar it is because these are the same steps that you follow to bake Pillsbury Crescent Rolls.

Once you have your raw crescent rolls formed, put them on a baking sheet or other flat dish. Put them into the freezer.

After the crescent rolls have frozen individually, you can take them off the baking sheet with a spatula and transfer them to an airtight container or bag.

Skipping the baking sheet step will result in your crescent rolls molding into one large blob in a freezer bag or container. This might be your intention but for most of us, it is not.

Press any extra air out of the heavy-duty bag if that’s what you use. This is my favorite way to store extra crescent rolls since it is easy to take out just what I need for a meal and doesn’t require me to defrost an entire batch.

Can You Freeze Pillsbury Crescent Rolls After Baking?

If you want to do a little bit more work now in order to have ready-to-eat crescent rolls later, you can bake your dough and freeze them after baking.

Follow the same steps to prepare your crescent rolls for the oven. Remove the dough from the canister by twisting until you get that satisfying pop.

You can press with the backside of a spoon against the seam to make it a bit easier.

Roll the crescent rolls into the shape that you want. Pillsbury Crescent Rolls are called that because they resemble a crescent shape when prepared the way that is advertised by Pillsbury.

You can make just about any shape that you want, but the crescent shape remains one of the most popular.

Bake the crescent rolls in the oven for the recommended amount of time, based on your oven and altitude.

Cities at a higher altitude may need to let their baked goods stay a little bit longer in the oven.

Fortunately, Pillsbury provides optimal baking instructions right on the package.

Let the crescent rolls cool completely. This is a critical step since warm crescent rolls will create steam when placed in an airtight container or bag.

This will result in frozen crystals, freezer burn, or even mold if you put still-warm rolls in the freezer.

Once your crescent rolls have cooled, wrap them individually in plastic wrap, making sure to press the wrap as close to the roll as possible.

You can even double layer to make sure that no air will get through.

Place the wrapped rolls in a heavy-duty freezer bag or airtight container for more organized storage.

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

Make sure to press any extra air out of the bag before tossing it into your freezer.

Baking Pillsbury Crescent Rolls From The Freezer

When you are ready to make your stored Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, you will need to let them defrost in the fridge before they are ready for baking or eating.

Take out the number of crescent rolls that you want. Wrapping and storing raw or cooked crescent rolls individually makes this step much easier.

If you froze your crescent rolls uncooked, once they are defrosted you can place them on a baking sheet and follow the instructions for baking.

Tip: Write the baking instructions on the outside of your freezer bag or container when you first put your crescent rolls in the freezer.

Chances are that you will not hang onto the original packaging after freezing your dough.

Having the baking temperature and time handy will cut down on the guesswork needed.

If you froze your crescent rolls already baked, all you need to do is defrost them in the fridge and enjoy.

You can also place them in the oven to warm them, although you should be watchful and only do this for a minute or two to avoid burning them.

Can You Use Frozen Pillsbury Crescent Rolls?

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls are best known for their buttery flavor and flaky texture.

Most of us enjoy our rolls warm, making them the perfect place to melt a pat of butter or spoonful of jam.

You can use and eat frozen Pillsbury Crescent Rolls without worrying about food safety.

If you are short on time, I recommend placing the frozen cooked crescent rolls in the oven or microwave longer to warm them, rather than eat them cold or frozen.

Make sure to remove any plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or other covering before baking or microwaving your crescent rolls.

At best, these items will ruin your crescent rolls. At worst, they could pose a serious safety hazard in your kitchen.

Final Thoughts

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls are delicious and easy to make. By storing extra rolls in the freezer, you can take advantage of sales and discounts to make these tasty sides even more economical.

Whether you store them as raw dough (after removing from the pressurized canister) or baked goods, Pillsbury Crescent Rolls make excellent additions to your freezer stash.

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