16 French Onion Dip Brands

French Onion Dip is a creamy and delicious onion flavored dip that is recognized by many.

Used as a dip for vegetables or potato chips, French Onion Dip is a featured dip at many parties and sports gatherings.

Invented in 1954, French Onion Dip has remained popular ever since. The first company to create this delicious dip, Lipton, gave it its nickname, “California Dip”.

French Onion DipPriceSize
Heluva Good! French Onion Cream Dip$1.9912 oz
Dean’s French Onion Dip$2.2916 oz
Lay’s French Onion Dip$4.7915 oz
Great Value French Onion Dip, 16 oz Tub$1.6216 oz
Wegman’s Light French Onion Dip  $1.5912 oz
McCormick Just 5 Classic French Onion Mix$5.391 oz packet
Mother Raw Organic French Onion Dip$6.998.8 oz
Watkin’s Onion Organic Gourmet Dip Mix $2.491 oz packet
Simply Organic French Onion Mix$4.991 oz packet
Kite Hill French Onion Almond Milk Dip$4.998 oz
Toffuti French Onion Dip, Dairy-Free$4.6912 oz
WayFare Creamy French Onion Dairy-Free Dip$5.998 oz
Credo Cashew French Onion Dip$7.698 oz
Hope French Onion Cashew & Almond Spread$68.95Case of 8, each 8 oz
Utz Creamy Onion Dip$14.95Case of 3, 8.5 oz each
Frito Lay French Onion Dip$2.268.5 oz

Check out some of these amazing French Onion Dip brands suitable for any diet!

Classic French Onion Dip

1.Heluva Good! French Onion Cream Dip

This classic Heluva Good! French Onion Cream Dip is made from real milk and cream, not from oil or water.

Heluva Good French Onion Dip

Whether you’re looking for a French onion dip for a special gathering or party or an everyday snack, this French onion dip delivers.

Dip cut-up veggies like carrots or celery in this French onion cream dip for a healthy snack.

2.Dean’s French Onion Dip

As another classic, Dean’s French Onion Dip, features a cool and creamy flavor that tastes good no matter what you dip in it.

This dip is made with real skim milk and features no trans fat per serving. At a price of only $2.29 for 16 ounces, this French onion dip is perfect for parties and gatherings.

Dean's French Onion Dip

There will certainly be enough dip to go around with this large tub! Pick up your favorite potato chips and get dipping! This dip is also free of gluten.

3.Lay’s French Onion Dip

Want a French Onion Dip you can take on the go? This Lay’s French Onion Dip is non-refrigerated and shelf-stable, so you can take it anywhere you want to snack.

Made by the same company that makes your favorite potato chips, this French Onion Dip pairs perfectly with every variety.

This French Onion Dip has a strong oniony flavor, perfect for those looking for a bold flavor.

4.Great Value French Onion Dip

The Great Value French Onion Dip certainly offers a great value.

With more ounces per tub than most comparable brands and a far lower price, you can’t go wrong with this French onion Dip. It’s made with real sour cream as a base!

This French Onion Dip will also last you several weeks in the fridge thanks to its easy resealable container.

Try this French Onion Dip as a dip for your favorite cracker for a lunchtime snack.

Low-Fat French Onion Dip

5.Wegman’s Light French Onion Dip

Looking to cut back on fat and calories? Try this Wegman’s Light French Onion Dip for a lighter version of traditional French onion dip.

This dip contains zero added sugars and only 35 calories per 2 tablespoons serving size.

For a healthy snack, skip the potato chips and dip your favorite vegetable in this dip. This dip has 50% fewer calories than standard French onion dip.

6.McCormick Just 5 Classic French Onion Mix

Want to control the amount of fat in your French onion dip? Simply make your own with this McCormick Just 5 Classic French Onion Mix.

This seasoning is gluten-free and contains only five basic ingredients. Using low-fat milk or low-fat Greek yogurt, create your own French onion dip.

This French Onion Seasoning can also be added to other foods to give them a bold onion taste. Add it to your favorite meat, burgers, or meatball recipe!

Organic French Onion Dip

7.Mother Raw Organic French Onion Dip

Want a classic French onion dip flavor without pesticides or chemicals? Mother Raw Organic French Onion Dip allows those with organic lifestyles to enjoy classic French Onion Dip.

This dip uses all organic ingredients, such as unfiltered apple cider vinegar and virgin olive oil.

Don’t want to dip unhealthy chips in this dip? Try cut-up cucumbers in this delicious and creamy dip.

8.Watkin’s Onion Organic Gourmet Dip Mix  

Whip up your own French Onion Dip at home using this Watkin’s Organic Dip Mix packet.

Making this is far simpler than it sounds! All you need to do is add 2 cups of organic sour cream to this flavoring packet and allow it to stand in the fridge for at least an hour.

You’ll quickly have an entirely organic French Onion Dip Mix to use on your favorite dishes or as a dip for your daily snack.

9.Simply Organic French Onion Mix

This classic Organic French Onion Mix uses only five organic ingredients. Mix this packet into two cups of your favorite sour cream, chill for 30 minutes, and enjoy!

Plus, 1% of every sale of this organic French onion mix supports organic farming and education.

Dairy-Free French Onion Dip

10.Kite Hill French Onion Almond Milk Dip

Each serving of this vegan French onion dip contains only 30 calories! Kite Hill French Onion Almond Milk Dip offers a plant-based alternative to traditional dairy French Onion Dip.

Using hand-selected California almonds, this almond milk base adds creaminess without adding dairy.

In addition, to being dairy-free, this French onion dip is also kosher, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

11.Toffuti French Onion Dip, Dairy-Free

Avoiding dairy doesn’t nee tod mean you need to give up your favorite creamy dips. Toffuti French Onion Dip, Dairy-Free gives you the same delicious French onion dip you’re accustomed to, without the dairy.

Whether you use this in a recipe or for dipping on its own, you will love the flavor of this creamy dairy-free dip.

This dip uses soy protein as a base for the French Onion Dip.

12.WayFare Creamy French Onion Dairy-Free Dip

This delicious and creamy WayFare French Onion Dip uses dairy-free sour cream as a base, with added sauteed sweet onions and paprika for an indulgent dip.

The dairy-free base uses Organic butter beans and oats for a smooth texture.

With only 40 calories and 3 grams of fat per 2 tablespoon serving, this dairy-free dip is also great for those looking for a low-calorie option to indulge in.

Vegan French Onion Dip

13.Credo Cashew French Onion Dip

You can dip almost any crunchy snack in this Credo Cashew French Onion Dip and it would be delicious!

This vegan dip uses northern beans, cashews, and coconut milk to formulate a plant-based French Onion dip, perfect for those on plant-based diets.

This French Onion Dip has lots of flavors, featuring lemon juice, sun-dried tomatoes, chives, parsley, and other strong flavors.

14.Hope French Onion Cashew & Almond Spread

Dip your favorite cut-up veggie sticks in this Hope French Onion Cashew & Almond Spread that uses a cashew base.

Entirely vegan, this healthy substitute tastes just like traditional French Onion dip.

Using a small-batch process, every batch of this delicious cashew spread is perfect for your French Onion dip needs on a vegan diet.

Shelf Stable French Onion Dip

15.Utz Creamy Onion Dip

Grab a can of this shelf-stable creamy onion dip to take to your next gathering with friends or family.

Need a Superbowl or game-day snack? Dip some crunchy carrots or celery sticks in this creamy Utz onion dip.

Each serving of this Utz Creamy Onion Dip is 50 calories (per 2 tablespoon serving) and has 4.5 grams of fat.

16.Frito Lay French Onion Dip

Are you a member of Sam’s Club? Pick up this Frito Lay French Onion Dip on your next trip for an excellent value.

Featuring a savory French Onion flavor, try this French onion dip with ridged potato chips at your next game night.

This dip is zesty without being overpowering. Plus, you can also use this dip in other creative ways such as to top a baked potato or meatloaf.

What Aisle is French Onion Dip In?

You may find French Onion Dip in a few places throughout the grocery store.

Non-refrigerated French Onion Dip will usually be in the snack aisle, near pretzels and chips.

Refrigerated Drench Onion Dip will be in the dairy section. Look for vegan and plant-based French Onion Dip in the natural or organic sections of your grocery store.

What to Look for When Shopping for French Onion Dip

Fat Content

The higher the fat content in a French onion dip, the richer and creamier it will be. If you’d like a lighter option, opt for one with less fat or a plant-based option.

Rich and creamy French dip get its richness from the creamy dairy content.

Mix or Premade

If you’re in a rush, pick up a pre-made French Onion Dip at the grocery store.

If you want a fresher taste, try making your own at home using one of the French Onion Dip Mix packet options listed above.


French Onion dip is generally high in sodium. If you’re on a low-sodium diet, you’ll want to pay close attention to the sodium on the ingredients label.

Or, you can make your own french onion dip to control the amount of sodium added.

Final Considerations

If you like onion flavor, you’re sure to love French Onion Dip.

Snack lovers can all enjoy this creamy dip, whether you’re dairy-free, vegan, or have no dietary restrictions.

Give this classic onion-flavored dip a try on your next shopping trip!

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