Date Night Ideas for Pregnant Couples

It’s normal to want to spend as much time as possible with your partner before the baby comes. When I was pregnant, I was sometimes upset when my husband didn’t spend enough time with me. After asking around and doing some research, I found some great ideas that would help us prepare and celebrate our time together.

In general, a ‘Babymoon’ is the best way you can appreciate each other and your time together. It’s a second honeymoon before the baby is born, and it’s a great way to appreciate your partner before life becomes too busy. Other ideas include a staycation, visiting a new city, and taking each other on another first date. See our top 6 choices below.

  1. Catch a Double Feature
  2. Have a Picnic Under the Stars
  3. Enjoy the Silence at Home
  4. Relax During Your Staycation
  5. Visit New Attractions in a New City
  6. Take a ‘Babymoon’ Vacation for Two

Date Night Ideas for Pregnant Couples

Date nights are necessary for most relationships. If that’s a thing you and your partner like to do, consider going on a ton of dates now! 

1.Catch a Double Feature

When the baby arrives, you’ll have less time to go to the movies. Appreciate this time. Now, you can just go – no babysitter, no prior arrangements, and no being quiet when you come home. It’s the perfect time to catch a double feature or enjoy the big screen. You may have to go to the bathroom more, but that just means you’ll need to see the movie again!

2. Have a Picnic Under the Stars

Now is the time to relax. Take a blanket and some snacks somewhere you can see the stars. Get away from the city and find a nice, safe area to spread out. Snack, talk and enjoy your partner’s company. It’s the perfect getaway while you can still do it peacefully. 

3. Enjoy the Silence at Home

While you’re both excited for the baby to get here, it’s worth enjoying your home now. Soon, your home will be a little messier, louder, and overrun with baby toys. Spend some time relaxing with your partner at home. Watch a movie or play games together! 

Vacation Ideas for Pregnant Couples

Sometimes you just have to get away. When the baby comes, vacations will be a lot more stressful. Take some time now to take that vacation you’ve always wanted.

4. Relax During Your Staycation

Hear me out: vacations can be less than relaxing, even when it’s just the two of you. Instead, try a Staycation. You’ll spend less, and you have everything you need already! Chill out with your partner at home, lounging around and finding new ways to relax. Alternatively, you can rent an Airbnb to spend some time relaxing at a new place. 

5. Visit New Attractions in a New City

There are probably big cities within your state that you haven’t visited yet. Perhaps there is a town just over the border that has a cool attraction you want to see. This is the time to take a mini road trip to visit these places, even if it’s just to explore. You never know what you’ll find! You might even want to come back.

6. Take a ‘Babymoon’ Vacation for Two

A ‘Babymoon’ is a lot like a honeymoon. Now, you’re spending time together before the baby arrives. Take some time off of work and plan a vacation. It can be as elaborate or simple as you want. You can rent a cabin, visit a museum, get a massage, or just relax. Make sure to take it easy, too! 

Romantic Activities for Pregnant Couples

Outside of regular date nights, you and your partner can spend this time romantically. Learn to appreciate each other before the baby gets here. All of your attention can be on your partner right now. 

7. Try an Exciting New Hobby

Have you always wanted to do couples’ cooking? Pottery classes? Painting? Now is the perfect time for you guys to try a new hobby together. Book a class together or choose a special ‘couples’ version of a hobby course. You can help each other learn and have a ton of fun doing it. 

8. Enjoy Your Lazy Mornings in Bed

Nothing is quite as romantic as cuddling up together in the morning. When you don’t have anywhere else to be, enjoying each other’s company is a must. Soon, your opportunity for these lazy mornings will be limited. Make sure to take advantage of it now. 

9. Enjoy the Calm Before the Baby

Even after a lazy morning in bed, you can enjoy the calm together. Sit and enjoy the silence, read a good book, or keep each other company while you scroll on social media. Take a break from doctor’s appointments and baby names to just be with each other. Strengthening your bond now will be great for parenting.

10. Take Each Other on Another First Date

When life is busy, we can forget to appreciate our partner. Try going on another first date to discover why you fell in love in the first place. Get dressed separately and arrive separately at a restaurant of your choice. You can recreate your first date or do something completely different. Don’t forget how much you love each other and where it all started! 

Baby Preparation Activities for Pregnant Couples

Getting ready for the baby together is one of the ways you can have fun together. Get involved in each step of the process together! There are only so many opportunities to experience this together. 

11. What Does That Name Mean Again?

Do you know what you’re going to name your bundle of joy? You and your partner can spend some time together researching baby names. Check out what your favorite names mean, and maybe find names you’d never consider before! There are tons of books and online resources to help with your name search. 

12. Time for a Baby Wardrobe Change

You’re going to need lots of baby clothes, so why not shop for them together? You can both choose your favorite quirky onesies or cute little dresses for your baby. Challenge each other to find inexpensive clothes or clothes that won’t stain. 

13. Make the Nursery You’ve Always Pictured

You probably have a vision for your nursery. You and your partner can work together to make that vision a reality! Work together to paint, put together furniture, arrange decorations, and more. Make the nursery you’ve both dreamed of! You’ll be spending a lot of time there, so why not make it nice? 

14. Get Involved in the Infamous ‘Nesting’ Period

Spring cleaning may not sound fun, but you two can make it fun! Bust out the dusters, brooms, and mops. Work together to go room by room, or make a list of who will clean each room. Divide up the tasks! Turn up your favorite playlist and dance around each other as you get your space clean for the baby.

15. Schedule a Quirky Maternity Photo Shoot

Maternity photo shoots are a popular way to make memories. Schedule a time with a photographer and take your first family photos. If you have other kids, you can involve them in the photoshoot as well! It’s a great way to spend your time. Plus, you can look back at them forever. 

Classes for Pregnant Couples

There are classes about everything to do with parenting, babies, and birth. Look into your local area for paid and free couples’ classes. Together, you can learn all about babies! 

16. Learn How to Be a Better Parent 

Parenting classes are available just about anywhere. There are sure to be some online or in-person parenting courses in your area. Get involved. Sit down with your partner and learn better parenting techniques. Even if this is your third baby, you can always learn something new. 

17. Get Ready for Birth with a Birthing Class

Giving birth can be scary, but you can make sure you’re as ready as possible. Couples’ birthing classes are a popular way to approach the topic together. Spend some time perfecting breathing techniques. Get dad in on the action! 

18. Attend Baby Boot Camp

If this is your first child, you may not know the ins and outs of taking care of a baby. Baby boot camp classes can help you with everything before your baby is born. Learn how to breastfeed, prepare formula, change diapers, and more. Plus, it can be a great source of parenting advice. Surviving newborns is not always easy, but classes like this can help new parents out. 

Final Verdict

Make the most of the time before your baby arrives. Afterward, there will be sleepless nights and an endless amount of diapers. While you’re excited for the arrival of your little one, make sure to catch up on sleep as well. These activities can be great when spaced out!

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