16 Gummy Candy Brands [Cheap & Healthy]

There’s something so satisfying about biting into a soft and chewy piece of gummy candy.

The variety of brands available mean that there’s bound to be something for every candy lover.

But how should you decide which gummy candy to choose for your sugar fix? Do you want something sour? Something in a fun shape? Are you looking for the best vegan gummy candy?

Everybody values something different when choosing their perfect gummy candy.

This list compiles the best gummy candies based on flavor, shape, price, and nutritional information.

Regardless of how you choose which candy to take off the shelf, this list should make deciding between the almost endless choices in gummy candy a breeze- so you can get to snacking!

One way to choose your favorite gummy candy is to choose from the bestsellers. These brands are popular- and for good reason!

1.Haribo Goldbears

Haribo was the first company to mass produce the gummy bear (a classic gummy candy shape), and their expertise shows.

Haribo Goldbears come in a bag containing five flavors: raspberry, orange, strawberry, pineapple, and lemon.

Eat them one flavor at a time or explore fun flavor combinations!

2.Albanese Gummy Worms

Albanese Gummy Worms are another popular gummy candy.

Gummy worms

These yummy candies come in bags that contain 12 different flavors. They also offer a larger bite than the popular gummy bear.

Unique Gummy Candy

Gummy Candy can come in almost any shape or flavor under the sun. If you’re looking for a sweet treat that’s a little quirky, try one of these fun gummy candies.

3.The Original Giant Gummy Bear

This half-pound gummy candy is perfect for the gummy bear enthusiast.

The Giant Gummy Bear Candy Company specializes in this unique shape. They also sell gummy bears that weigh up to five pounds!

4.Jelly Belly Pet Rat Gummi Candy

The Jelly Belly Pet Rat is definitely one of the more unique gummy candy shapes out there.

A gummy candy like this one is great for the Halloween season. Trick your friends and family with this silly treat!

5.Vidal Gummi Spicy Mangos

Vidal is a Spanish candy company that has many unique flavors and shapes of gummy candies.

The adventurous gummy candy lover will love these sweet but spicy candies. Vidal also produces gummy candies in other unique flavors such as Piña Colada and Carrot.

Sour Gummy Candy

Pucker up! Sour gummy candies can be the perfect sweet for people who are willing to make a funny face while enjoying their candy.

6.Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids are some of the best in the sour candy market. If you’re in the mood for a candy that makes you pucker up, you can’t go wrong with Sour Patch Kids.

Try the classic Sour Patch Kid shape, or opt for another- like the watermelon.

7.Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers

Trolli specializes in Sour Gummy Candies.

These crawlers are one of their most popular products, but they also offer Easter eggs, aliens, sharks, and an octopus! Some shapes are limited edition, so collect them while you can.

8.Sour Skittles Gummies

Many fruity candy brands have started to introduce gummy versions of their candies. Skittles are no exception.

Sour Skittles Gummies are the best of both worlds for fans of sour skittles and gummy candies.

Cheap Gummy Candy

Sometimes there’s not a whole lot of money in the budget for a candy fix. These cheap gummy candies will satisfy your sugar craving and your wallet!

9.Fleet Farm Peach Rings

If you find yourself buying gummy candy pretty regularly, you might want to make the economical choice and buy these gummy peach rings from Fleet Farm.

There are 12 servings in a bag that costs less than three dollars. If you feel like eating the whole bag, that’s fine too!

10.5lb Swedish Fish

Buying in bulk is a great idea for people interested in saving money on their gummy candy consumption.

You can find this five-pound bag of the number one fish-shaped candy, Swedish Fish, for about 22 cents a serving!

Swedish fish are made with starch jelly instead of gelatin, so this option also works well for vegetarian diets.

Healthy Gummy Candy

Just because you’re on a diet or watching your calories doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in some gummy candy!

There are plenty of lower calorie and organic options for the health-conscious gummy lover.

11.Smart Sweets Sweet Fish

Smart Sweets Sweet Fish boast less calories and sugar than the average gummy candy.

The Smart Sweets brand also sells some of the other popular gummy shapes with the same low-cal appeal.

Smart Sweets are hard to miss- you’ll recognize them by their bright packaging!

12.Lily’s Sweets Gummy Worms

Lily’s Sweets Gummy Bears are made with all natural ingredients and zero sugar!

They also have an exciting, unique taste that mixes pumpkin, blackcurrant, and carrot.

Although not low calorie, these gummy candies are made with only the finest ingredients.

13.Black Forest Organic Gummy Bears

These Gummy Bears from Black Forest are organic and made with real fruit juices.

If you are sensitive to food dyes, these candies might be perfect for you; they’re made with all natural coloring.

Plus, they come in more animal shapes besides the standard gummy bear!

Gummy Candy for Special Diets

No matter your dietary needs, there’s a gummy candy out there for you. Check this list for some great gummy candies for special diets.

14.Vegan Gummy Candy- Maynards Swedish Berries

Many gummy candies are made with animal gelatin. Maynard’s Swedish Berries use a plant-based ingredient to produce that gummy texture that everyone will love.

You’ll hardly be able to tell that they’re different from the typical gummy candy.

15.Halal Gummy Candy- Haribo Goldbears Manufactured in Turkey

For people with Halal dietary needs, look for Haribo Goldbears that were manufactured in Turkey.

The difference in taste is almost indiscernible, but the Halal, Turkey-Manufactured Goldbears use fish gelatin instead of pork or beef.

A Muslim official also watches over production to make sure these gummies are up to par.

16.Kosher Gummy Candy- Only Kosher Candies Gummy Colas

Gummy colas are a popular gummy candy known for their sweet, soda flavor.

These gummy colas from Only Kosher are perfect for people seeking Kosher alternatives for popular gummy candies.

Only Kosher also makes a plethora of other Kosher candy options.

What to Look for When Buying Gummy Candy


Gummy candy comes in many different flavors. When most people think of this type of sweet treat, they often think of a fruity flavoring.

Not all gummy candies need to be fruit flavored though! Other popular gummy candy flavors include cola, cinnamon, or licorice.

Expiration Date

When gummy candy goes bad, it loses that chewy texture that buyers are looking for. Make sure the gummies you’re buying are as fresh as possible.

Gelatin Source

The gelatin used to create gummy candies can be derived from almost as many sources as there are types of gummy candy!

If you have special dietary needs, check to find out where the gelatin in your gummy candy comes from since many gummy candies source their gelatin from animals.

Homemade Gummy Candy

If you don’t feel like buying gummy candy at the store, make it at home! All you need is some gelatin, flavoring, and the shape molds of your choice.

Choose between natural gummies and ones made with Jello!

Homemade Gummy Candy with Jello

To take the mystery out of flavoring your homemade gummy candy, use Jello. Add in a little extra unflavored gelatin to get the right gummy texture.

The recipe can be found at this link.

Homemade Gummy Candy with Fruit Juice

These homemade gummy candies are flavored with fruit juice.

To sweeten them up, add in your favorite sweetener- like honey or stevia! The recipe can be found at this link.

What to Make with Gummy Candy

Dirt Cake

Bury gummy worms underneath vanilla and chocolate pudding to create a tasty dirt cake dessert! Sprinkle some Oreo crumbs on top to add to the soil-like appearance.

Gummy Bear Popsicles

Freeze gummy bears submerged in your favorite juice to create a popsicle with a fun texture! Customize popsicles so that you get your favorite flavor every time.

Gummy Bears

Melted Gummy Cookies

Spruce up a sugar cookie by baking it with gummy candy on top!

Before baking, press the dough ball down to create an indent, and place a peach ring in this divot for a fun twist on a classic cookie.

Are Fruit Snacks the Same as Gummy Candy?

Gummy candy and fruit snacks are two fruity treats that are loved by many.

Usually, the key difference between the two is that fruit snacks have to contain a fruit or fruit concentrate to be marketed as a fruit snack instead of a candy.

This is not to say that fruit snacks are healthier than gummy candies. Often, the two treats have similar nutritional data.

If you’re searching for a healthy gummy snack, look for a candy made with real fruit juice and natural sweeteners.

How Long do Gummy Candies Stay Good For?

When stored at room temperature, gummy candies can last for as long as two and a half years unopened.

After being opened or stored above room temperature, it’s best to consume gummy candy within three to six months.

This time can be prolonged by freezing or refrigerating gummy candy, although this might alter the texture.

Final Considerations

This article has detailed some of the best gummy candies in every category such as flavor, shape, nutritional information, and popularity.

While there are plenty of other brands to consider, the above brands are a great place to start.

Making gummy candy at home is also an option for the do-it-yourself candy lover.

Not only could you make your own gummy candy at home, but you could also add gummy candies to other homemade treats as well.

Hopefully this article has answered some of your questions about gummy candies, like how to choose which type to buy and if they can be good for your health.

Leave a comment below with any other things to consider when buying or making a gummy candy.

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