16 Heavy Cream Brands [Dairy Free, Keto, & More]

Heavy Cream, sometimes called heavy whipping cream, can magically change texture with a few minutes of simple whipping. 

The fat in heavy cream makes it the ultimate dairy product for recipes. It can be used to add moisture to baked goods, create whipped cream toppings for baking, or even as a creamer in your morning coffee.

As its name suggests, the heaviness of the cream comes from the high-fat content. Most heavy cream is between 36 to 40% fat, which is exactly why it has so many delicious uses in cooking and baking.

Check out some of the most popular heavy cream brands to consider picking up on your next shopping run.

Heavy Cream Brands for Cooking

1.Land O’ Lakes Heavy Whipping Cream

Pick up this perfect Land O’Lakes Heavy Whipping Cream today, made by a trusted brand for dairy products. This heavy whipping cream is perfect for cooking and baking.

Make the perfect whipped cream or frosting using your electric hand mixer using Land O’Lakes whipping cream.

This heavy cream is also ideal for making creamy soups, like tomato basil soup.

2.Good & Gather Organic Heavy Whipping Cream

Keeping all organic in your home? You don’t have to break the bank with Target’s Good & Gather Organic Heavy Whipping Cream.

This heavy whipping cream contains all organic ingredients without any unnecessary fillers or chemicals.

This heavy whipping cream is perfect for healthy organic cooking and baking. Try making homemade butter today with this Good & Gather whipping cream!

3.Great Value Ultra-Pasteurized Real Heavy Whipping Cream

Grocery shopping can get expensive. If you’re wanting to make complex recipes, you may find yourself worried about the cost of every ingredient.

The Great Value Heavy Cream takes the worry out of costs with an affordable heavy whipping cream option.

The richness of this heavy whipping cream is perfect to use to create a topping for pie or baked goods. Your family will enjoy trying new recipes with this affordable ingredient.

Heavy Cream Brands without Carrageenan

4.Natural by Nature 100% Organic Heavy Cream

 Carrageenan is an additive that is found in many brands of heavy cream. Its purpose is to thicken and preserve the cream.

However, some research shows it can cause negative health outcomes. For buyers who want to avoid this ingredient, try Natural by Nature 100% Organic Heavy Cream.

Made from cream from grass-fed cows, this one ingredient heavy cream is simplistic and easy without any unnecessary additives.

5.Clover Sonoma Organic Heavy Whipping Cream

If you can’t find the Natural by Nature, Clover Sonoma offers another Organic Heavy Whipping Cream without Carrageenan.

Again, this single ingredient heavy whipping cream delivers creaminess without unnecessary fillers.

Not only does this heavy cream have a single ingredient, but it is also American Human Certified and made locally!

Keto Heavy Cream Brands

6.Horizon Organic Heavy Whipping Cream

By nature, heavy whipping cream is the perfect ingredient for a keto diet. People on a keto diet, which is high in fat and low in carbs, can enjoy heavy whipping cream like this Horizon Organic Heavy Whipping Cream.

This excellent heavy whipping cream contains 5 grams of fat per tablespoon serving and only 1 gram of carbohydrates. Even better, it is USDA Organic certified.

7.Good & Gather Heavy Whipping Cream

Made from real, ultra-pasteurized cream, this Good & Gather Heavy Whipping Cream is the perfect addition to any ketogenic diet.

Looking to create a fat-fueled coffee drink to start your day? Add a splash of this heavy whipping cream to your morning coffee for a smooth, creamy texture.

Not a coffee drinker? Don’t fret! This smooth heavy whipping cream also makes the perfect addition to teas, both iced and hot. Plus, at store-brand pricing, you can’t go wrong with an affordable option.

Dairy-Free Heavy Whipping Cream

8.Silk Dairy-Free Heavy Whipping Cream Alternative

Need heavy cream for your favorite recipe but trying to avoid dairy? Don’t worry! Silk’s Dairy Free Alternative Heavy Cream is gluten and dairy-free!

Perfect for those with special dietary restrictions, this heavy cream alternative acts exactly like whipping cream. This means you can safely substitute it in any of your favorite recipes.

This dairy-free alternative uses coconut oil and sunflower oil instead of traditional cream.

9.Country Crock Plant Cream Heavy Cream Alternative

Those following a plant-based diet have more options than ever before when it comes to dairy-free alternatives.

Country Crock Plant Cream has the same thickness and consistency as traditional dairy cream.

Made from a plant base of lentil protein, you won’t even notice the difference with this plant-based alternative.

Country Crock Plant Cream Alternative cooks and bakes just like regular cream. Vegetarians and vegans everywhere will be excited about this excellent alternative to make their cooking creamy without any animal products.

Heavy Cream Powders

10.Anthony’s Heavy Cream Powder

With no refrigeration required, Anthony’s Heavy Cream Powder offers a powder alternative to regular heavy cream.

Non-frequent users of heavy cream may prefer this powder option for a longer-lasting product.

Tired of seeing your regular heavy cream expire before you can use it? Keep this Anthony’s Heavy Cream Powder in your pantry for whenever you need it.

The heavy cream powder mixes in perfectly to make sauces or soups creamier, just like liquid heavy cream.

Or, add a few tablespoons of this heavy cream powder to your baked goods for a richer texture.

11.Healthier Comforts Organic Heavy Cream Powder

Want a shelf-stable heavy cream powder without any additives? Check out Healthier Comforts Organic Heavy Cream Powder.

Made from 100% Organic ingredients, you’ll feel great keeping this healthy heavy cream powder handy for all your cooking needs.

Healthier Comforts prides itself on never using any antibiotics or growth hormones in its products.

When compared to liquid heavy cream, this Organic Heavy Cream Powder can last up to 10 times longer!

The resealable bag is perfect to maintain shelf-stable freshness for long periods.

Heavy Cream for Pasta

12. Tuscan Dairy Pure Heavy Whipping Cream

At 5 grams of fat per 1 tablespoon serving, the Tuscan Dairy Pure Heavy Whipping Cream adds the right level of creaminess to any recipe.

One unique way to use this heavy cream is in a delicious strawberry cream smoothie. Using fresh strawberries and heavy cream, you can whip up a creamy delicious smoothie any time of the day.

Tuscan Dairy Pure Heavy Whipping Cream offers quality in their products you can trust.

This heavy cream has undergone significant quality-assurance testing, leading to an excellent quality choice in heavy cream.

13.O Organics Heavy Whipping Cream

Unlike traditional packaging for heavy cream, O Organics Heavy Whipping Cream uses a sleek plastic packaging design.

With 100% organic ingredients and milk without added hormones, this option for heavy cream is perfect to add to natural and healthy pasta dish recipes.

Create a roasted garlic cream sauce or delicious sauce for penne ala vodka for your family’s next Italian night.

You’ll be surprised how using quality, wholesome ingredients like this heavy cream lends itself to superior cooking.

14.Wegmans Heavy Whipping Cream

All of Wegmans store-branded products consistently top the charts. This  Wegmans Heavy Cream has no synthetic growth hormones, leading to a rich, natural taste.

Feel good about your choice to make homemade sauces with this heavy whipping cream option.

Each tablespoon serving of this heavy cream contains 6 grams of fat and 50 calories. While you’re at Wegmans, pick up some pesto sauce to mix into this heavy cream for a creamy pesto cream sauce for any chicken or pasta dish.

Heavy Cream for Baking

15.Lucerne Dairy Farms Heavy Whipping Cream

Lucerne Dairy Farms Heavy Whipping Cream is perfect for all your baking needs. Did you know that using heavy whipping cream in pound cake results in a moist, delicious cake?

Another great way to use this Lucerne Dairy cream is to make your own frosting! Pass on store bought frostings and taste the difference with real, homemade frosting for your baked goods.

It should also be noted that this Lucerne Heavy Whipping Cream contains no hormones is as made from Grade A milk.

16.Hood Heavy Cream Ultra-Pasteurized

At 36% milkfat, this Hood Ultra-Pasteurized Heavy Cream is excellent for all of your baking needs.

Each serving contains 50 calories and 3.5 grams of fat. Hood has been around for years, creating quality cream products at affordable pricing.

This brand is often found at local convivence stores and grocery stores, easy for pick up. Try a no-bake chocolate heavy cream pie with this delicious heavy cream product. 

Can Heavy Cream be Used for Pasta?

Heavy cream can be added to almost any pasta sauce to create a creamy, lighter sauce.

One classic Italian favorite, Alfredo Sauce, uses heavy cream as a base for a white creamy sauce for delicious pasta dishes.

Tomato-based sauces are excellent to add heavy cream to as well. Create a tomato basil cream sauce or a vodka sauce using a splash of heavy cream.

Whether you make your own pasta sauce from scratch or add heavy cream to a store-bought sauce, heavy cream is perfect for pasta sauces.

Heavy Cream

Is Condensed Milk the same as Heavy Cream?

While both products may seem like related dairy products, condensed milk, and heavy cream are entirely different.

Condensed milk does not have the same fat content as heavy cream. This type of milk product contains added sugar.

In contrast, heavy cream is a high-fat dairy cream with no added sugars. Do not confuse condensed milk with evaporated milk.

What to Look for When Buying Heavy Cream

% of Milk Fat

When shopping for heavy cream, you’ll want to ensure the product you choose has at least 36% milkfat.

Whipped Cream

This allows the thickness and creaminess to enhance your cooking. Thinner, low fat, or fat-free options will not produce the same results.

Free of Hormones

Today, shoppers are more concerned with the quality of their food products. Look for a heavy cream that is free of common hormones used in cows, such as rBGH and rBST.

The packaging may say claims like “free from antibiotics” or “no growth hormones”. These claims tell you that your heavy cream will not contain any artificial growth hormones.


Like most dairy products, heavy cream can quickly go bad. Be sure to read the freshness date before purchasing.

Make sure your heavy cream has several weeks of usage remaining to ensure freshness. According to the USDA, heavy cream can last up to a month in the fridge.

If you’ve already purchased a heavy cream and opened it to find an odor, throw it out. Any strange odors or signs of mold indicate the heavy cream has already gone bad.

Shop for Heavy Cream

With so many options to choose from, heavy cream buyers now know exactly which brands will deliver great results in cooking.

Whether you’re creating a homemade whipped cream or a delicious Italian pasta sauce, selecting the right heavy cream makes a difference in your recipes.

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