How Long Can Hummus Sit Out? [Proper Storage]

Hummus is a delicious dip for your pretzels, pitas, or veggies, and it also makes a delicious spread on a sandwich or a topping on a salad. It’s also a healthy choice that will add more vegetables to your diet.

You know that you can keep it in the fridge, but how long can you leave it out for a dinner party or buffet lunch?

Generally speaking, you can leave hummus out at room temperature for about 2 hours safely, and then you need to refrigerate it. Store-bought hummus will last 7-10 days in the refrigerator, while homemade hummus lasts 4-5 days. If you have extra hummus that you want to save, you can freeze it for 4-6 months.

Because you shouldn’t re-freeze it, you should freeze it in small portions so that you can thaw only what you plan to eat.

Continue reading for details about serving and storing hummus, identifying spoiled hummus, recommendations for top hummus brands, and ideas for changing up your basic homemade hummus recipe. 

Keeping Hummus At Room Temperature

When you start looking for the answer for how long you can keep hummus out at room temperature, you will find two different answers.

Many articles report that the USDA and FDA say that hummus can sit out at room temperature for up to 4 hours.

However, these articles don’t have links to the relevant documentation for the USDA or FDA. 

The other answer you will find is the USDA’s 2-hour rule for food safety. You should not keep perishable foods at room temperature for longer than 2 hours or at temperatures over 90 degrees for 1 hour.

The “danger zone” for foods growing harmful bacteria is between 40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Therefore, we recommend sticking with the 2-hour rule out of an abundance of safety and research.

If you are having a party or serving a buffet, you can place your bowl of hummus on top of a bowl of ice to keep it cool longer, and you can extend the length of time it can sit out up to 4 hours as long as there is ice keeping it cold. 

Another way to ensure that your hummus stays safe is to use a spoon to scoop servings onto plates.

This will help ensure that bacteria do not get into the serving bowl. 


If you accidentally leave your hummus out all night, you should discard it to be on the safe side.

Refrigerating Hummus

Store-bought hummus has a longer shelf life than homemade hummus due to the inclusion of preservatives.

Once opened, a container of store-bought hummus is good for 4-7 days. If you have not yet opened the original container of hummus, check the expiration date.

A completely unopened container of hummus may be good for a couple of days past its expiration date. 

Proper Storage

Some store-bought hummus is sold already refrigerated. If so, be sure to keep it in the refrigerator when you get home.

Other store-bought hummus is shelf-stable, and you don’t need to keep it in the fridge until you open it. 

Homemade hummus doesn’t have any preservatives, so it will not last as long in the refrigerator.

You can expect homemade hummus to stay fresh for up to 4 -7 days in an airtight container. 

Homemade Hummus Expiration Table

Homemade Hummus 
Refrigerated4-7 days
Frozen4 months
Store-Bought Hummus 
Refrigerated8-10 days
Frozen6 months

Freezing Extra Hummus

Generally speaking, any hummus leftovers can be frozen for 4-6 months. However, you should not re-freeze any hummus after thawing.

I find that it is best to freeze your hummus in portion sizes. I recommend using silicone ice cube trays with spill-resistant removable lid that are easily washable and reusable for any homemade dishes.

Identifying Spoiled Hummus

First, check to make sure that your hummus has the proper texture and color.

Next, if your hummus has a sour smell or has mold growing on it, you should discard it immediately.

Don’t risk it by tasting it or scraping the mold off. Just discard it and get some new hummus. 

Dress Up Leftover Hummus

If you have gotten tired of your plain hummus, you should try dressing it up with different toppings to make it something new every day.

If you are dipping bread in hummus, try topping it with olive oil to add a little something extra.

Other great toppings are roasted red bell peppers, toasted garlic, or olives

Dress up your hummus like it’s going out to party! Top it off with sliced cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, crumbled feta cheese, toasted kale, whole chickpeas, a sprinkle of cayenne, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. This makes it a whole meal all by itself. 

Top the hummus with sauteed mushrooms, a sprinkle of cumin, chopped parsley, and some sesame seeds for an earthy flavor profile. 

Sautee some spinach and garlic and add it on top of your hummus, then add some feta crumbles and a squeeze of lemon for some zest. 

How about a light sunshiney taste? Chop up some sun-dried tomatoes and basil and add to your hummus. Squeeze a lemon over the top for a bright taste. 


If you like hummus and a southwest flavor, try mixing half hummus and half black beans in the blender.

Add some spicy-ness by tossing in a jalapeno too and a ½ teaspoon of cumin.

Top it off with some whole black beans, pickled jalapenos, and lime wedges. Serve with tortilla chips instead of pitas.

Best Brands Of Refrigerated Hummus

This is a tricky question because everyone has their favorite and what you can get is dependent on what your local shop carries.

We will break it down so you can make an informed decision about some of the top hummus brands. 

Hope Hummus Original Recipe is a quality product that doesn’t have a lot of extra ingredients. This brand has a smooth texture and a good garlic flavor.

It is high in fiber and protein and does not have added sugar and very little added sodium. Look for it in the refrigerated section of your grocery store. 

Ithaca Hummus, in its many strong flavors, is a traditional Mediterranean hummus. The price may be a bit higher on this brand, but it is worth the quality for a well-crafted, close to homemade hummus. 

Cava traditional hummus is another strong contender. One of the health benefits of this brand is that it doesn’t include any additional oil beyond what is in the tahini. Cava has a robust citrusy flavor similar to Ithica’s but costs less.

Yorgo’s Hummus has a low sodium content and is high in fiber. The original flavor has only 5 organic whole food ingredients. 

Sabra Organic Hummus is a lower-cost dip that is widely available. It comes in a variety of flavors and with an assortment of toppings.

It has a milder flavor than some other brands, so it may be more appealing to the newer hummus eater or kids.

Sabra also has conveniently sized 2 oz packages for snacks on the go.

 SabraTrader Joe’sKirkland
Unrefrigerated2 hours2 hours2 hours
Refrigerated10 days3-8 days4-7 days
Frozen6 months6 months6 months
Unrefrigerated2 hours2 hours2 hours
Refrigerated8-10 days3-10 days4-7 days
Frozen4-6 months4-6 months4-6 months
After expiration date1 month past expiration date3 weeks past expiration date1 week past expiration date
Homemade Hummus

How Long Does Sabra Hummus Last After Opening?

There are a variety of store-bought hummus available, including Sabra, one of the most popular brand.

Sabra comes in different sizes, from family containers to personal packages.

If you don’t have time to make homemade hummus and purchase Sabra instead, it will last 8-10 days once the package is opened when refrigerated at 40° F or below. Make sure the container is sealed properly with a lid.

How Long Trader Joe’s Hummus Last In The Fridge?

Another popular brand, Trader Joe’s hummus comes with additional toppings and a “whipped” texture.

Like other store-bought hummus, Trader Joe’s will last 6-10 days once opened as long as it is refrigerated correctly. The container should also be sealed with a lid.

Shelf-Stable Hummus (Non-Refrigerated)

Perhaps you have a small refrigerator, or maybe you like to make hummus in your lunch.

It’s good to know that you can buy some brands of hummus that don’t need to be refrigerated until you open them. 

Lilly’s Classic hummus comes in 2oz shelf-stable containers. You can keep these to-go containers in your pantry and toss them in your lunch without worrying about them spoiling during the day.

They are also a great choice if you like to keep your pantry well-stocked but don’t have a lot of refrigerator space.

Shelf-Stable Hummus

Mediterra hummus is a snack pack with hummus and 4 breadsticks that is unrefrigerated until opening.

This larger serving of 3.5 ounces could replace a meal instead of being a side dish or snack.

Mediterra is made with 5 whole ingredients and no additional oils for a healthy option.

Wild Garden Hummus dip comes in a 10-ounce jar. It is shelf-stable at room temperature until it is opened.

Wild Garden also sells a snack pack that contains a 2-ounce pack of hummus and a back of pita chips. This doesn’t need to be refrigerated and makes a great portable snack.

Final Thoughts

According to the USDA, hummus can be out at room temperature for 2 hours, just like other perishable foods. You can keep store-bought hummus in the refrigerator for 7-10 days after opening it.

If you have never opened the hummus, check on the expiration date. Your hummus should be ok for a day or two past the expiration date. Be sure to check it for signs of being spoiled before you eat it.

Since the homemade variety doesn’t have any preservatives, you should watch it for signs of spoilage before eating it. 

If you are transporting or serving hummus for more than a couple of hours, serve it over a bowl of ice, or add an ice pack to your lunch box. 

Finally, look for brands of hummus that are shelf-stable before opening. Many companies offer portable unrefrigerated snack-sized packages to make adding this healthy and delicious snack easy to add to your diet.

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