How Long Does Beyond Meat Really Last? (Expiration Signs & Storage Tips)

Beyond Burgers are amongst some of the most popular meat alternative patties on the market. Their versatility and likeness to meat combined with being vegan make them a welcome staple to any kitchen.

They are a favorite in my house but I often have some leftovers when buying them. So when I stored them, the first question that came to mind was, how long do they actually last in the fridge? 

Beyond Burgers should be used within 3 days after opening.  If purchased frozen and unopened, they should be used within 10 days of thawing in the fridge. 

How Long Beyond Burgers Last In The Fridge Opened

As stated above, the burgers should be used within 3 days after opening the package and with constant storage in the fridge.

This is aligned with the directions Beyond has on their website regarding the Burgers. 

How Long Beyond Burgers Last In The Fridge Unopened

Beyond Burgers are mainly sold frozen and are recommended to be frozen when storing.

Once the unopened container is moved to the fridge, the shelf life on the product is 10 days. After 10 days they should not be consumed.

How Long Beyond Meat Lasts After Cooking

It is best to consume any cooked Beyond Burgers within 3 days after cooking once they are cooled down and stored in the fridge.

Most fresh prepared foods have this shelf life due to the risk of bacteria growing in the food. It is best to abide by 3 days in order to avoid food borne illness.

Do Beyond Burgers Expire? 

Beyond Burgers do have a “use by” date based on the way they are sold. If sold in the fridge, the “use by” date will reflect the shorter shelf life, typically 10 days.

If sold in the freezer it is best to go by this date as well. The product can expire and could become unsafe to eat after the “use by” date.

How To Tell If Beyond Burgers Have Gone Bad

It is very important when choosing to eat any food that you know signs of spoilage in order to prevent food borne illness.

Another indicator will be the color. The color should be that bright pink, similar to when you purchased it in the store.

If the meat starts to turn gray or brown then it is time to throw it away. The burger should also be soft, not hard or crusty.

If the burger is dried out, chalky or crusty and moldy it should not be consumed. 

Homemade burgers with beef, cheese, tomatoes, cucumber and salad on cutting board.

How To Best Store Beyond Burgers

Beyond Burgers are meant to be frozen until use.

This recommendation comes directly from Beyond Meat and they state the reason is to protect flavor, freshness and shelf life of the product until you receive them.

Most Beyond Burgers will come frozen in freezer friendly packaging. 

How To Store Beyond Burgers In The Fridge

If you do open the Burgers, chances are that you will need to store them in the fridge once you use what is needed.

It is best to store Beyond Burgers in an airtight container after opening them and up until their expiration.

This will preserve their freshness, color and taste until you use them next. 

What Happens If You Eat Expired Beyond Burgers

Consuming expired Beyond Burgers can lead to the risk of getting foodborne illness. This is due to the product being made up of rice protein, pea protein and other ingredients.

This mixed with moisture will eventually become a habitable place for bacteria to not only grow but thrive in. 

Consuming Beyond Burgers after expiration on packaging or after suggested shelf life once opened can lead to food poisoning and is not recommended. 

Signs of Food Poisoning After Eating Expired Beyond Burgers

If you do mistakenly eat an expired Beyond Burger, there are certain signs to look out for.

If you experience the following it is best to seek medical care:

1.Upset stomach

Can You Refreeze Beyond Burgers?

Beyond specifically states that their uncooked product should not be refrozen.

When you freeze food you are expanding the water inside of its cells, which causes them to burst. Thawing and refreezing adds to this. 

Refreezing of the product will affect the texture first. It will be unpleasant to eat.

Additionally, the taste and color will not be appealing when you go to consume.

It is best to only thaw out what you need when deciding to have Beyond Burgers.

You Can Freeze Beyond Burgers After Cooking

Like traditional beef patties, if cooked and cooled correctly Beyond Burgers can be refrozen.

While this may not lead to the best taste or texture on the product when reheating, it will allow you to get extended shelf life on the Burgers if you have cooked too many and want to save them for future use. 

Containers To Freeze Cooked Beyond Burgers In 

There are many containers to use when storing cooked Beyond Burgers. First up will be freezer safe bags.

These bags are air tight and will keep your Burgers fresh and secure in the freezer. They also offer easy portioning when freezing the Burgers. 

Freezer safe Tupperware is ideal for a large batch of cooked products.

These air tight containers offer space yet also the protection needed in your freezer when storing the Burgers.

Plastic wrap and Foil are also choices but the bags or Tupperware should be used first due to their airtight storage. 

How To Thaw Beyond Burgers

The best way to thaw out Beyond Burgers is to place the frozen patties in the fridge in order to let thaw out.

Additionally, you could run the packaging under cold water until thawed, but no more than 2 hours.

It is not recommended to microwave Beyond Burgers, per their website. 

Never allow Beyond Burgers to thaw by just leaving out at room temperature. This method is unsafe and can lead to food borne illness.

Always thaw in the fridge or under cold running water. 

What Beyond Burgers Are Made Of

The Beyond Burger website shares some of the following ingredients in the patties: water, pea protein, expeller-pressed canola oil, dried yeast, cocoa butter, salt, beet juice and apple extract.

A full list of ingredients can be found here.

How Beyond Burgers Are Made

Beyond Burgers are made by combining the ingredients mentioned above and then applying heat.

Once this product is cooked it is then cooled down and pressure is added to create the Burger Shape. It is a fairly simple process. 

How To Cook Beyond Burgers

In order to cook Beyond Burgers you want to treat them as traditional beef patties. The biggest difference between the two is that the plant based burger will cook faster than a beef burger.

Additionally, the Beyond Burger itself will not have the option of being cooked to specific temperatures such as rare to well done.

It must be cooked thoroughly. 

To cook the Burgers, set a pan or grill to medium high heat.

Once heated, set the Burgers on the pan/grill and cook for 4 minutes on each side, in which the product should be 165F.

Do not cook past this temperature or let them get to crispy. 

What Should A Cooked Beyond Burger Look Like? 

A properly cooked Beyond Burger may have a red or pink center or edge. This is due to the natural coloring of the product.

The top and bottom of the burger should be nicely seared and the Burger should be juicy once cooked.

Ensuring the product is cooked to 165F will yield the best results. 

Temperature Beyond Burgers Should Be Cooked To

As stated before, Beyond Burgers need to be cooked to 165F. This is due to multiple reasons.

This allows the burger to be consumed safely, as it is technically reheating the product in a sense.

When reheating any food it needs to be brought to 165F.

Additionally, this temperature allows the burger to be cooked fully and give the appeal of an actual animal protein burger.

Ensure the Beyond Burger stays within 165-170 degrees for the best result.

How Long Do Beyond Meatballs And Sausage Last?

It is important to know that the same shelf life for Beyond Burgers is relative to the meatball and sausage crumble products they make.

It is best to store frozen. If thawed unopened in the fridge they should be used within 10 days and 3 days after opening.

Final Thoughts

Beyond Burgers have gained popularity due to their likeness to actual animal protein and the versatility they offer.

There are many great ways to utilize them similar to an actual beef burger, and it is this flexibility that makes them a must have for the home cook. 

It is important to remember when purchasing these burgers that they must remain frozen when purchased to hold quality and flavor.

If you do set them in the fridge unopened, you must use them within 10 days. After opening, their shelf life drops to 3 days in the fridge. 

Cooking with Beyond Burgers is exciting and fun for anyone looking to introduce more plant based food into their diet.

With proper understanding on how to store them safely you are one step closer to enjoying this product with yourself, friends or family. 

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