How Much Do Tennis Lessons Cost?

Tennis is a fun, fast-paced sport. It requires excellent hand-eye coordination and a good bit of athleticism.

Sure, anyone can pick up a racquet and eventually hit the ball over the net. But to become skilled at the sport most people need lessons and instruction.

Lessons help you play correctly and perform well.

Tennis lessons cost between $20 and $140. Private lessons are the most expensive. In a group lesson, the price is divided between all the players, so it’s more affordable. Beginner level classes are usually between $20 and $50, while skilled players work with tennis pros at $50 or more per class.

How Much Are Tennis Lessons?

On average, most tennis lessons usually cost between $40 and $75 for one hour of private instruction. Small group lessons are cheaper per player because each person shares some of the burden. Still, some lessons are much more expensive and may cost well over $100 each depending on the instructor. 

There are many factors that may impact the cost of tennis lessons, including where you live, the lesson’s duration, and the instructor’s skill level.

Tennis lesson

The student’s skill level also usually plays a role in the pricing. 

Lesson DurationAverage Price per Lesson
30-Minute Lesson$20 – $35
45-Minute Lesson$40 – $55
1-Hour Lesson$50 – $75

Let’s take a look at some of the other factors which can impact the price for tennis lessons.

Tennis Lessons Cost Factors

  • Geographic location: Where you live plays a big role in the going rate for tennis lessons. If you live in a place where there are many options for tennis instructors, then there will be more competition in the market. In that case, the prices may be more affordable compared to a place where there are only a couple of instructors available. 
  • Lesson duration: How long the lesson is also usually affects the price per class. Most tennis instructors offer 30-minute or 1-hour lessons. Some may offer 45-minute lessons. How long the class is will determine how much the instructor feels is a fair rate. 
  • Instructor’s skill level: Tennis players are rated based on their skill level. The instructor should be able to share their NTRP rating, whether they’re nationally certified, and if they’ve ever been ranked in the USTA. Keep in mind that if the instructor themself isn’t ranked above a certain level, they’d have a difficult time training a student to perform above that level. 
  • Instructor’s experience: Just because someone is a skilled tennis player doesn’t mean they’re a good instructor. How long the coach has been teaching tennis professionally, the ages of their students, and where they’ve taught tennis are all qualifying factors that could impact the rates they charge.  
  • Venue location: Tennis lessons take place in all sorts of locations. They could be held at a public park’s courts, a local school, or a country club. The location typically impacts the price based on whether or not the instructor has to pay to use the facility, or if it’s a for-profit establishment. Lessons at a local rec center or public courts may cost less than lessons at a country club or racquet club. 
  • Student’s age and skill level: For most lessons (whether sports, music, or arts), the more skilled the student becomes, the more expensive the instruction. Similarly, instruction for adults typically costs more than for kids. The reason is because older, more skilled students typically require more intensive instruction to increase their abilities. The lessons may get longer and they may require more advanced instructors to develop their skills further. 

How Much Do Private Tennis Lessons Cost?

Private tennis lessons are great to improve your skill level and make quick improvements.

People who are just starting out and experienced players alike can benefit from private instruction. 

Private tennis lessons cost anywhere from $50 to $120 or more per session. The actual cost depends on the instructor’s background and skill level, as well as their professional and teaching experience. The venue also makes a difference in most instructors’ rates. 

How Much Are Group Tennis Lessons?

Group tennis lessons cost, on average, $25 to $45 per player per lesson.

Group tennis lessons are typically much less expensive (per player) than private one-on-one lessons, even though the flat hourly rate may be higher. 

For example, a tennis center may charge $125 per hour for private lessons and $200 for a group lesson.

However, when you divide the cost up by the number of players, it’s actually much more affordable to take group lessons. 

So, a small group with four players would pay $50 per person for an hour of instruction versus $125 per person for one-on-one instruction. 

Still, the final price will ultimately depend on a whole host of factors like those we’ve already discussed.

How Much Does Tennis Equipment Cost?

To start playing tennis, you really only need a racquet and tennis balls. Usually, your tennis instructor will provide everything you need, but most people prefer to purchase their own racquet.

  • Beginning tennis lessons usually have racquets for students to try out until they get a feel for what they like. 

A beginner’s tennis racquet costs well under $100. You can find a small racquet for a child beginner for $30 or less. However, a more advanced racquet for an intermediate player or a higher quality beginner’s racquet may cost ove $100. 

For leisurely play or when you’re just starting out, there’s no need to purchase an expensive racquet.

There’s really no advantage or benefit to using a pricier racquet compared to a less expensive, basic piece of equipment.  

How Much Are Tennis Lessons for Kids?

Tennis lessons for kids typically cost $20 to $50 per class. In some cases, the lessons may be much more expensive if the instructor is in high demand or specializes in high intensity training. 

Lessons for kids are usually less expensive than adult classes. They’re also normally only 30 or 45-minutes, or they’re in a small group format.

These are all factors that often lower the price of the lesson compared to hour-long or private classes.

In addition, kids’ instructors aren’t usually the high level pros that you’ll get with lessons for more advanced youth or adults.  

Some tennis facilities specialize in lessons for small children and they offer them as packages or in a monthly pricing format.

That can help you save some money since a lot of places offer lower rates when you purchase multiple lessons at once. 

You may be able to find tennis clinics or group instruction in your community for as little as $10 to $15 per child.

These types of lessons often take place at a public park or other large facility with multiple courts.

Kids Tennis

The instructor will have the children practice with each other while they walk around and give pointers and coaching to the kids.

This is a cost effective way to get a child into a tennis lesson, but it doesn’t offer the same value as one-on-one instruction. 

Still, it’s a great way to introduce a child to tennis and teach them the very basics of the game. 

How Often Should You Have Tennis Lessons? 

Most people take lessons once per week. That’s a good start to develop a basic foundation for how to hold a racquet and hit the ball, and learn the rules of the game.

However, if you want to learn faster and develop your skill, you may want to play two or three times per week. 

Some people have one day of lessons or practice and one day of gameplay.

This is a good schedule for learning technique and then practicing what you’ve learned on the court against an opponent. 

If you want to develop your abilities faster, more practice time is always better. If you’re playing just for fun, then once per week is probably sufficient. 

Final Thoughts

Tennis lessons, like any other private instruction, can be quite expensive depending on where you live and who your instructor is.

Still, there’s a huge benefit to one-on-one coaching when it comes to developing proper technique and abilities. 

Plenty of people take tennis lessons in small group formats and do just fine. It works well when everyone in the class is on a similar skill level.

If one or more of the students are significantly better or worse than the others, it makes it difficult for the instructor to focus their attention evenly. 

Tennis is a great sport for kids and adults to learn because it develops hand-eye coordination and athletic abilities.

There is some strategy involved, and there’s enough movement around the court for it to be great cardio exercise.

You can play singles or doubles, which gives players some versatility in how they want to practice and play the game. 

Plus, tennis doesn’t require a lot of expensive equipment. You really only need to buy a racquet which doesn’t cost nearly as much as some other sports equipment.

So, you’ll be able to invest in the right instructor for you to get the most bang for your buck when choosing your lessons.

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