How Much Does it Cost to Take Surfing Lessons?

There are various factors involved in taking surfing lessons, including the costs, as well as the potential dangers of surfing.

Technically, you don’t need surfing lessons in order to surf, but if you want to start off on the right foot, you should seek a professional for help.

Lessons can be private, just one on one with your instructor’s full attention focused on you.

Some people prefer group lessons, as they can be taken with friends and family, and often for a cheaper price overall for those involved.

Generally speaking, the cost for beginners is $25-125 depending on the class type you take and how many classes you take. The cost varies because you can take one class with a group of people at $25 an hour, or a private class for multiple hours at $125.

The choice is up to you and how much you ultimately want to spend and what type of class you choose.

How Much Do Surfing Lessons Cost?

From children to adults, beginners to intermediate, and beyond, there are a wide variety of surfing classes to look into for learning how to surf.

There are even group lessons, in which a group of people all learn collectively the various maneuvers.

Some people prefer private instruction, which often comes at a higher price.

What you need to understand is that the range varies from $25 to $125 per lesson, but there are several factors involved.

Group sessions are generally cheaper than private ones, so people often go in on surfing lessons as a group for both the “fun together” factor as well as the cost of the lesson.


Some lessons are only an hour-long, while others are up to three.

So you could be paying $25 for a group session that’s one hour long or $125 for a private session that’s almost three hours long.

That’s not to say there aren’t three-hour-long private sessions at a cheaper price, but a 1.5 hour-long surfing session in Florida for an adult at the beginner’s level is $120.

If you go in a group of 2-4 people, you are charged $80 each instead, so save $40 and bring a friend or two!


The cost of surfing lessons is also dependent on skill level; are you taking a beginner’s course or one intended for a seasoned expert?

The expert class is usually learning fancy tricks and suffering larger waves, while the beginner class is the very intro for newcomers.

You can expect to pay upwards of $139 for surfing lessons with an expert surfer as your private instructor!

If you’re looking to get the advice of a professional for all the tips and tricks of surfing, it will definitely come at a price.

Location, Location, Location

It also depends on how many classes you buy and where the lessons are taking place; chances are good that you’ll get fewer people wanting lessons in the northern states than you will in the southern states.

If you buy more than one class, most instructors offer deals that add up to mean savings for you.

Group Surf Lesson CostFamily Surf Lesson CostPrivate Surf Lesson Cost
British Columbia, Canada90 CAD392 CAD183 CAD
Nova Scotia, Canada70 CAD280 CAD93 CAD
New Hampshire$60$240$70
Rhode Island$50$225$78
New York$86$355$125
New Jersey$70$280$96
North Carolina$69$266$85
South Carolina$45$186$66
All Costs Are in USD for the United States & CAD for Canada. Average Family Surf Lesson Costs are Based on 4 Participants.

Cost of Children’s Lessons and How Many are Needed?

Childrens’ surfing lessons are usually around $40 for a two-hour session.

During the summer season and in vacation locations, the price of surfing lessons for children can be as high as $70 per child for a two-hour lesson, so two children taking two lessons would be $280.

A child surfing

How many lessons are needed is dependent on your child’s skill level; most surf camps and tutors find that after two or three hour-long sessions, your child can ride a wave with the assistance of an adult, and in some cases, on their own!

Even if they can’t hold the stance for very long, the goal of the instructor is to get the client on a good stance with the board while on water; that in of itself is a success among beginner surfers.

How Many Lessons are Needed Before You Are a Surfing Expert?

That’s too generalized a question; people learn their skill level of surfing at different levels.

One person can catch on to surfing with just a beginner’s course and a few intermediate classes, while it may take others a few beginners’ courses and intermediate surfing lesson courses before really getting a grasp on surfing techniques.

You should expect to spend anywhere from fifty to sixty hours of practice on a surfboard before you feel comfortable just standing and maintaining a stance on the board while on the water.

So how many lessons you need depends on your current physique, natural ability to learn, and determination (and patience, for that matter).

Can You Learn How to Surf in One Lesson? 

It’s not impossible, but not probable unless you are a very fit person to begin with; you have to earn the muscles of surfers, but it’s easier if you already work out regularly and eat well.

You can learn the key concepts of surfing in one lesson, but that doesn’t mean you are surfing well or at all with your first lesson.

A lot of the beginning of surfing is developing the core strength required to stand on a surfboard on open water.

Your first lessons are going to involve water safety tips, as well as basic surfboard care and instruction.

Even if you were a very fit person that picks up skills easily, that doesn’t mean you can really learn all the tricks behind surfing in one sitting.

If you’re trying to teach yourself based on instructional videos or text, you might be ahead of the curve for having done the research but you still need to gain the technique.

What is the Minimum Age You Can Attend Surfing Lessons?

There are some surfing camps that encourage young surfers as little as five years of age, as there seems to be some natural ability at that age that allows them to innately get the hang of surfing.

Group surfing

So depending on where you are searching for lessons, you can pretty much find some form of surfing lessons for even the younger member of your family.

Are There Any Dangers to Surfing?

Some people may not realize that there are multiple dangers involved in surfing, and it’s not just the cliche fear of sharks that poses a threat to a surfer.

The rocky areas around beaches and reefs pose a danger to the sensitive skin of human surfers, so you need to be aware of your surroundings and where you are surfing.

The unpredictable weather and ever-changing environmental factors are serious issues to consider before going surfing.

What is the Biggest Surfing Danger?

In all seriousness, it’s a surfer’s ego. You can’t look at a big wave and think, “ I can take that,” while really your body isn’t ready to take that.

Many surfers are dragged under waves and never come back up due to the current. It’s important to choose your surfing locations wisely, and be on the lookout for lifeguard towers!

Nothing better than that in the event of an emergency, someone can be there to help you.

Final Considerations

Take into consideration several factors before you go searching for surfing lessons. Where are you going?

What is your skill level? How many people may be with you in this adventure?

Don’t forget to get an accurate account of your surroundings in order to stay safe, and be sure to choose a professional when going out surfing for the first time.

You can probably get away with teaching yourself to surf, but you’ll save yourself a lot of time and trial and error if you hire a professional to advise and teach you.

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