How To Move Without A Car [5 Ways]

Did you know that behind death and divorce, moving is the third largest stressor that you will experience in your life? How about the fact that over your lifetime, you will likely move over 11 times?

When you consider that the average person only lives for 79 years, that means you get to experience this taxing activity approximately every seven years of your life. For those folks who live in big cities like San Francisco, Chicago or Boston where public transportation is king, this can make this venture even more difficult. Thus, how does someone move without a car in their possession? 

The easiest way to move without a car is to rent a Pod or cube to transport your belongings. This method gives you door-to-door service, you don’t have to conduct the actual transport and there are multiple cube lengths available to accommodate your home size.

For those folks who are in a hurry, you can also pay an extra charge to expedite the delivery. Conversely, if you need some additional time to unpack, these companies also have storage options! 

Top Moving Considerations

Before determining your best method of execution, there are a few factors to take into consideration in order to achieve a smooth, affordable and somewhat painless move. First, where are you moving? Is it down the street, across the state or on the other side of the country? Next, how much do you have to move? There is a big difference in moving a one bedroom apartment versus a two story home. 

Third, do you have people who care about you that live nearby? If the answer is no, then that is quite unfortunate. However, if you have ample resources and are moving within the city, then utilize them! Finally, is this move on a time clock or do you have time to spread it out this project?

Once you answer all these questions, you can determine the moving resources that are best suited for your specific move and the accommodations that you will need. 

Top 5 Ways To Move Without A Car

#1 – Rent A Vehicle

This option can work for a move of any distance and size. If you are moving closeby, this is also an extremely affordable choice as there is no relocation fee. Moreover, many companies do have the option to pay a flat rate for the day. This can come in handy if you live in a big city where the back and forth commute can add up quickly.

However, for a long distance move, be prepared to pay by the mile for gas. There can also be an additional charge for returning the equipment to a different location.

Lastly, in recent times, many companies will let you “reserve” a truck, but it is not guaranteed. This can lead to a few last minute hiccups if the truck suddenly becomes unavailable. Nevertheless, if you can get the vehicle of your choosing, renting transportation gives you the latitude to pick the exact size of truck that you need to move your belongings. 

#2 – Hire A Moving Service

This option is also perfect for any home transition, especially for those who need to move without a car! Unfortunately though, moving services can be very expensive, so depending on the distance and number of belongings you have, it might behoove you to look into other alternatives. 

Playing the devil’s advocate though — you get what you pay for, and in this instance, you will pay a lot, but it will get the stress of moving, moved off of your plate! There is something to say about this convenience. For those individuals with young children, pets and/or demanding schedules, it is worth spending a little extra money to remove the hassle. 

Remember that when looking for a moving company, you want someone reputable. They are about to be in charge of watching your belongings throughout transport so want someone that you can trust! Look for companies with good reviews and recommendations as well as the appropriate licenses.Hire a Moving Service

#3 – Rent A Cube Or A Pod

This option is tailored for long distance moves! While this can work for any size household, those people moving from a small apartment will get the best bang for their buck! The only caveat is that you need to be good at the game of Tetris! 

You will have a small, metal storage container delivered directly to your home. Next, you will find a way to strategically fit everything into the allotted space. Then, the last step is that they come and pick up this steel crate, throw it on an eighteen wheeler and it will be conveniently taken to your final destination. This may be the perfect method for the person who is trying to move without a car or a license, but is also wanting to keep costs somewhat low!

Things to note — It can take up to two weeks to ship one of these containers so make sure to keep a suitcase packed with your essentials handy! Alternatively, for those individuals needing their stuff delivered quickly, you can pay an additional fee to have the cube or pod expedited. 

Moreover, take extra care when bubble wrapping and using furniture blankets when utilizing this transport method. Many items tend to not handle the small space and the two week long period of pressure very well. Thus, cushioning can help. 

#4 – Call Friends And Family

Short distance moves are a fantastic time to reach out to friends and family for assistance! This can allow you to work on your own time. It also ensures that your possessions don’t incur any damage throughout the transition. 

Not only that, but if you want to save money on the big move to your new home, this is a spectacular choice! The only issue with this method is that it will take multiple trips to get everything settled. 

#5 – Ship By Bus

Greyhound Lines were founded over 100 years ago, helping people transport across the country on a budget. Did you know that they can also transport your moving boxes to your new home? If your boxes weigh less than 100 pounds a piece and their dimensions are 30-inches x 47-inches x 82-inches or less, you are good to go!

The only issues are that they will not move furniture and it can become a bit pricey for big loads. However, there are smaller companies that can give discounted rates! If you are vacating a dorm or furnished apartment, this is a fantastic moving choice for you!

One last note is that you do have to find a way to get the boxes to the bus. If you are trying to move without a car, this can cause a little issue. Thankfully, if you do not have too many boxes, using a ride share is a simple way to remedy this problem. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If I Don’t Have Help Available To Move Big Items, Do I Have To Hire A Moving Service?

Most big-name moving services can cost an arm and a leg. This is because they supply all the moving supplies, pack up your belongings and then load and unload the truck for you. 

Thankfully, there is also a multitude of small private companies that employ college students who will just help you load the rental truck or pod! While this is an added cost, it is usually a by-the-hour rate which is a lot more budget-friendly!

This is a fantastic service for single moms who don’t have assistance but also want to avoid breaking the bank. Just Google moving services in your area to find the best rates available to you!

How Can I Make My Move Without A Car Easier?

One of the joys of moving is that it forces you to go through your belongings. This gives you the opportunity to purge your home of the things that you no longer use or need! 

It is always best to go through everything a few weeks before the move. That will give you the time to sell or dispose of unwanted items, saving you the headache of moving them later. This will also downsize the transport that you will need to rent, in turn, saving you money!

If I Am Borrowing A Friend’s Car Or Truck, Dow Do I Get everything To fit In As Few Loads As Possible?

The best practice for optimizing space is to pack your items in malleable containers. In other words, utilize trash bags, reusable bags and duffle suitcases! This will allow you to take advantage of nooks and crannies throughout the vehicle.

Final Thoughts — How To Move Without A Car

The average household has approximately 6,500 pounds worth of belongings. That is insane! It is no wonder moving is such a stressful event! Don’t let not having a vehicle add to your anxiety. Instead, find the option that is best suited for you and your family’s needs.

Also, remember that accidents happen and problems are likely to arise at some point in your move. Always invest in insurance to ensure that you are covered in case one of these unfortunate events occurs.

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