How To Shorten Window Blinds That Are Too Long [Easily]

Most types of traditional blinds have a standardized size, which often suits the size of regular types of windows. However, in some cases, a homeowner would need to purchase a larger blind and shorten it. For example, I recently need a blind measuring 27″ x 50″. If you are looking for 24″ wide you can find a 50″ high. However, if you are looking for 27″ wide, the shorts you could find is 64″ high. 

The best way to shorten window blinds is by taking out the cap from the bottom rail. Undoing the nut, moving the bottom rail to the desired height, cutting the excess wire, retie the nut, and put back the plastic plug. 

Thankfully, there are methods you can use to shorten the length of your blinds, making them fit any type of window even if they’re too large. If you’re having issues like this, stay with us until the end of this piece and follow the steps we provide you with.

What You’ll Need

One of the best things about shortening window blinds is that you don’t need a lot of tools to make things work as you intend to. You’ll only need to get a relatively lengthy measuring tape, and make sure you have access to a wide table.

If you don’t have a large table, you’ll have to work on the floor, which can be uncomfortable if you take too long adjusting the length of the blinds.

Don’t worry about any razors or blades. If you own a traditional set of blinds, you won’t need to cut anything to fix their size. We’ll be guiding you through the steps of detaching each individual slide and reattaching everything back together. Yes, it’s that simple.

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In this article, we’ll be focusing on how to shorten the height of window blinds. We strongly suggest you purchase a set of blinds that matches the length of your window. Fixing the length of window blinds is extremely annoying! We’ll also tell you how to do it, but we suggest you follow our advice before moving on.

Shortening Standard Window Blinds

Step 1

Take the measuring tape and measure the size of your windows. Do not measure the blinds! The first thing you’ll need to do is get the right window size before you do anything else. Make sure to measure the height as well as their length.

Most likely you’ll have to fix the length rather than the height of the blinds.

Keep in mind that if you find out that you need to shorten the blinds’ length, there’s a chance you might end up needing to cut the slides. We’ll go into further details later, but we strongly suggest you purchase a set of blinds that match the length of your window – shortening their height is always going to be much easier.

Step 2

Place your blinds on a flat surface (preferably on a table) and make them expand to the most of their capabilities. In this step, you’ll need to get the measuring tape once again and measure the length going from the support of the blinds all the way to the slide closer to the size of your windows. Mark it with a pen so you know which slide it is.

We recommend marking one or two slides below the actual length of your window. You might need the extra slide to make everything look right.

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Step 3

Detach the plugs located on the underside of the bottom rail. These are small plugs used to secure the blinds in place, but you’ll need to remove them before taking out the slides. Be sure not to throw them away! You’ll put them back on once the process of removing the excess slides is done. Handle them carefully and avoid damaging them.

Don’t put too much pressure on the plugs. They usually come off rather easily. If you’re having issues removing them, please refer to any instructions that may have been included with the blinds or use specialized tools to remove them.

Step 4

Untie the strings and pull the cord out of the slides. There’s usually a small knot used to secure the blinds; you’ll need to undo the knot and pull it upwards. Your objective is to free each slide from the cords, which will allow you to manipulate them freely and remove any excess slides.

Be sure to remove the bottom rail as well. This will also allow you to take off any slides without resistance from the blinds’ mechanism.

Step 5

Remove all the slides up until the one you marked with a pen. Keep them aligned and don’t throw away the excess slides – you can use them as spares in case the blinds get damaged at some point. Be sure to keep the cord and the railing near you as you’ll need to reattach everything after this step.

Step 6

Reattach the cord and the bottom railing. Remember to put everything back in its right place or the blinds’ mechanism could be permanently damaged. Try it out a couple of times, once everything’s reattached, to make sure you’ve done the job as intended.

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You’ll have to tie a knot at the end of the string to make sure everything stays in place after you put the blinds on the window. Once you’ve checked everything, hang the blinds in your desired spot. Make sure the length is right, and if everything works as intended, the process is all but done.

How to Shorten Mini Blinds Length

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Not every type of blind can be manually adjusted, but most blinds with traditional mechanism can be fixed by follow these simple steps we’ve provided you with. If you own a set of cordless blinds, it’s highly likely that you’ll be unable to adjust them.

Roll-up blinds are often pre-tensioned, which makes the process of adjusting them quite different and not possible to do at home, unless you’re an expert.

Follow all the steps as we told you and the length of your blinds should be fixed in a matter of minutes. The entire process usually takes around half an hour to perform.

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