10 Immersion Blender Substitutes [Best Replacements]

Have you ever wondered what to use if you don’t have an immersion blender? I definitely have.

Many times I have come across a recipe that tells me to use an immersion blender but it is a kitchen tool I just don’t have. 

But guess what? You don’t actually need an immersion blender at all! And you definitely shouldn’t run out and buy one just because that soup recipe told you to. 

There are plenty of immersion blender substitutes that will perfectly blend, chop and puree your foods. 

The best immersion blender substitute is a countertop blender. Countertop blenders have sharp, chopping blades that work just like an immersion blender. A stand mixer can work in place of an immersion blender to make smooth batters. Try a chopper bowl for a perfect handheld substitute for an immersion blender. 

Immersion Blender Substitutes

1. Stand Blender – Best Immersion Blender Substitute for Soup

A countertop blender may be the most efficient tool to replace an immersion blender.

Countertop blenders have sharp, chopping blades just like an immersion blender. They are perfect for making smoothies, pureeing soups or blending up batters. 

The biggest difference between using an immersion blender and a countertop blender is that you have to pour your soup into your blender.

You may need to work in several batches if you are pureeing a lot of soup. This can be messy but it is a good way to make a smooth soup!

There are lots of different types of countertop blenders in all different price ranges.

Find one that is best for your cooking needs! Chances are, you may already have a countertop blender on hand! 

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2. Food Processor

A food processor is another small kitchen appliance with multiple blades and high powdered chopping ability.

It can chop hard cheese, blend sauce or make creamy soups. If you need an immersion blender substitute, food processors will work well!

Scoop your soup into your food processor and pulse until the soup is the consistency you’d like.

Food Processor

You may need to ladle the soup into the food processor in batches. They can be much smaller than a regular blender and not as portable as an immersion blender. 

3. Electric Whisk

Whip up your soup using an electric whisk. Electric whisks plugin just like immersion blenders. When turned on, the whisk will quickly spin and whip anything it is placed in. 

The tines of an electric whisk are not as sharp as the blades of an immersion blender. It may not make your soups and stews as creamy as an immersion blender.

However, it will break up a lot of the tender, cooked veggies in your soup, making much smaller pieces. 

An electric whisk works as an immersion blender substitute for mixing batters, whipping salad dressing, or making whipped cream. It is another multi-purpose kitchen tool. 

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4. Stand Mixer – Best Stick Blender Substitute for Batters

A powerful stand mixer is an essential kitchen tool in my opinion. They can blend batters with ease, make whipped cream in seconds and even knead bread dough.

A stand mixer can definitely take the place of an immersion blender. 

Add the ingredients for your batter into the bowl of your stand mixer. Use a paddle attachment or whisk attachment to blend your batter together perfectly. 

Stand mixers are larger than immersion blenders so this is something to consider when using this substitute.

They are not very portable either and can be a little bulky. However, you will find yourself using it quite often! 

5. Hand Whisk

Can I use a whisk instead of an immersion blender? Sure! It is a simple kitchen tool that many of us already have on hand. 

Hand whisks are perfect for making batters. Start by whisking the dry ingredients together with your hand whisk.

Add the wet ingredients and whisk well. Your batter should be perfectly smooth. 

If you are just making a quick pancake batter, your hand won’t get too tired from whisking! 

6. Electric Hand Mixer

Electric hand mixers are very similar to stand mixers but a whole lot smaller. They are great for people who don’t have too much kitchen space.

They also work perfectly as an immersion blender substitute. 

Plug in your electric hand mixer and attach the metal whips. Turn the mixer on low speed, increasing it slowly until your batter is smooth. 

You can also use an electric hand mixer to blend guacamole, salsa, mashed potatoes or even to chop up a soup. So can I use a hand mixer instead of an immersion blender? Absolutely! 

7. Mortar and Pestle – Great Immersion Blender Replacement for Sauces and Salsas

A mortar and pestle is a tried and true way to mash ingredients together.

It doesn’t require electricity or any fancy equipment. All you need is the stone bowl and masher!

Mortar and Pestle

Add the ingredients for your salsa or guacamole to the bowl. Start with the thicker, less watery ingredients first.

Slowly mash them with the pestle until you reach your desired consistency. 

The only downside to the mortar and pestle is that they can be small. Work in batches or invest in a big mortar and pestle if you want to make sauce and salsa frequently. 

8. Potato Masher

A potato masher is another simple kitchen tool that is not too high tech but super useful.

Use a potato masher to mix up your salsa quickly. A potato masher is just as great as an immersion blender! 

Add all of your sauce ingredients to a large bowl. Use the potato masher to smash everything in the bowl together. Press down hard to really blend the ingredients well. 

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9. Salad Chopper Bowl

A salad chopper bowl is a genius tool that works wonderfully as an immersion blender replacement.

I just discovered this awesome kitchen tool recently and I was instantly hooked. It works so well!

A salad chopper bowl is essentially a large bowl and a curved hand chopper.

The chopper blade looks a lot like a bench scraper but the blades are curved to the same angle as the bowl. 

Add your ingredients to the bowl and then rock the chopper back and forth, up and down, inside the bowl. 

Your ingredients will chop quite quickly, giving you perfect salsa, guacamole and sauce. No electricity or batteries needed here! It is almost like a DIY immersion blender!

10. Sharp Knife

Why rely on an electric kitchen tool to do your chopping when you can just use a sharp knife and cutting board? Sometimes the old fashioned way is the best way!

Chop your solid ingredients into finely minced pieces.

Add them to a bowl and then mix the chopped ingredients with the liquids in your recipe. Add your seasonings and then enjoy! 

What is an Immersion Blender?

An immersion blender is also called a stick blender or handheld blender.

It is a long, straight electric tool that has a sharp blade on the end. The blade spins and purees foods right in a container or bowl. 

Immersion blenders are nice because they are small and compact making them easy to store.

They can also blend thick foods that wouldn’t pour easily into a countertop blender.

You can blend chunky soups into smooth purees without ever needing to take the soup out of the pot. 

Immersion Blender Uses

There are quite a few ways to use an immersion blender so it is a tool you will likely see often in recipes. Here are just a few of the most common uses for an immersion blender:

  • Puree soups
  • Make smoothies
  • Mix batters
  • Make guacamole and salsas (This blender salsa from The Recipe Critic is fantastic!)
  • Blend tomato sauce
  • Making Salad dressing
  • Whip up some whipped cream

Immersion Blender Substitute for Soup

Blending soup with an immersion blender is a very easy way to make a big pot of soup perfectly smooth.

Cook the soup in a huge batch then puree it with an immersion blender without ever needing to move the soup out of the pot. 

You can still make creamy, smooth soup without an immersion blender.

Stick Blender Substitute for Batters

You may often see pancake batter or waffle batter mixed with an immersion blender. They do really make batters smooth and lump free!

Immersion Blender Replacement for Sauces and Salsas

Using an immersion blender is a fantastic way to quickly chop ingredients for sauces and soups.

Don’t worry though, you can make all of these great things without an immersion blender. All you need is a good stick blender substitute! And I have quite a few…

Best Immersion Blender On The Market

If you do decide to buy an immersion blender, you will find that there are quite a few on the market.

If you really want a good immersion blender, Walmart has them, Target has them or you can check these models out online. 

  1. Vitamix Immersion Blender – A super powerful stick blender that is very highly rated. Vitamix is a very well known brand so you can feel good about grabbing this blender. 
  2. Mueller Ultra Stick Immersion Blender – This is a great discount option with a solid rating. It comes with three different attachments so you can perfectly mix everything! 
  3. Cuisinart Cordless SmartStick – I love this cordless immersion blender. You don’t have to worry about finding a plug or the wire falling into your soup! It is super portable and very powerful. 

Final Considerations

Immersion blenders can be pretty useful. However, they are not what I consider to be an essential kitchen tool.

There are so many other ways to blend, mash and puree foods without an immersion blender. 

All of these stick blender substitutes will work great! Now you know exactly what to use if your don’t have an immersion blender. Problem solved! 


Easy Blender Guacamole

Yield: 4 Servings
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

I absolutely love guacamole. Blending guacamole with an immersion blender makes it so creamy and smooth- you won’t be able to resist! 


  • 3 ripe avocados
  • 1 lime, juiced
  • 1 tsp kosher salt
  • ½ onion, peeled
  • 3 Tbsp fresh cilantro
  • 1 roma tomato
  • 1 garlic clove
  • ¼ tsp ground black pepper


  1. Add all of the ingredients to a large bowl. 
  2. Use an immersion blender to mash and puree all of the ingredients together. 
  3. Once the guacamole is to your preferred texture (chunky or smooth), enjoy right away!
Nutrition Information:
Yield: 4 Serving Size: 1
Amount Per Serving:Calories: 253Total Fat: 22gSaturated Fat: 3gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 18gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 327mgCarbohydrates: 16gFiber: 11gSugar: 2gProtein: 3g

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