Is Aldi Cheaper than Walmart (Food & Non-Food Items)

Anyone looking to save money on their grocery bill likely thinks about where to get the best deals. Aldi and Walmart are both known for being low-price leaders, but how do you know which one has the best prices? In this article, we’ll discuss whether Aldi is cheaper than Walmart. 

Aldi is cheaper than Walmart on most grocery staples. Their private-label products are typically less expensive than Walmart’s private-label items, but the margin is quite small. There are a few items that may be cheaper at Walmart, but overall Aldi does have the better prices in most categories. 

Aldi vs. Walmart Price Comparison Summary 

To compare the pricing at Walmart and Aldi, we looked at how much it costs for some of the most common staples people buy. Here’s a quick comparison of how the two retailers stacked up. 

Bananas $0.48/lb. $0.51/lb. 
Canned Cannellini Beans$0.61$0.68
Milk (Gallon)$2.89$2.87
Chicken Breast $3.79/lb. $4.08/lb.
Chicken Thighs$2.42/lb$3.05/lb. 
Ground Turkey$4.25/lb. $4.82/lb. 
Ground Beef$2.99/lb.$4.83/lb.
Aldi vs. Walmart Food Prices

So, as you can see, for many staple items you can save by shopping at Aldi. However, Walmart does have the lower price on certain items like bacon and milk. Still, the difference is often minimal in either case, so it might come down to preference or convenience. 

It’s important to remember that the exact prices may vary depending on your geographic location and the exact items you purchase during your shopping trip. 

The sample prices we used for this comparison were collected at various Aldi and Walmart locations around the country so we could get a good average for what to expect. 

Since Aldi mostly sells private label products, we compared those brands to Walmart’s private label items in the same size whenever possible (normally Great Value or Equate brand). If no private label brand item was offered, the comparison may have been made using the cheapest national brand item available. 

Aldi vs. Walmart – Meat Prices 

Shopping at Aldi can save you quite a bit on your grocery bill when you buy meat. Of all the categories we compared, meat prices were some of the biggest differences between the two retailers. 

Of course, if you don’t normally eat a lot of meat, it may not be worth it to you to comparison shop at Aldi. However, for families that do purchase products like chicken, ground beef, and pork chops, buying from Aldi could save you up to 12%!

Let’s take a look at some of the sample prices for popular meat products at Aldi and Walmart. 

Sample Meat Prices: Aldi vs. Walmart 

Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast (Family Pack)$2.09/lb. $2.79/lb.
80/20 Ground Beef$3.99/lb.$4.76/lb. 
Boneless Pork Chops (Center Cut)$4.19/lb.$5.24/lb
Sliced Honey Ham (16 oz.)$3.49$4.78
Beef Chuck Roast$6.59$6.47
Hot Dogs$1.19$1.18
Fresh Tilapia$5.79/lb. $6.91/lb. 

Of these meat items, Aldi has the lower price on all except for two. Beef chuck roast was $0.12 cents cheaper per pound at Walmart, and the hot dogs were less expensive as well (but only by a penny!). 

Still, some of the differences are pretty significant. For example, boneless/skinless chicken breast is $0.70 cheaper per pound at Aldi, which can add up if you’re buying several pounds of chicken each week. 

There may be some meat items that you won’t find at Aldi, which may mean you have to shop elsewhere. For example, if you’re looking for a whole chicken you may not find it at Aldi, so you’ll have to pay the $1.25 per pound price at Walmart for that item. 

So, if you’re looking for product mix and variety, you may have to sacrifice some of that for the lower prices that Aldi offers. Similarly, Aldi probably won’t have as much quantity in-stock as Walmart, since they don’t do the same volume of business. 

That means there may be times when certain meat products are not in stock at Aldi, but you would be able to find them at Walmart. That’s another consideration you may want to think about when you plan your shopping trip. 

Aldi vs. Walmart – Produce Prices 

Aldi and Walmart have more comparable pricing on produce items compared to meat products and some of the other categories. However, there’s still a slight advantage for Aldi which may save you about 4% on produce items compared to Walmart. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most common produce items you’ll find at Aldi and Walmart and how they compare to one another when it comes to your grocery bill. 

Sample Produce Prices: Aldi vs. Walmart

Potatoes (10 lb. bag)$4.69$5.27
Grape Tomatoes$1.89$1.97
Apples (3 lb. bag, green)$3.39$2.85
Yellow Onions (3 lbs.)$2.19$2.28
Green Onions (bunch)$0.86$0.88

When it comes to fruits and veggies, Aldi beats Walmart for most of the staple items we reviewed. Still, there are a couple of exceptions. For example, a 3 pound bag of Granny Smith apples will cost a little over $0.50 more at Aldi compared to Walmart, and broccoli is nearly $0.70 cents cheaper at Walmart. 

So while Aldi does have Walmart beat for many produce items, they aren’t necessarily the cheapest 100% of the time. And like we mentioned with meat products, the variety and selection at Aldi may be limited compared to a retail giant like Walmart. 

Aldi vs. Walmart – Prices for Dry Grocery Items

The bulk of a grocery shopping trip is normally dry grocery and pantry items, so your cost for those products can add up fast. Of all the categories we reviewed, this was one where Walmart did have the advantage over Aldi on a handful of items. 

In many cases, the items were priced the same (or only different by a few pennies). Even so, you can still save around 5% on these dry grocery items by purchasing from Aldi versus Walmart. 

Sample Dry Grocery Item Prices: Aldi vs. Walmart

Canned Corn$0.54$0.54
Canned Diced Tomatoes$0.72$0.72
Dry Penne Pasta (1 lb.)$0.92$0.92
Cream of Chicken Soup (1 can)$0.58$0.58
Bag of Rice (per ounce)$0.73$0.73
Chunk Light Tuna (1 can)$0.77$0.78
Ranch Dressing $1.45$1.48
Black Beans (1 can)$0.71$0.72
Chicken Broth (32 oz. carton)$1.29$1.33
Peanut Butter (40 oz. jar)$3.49$3.76
Mild Salsa (24 oz. jar)$1.55$1.98
Ketchup (38 oz. bottle)$1.49$1.53
Mustard (20 oz. bottle)$0.99$1.00
Mayonnaise (30 oz. jar)$2.45$2.48
Jar Pasta Sauce (per ounce)$0.05$0.06
All-Purpose Flour$1.15$1.18
Plain Potato Chips (8 oz. bag)$1.35$1.23

With the prices being so close on most of these items, it wouldn’t make sense for most people to make a special trip to Aldi if you were already shopping at Walmart. However, if you were planning to purchase these items along with meats and produce, you could potentially save quite a bit by going with Aldi. 

Aldi vs. Walmart – Dairy Prices 

Milk, eggs, cheese, and butter are also staple items for most households. Like dry grocery, a lot of the items we compared are very close in price no matter if you shop at Aldi or Walmart. However, Aldi did beat Walmart for the lower price on every item even if it was only by a few cents. 

By purchasing your dairy products at Aldi, you could save 10-15% compared to purchasing those same items at Walmart. Depending on how much dairy your family consumes in a week, that could add up to quite a bit of money over the course of several months or a year. 

Sample Dairy Prices: Aldi vs. Walmart

Butter $2.99$3.58
Gallon of Milk$3.15$3.16
One Dozen Eggs$2.30$2.90
8 oz. Block Cheese$1.85$1.86
Sour Cream (16 oz. cup)$1.59$1.96
Lactose-Free Milk$3.09$3.24
Greek Yogurt (32 oz. container)$3.39$3.47

Aldi vs. Walmart – Beverage Prices

When it comes to beverage options, Aldi and Walmart each have some product categories where they offer cheaper options than the other. 

For juices, water, and other non-soda beverages, Walmart typically offers a lower price point. For national brand soda items, however, Aldi was found to have better prices for 12-pack cans. On the other hand, Walmart offered 2-liter Coke products and Gatorade multipacks cheaper than Aldi. 

Sample Beverage Prices: Aldi vs. Walmart

Aldi Walmart
Capri Sun Juice Pouches$2.05$1.98
Gatorade (8-pack bottles)$2.05$1.98
Cranberry Juice (64 oz. bottle)$1.95$1.83
Coca-Cola (2-liter)$2.05$1.82
Coca-Cola (12-pack cans)$5.85$5.95
Bolthouse Smoothie (20 oz. bottle)$2.11$3.53

Aldi vs. Walmart – Frozen Food Prices

Like many of the other perishable products sold at both Aldi and Walmart, Aldi has the pricing advantage on a lot of frozen food items. In some cases, the difference is pretty significant, especially if you buy those items on a regular basis. 

Sample Frozen Food Prices: Aldi vs. Walmart 

Ice Cream (48 oz. carton)$1.85$3.98
Frozen Corn (12 oz.)$0.47$1.00
Thin Crust Pizza$2.19$2.80
Brussels Sprouts (12 oz.)$1.15$1.27
Cooked Shrimp$4.59$5.60
Waffles (each waffle)$0.12$0.13
Steam-in-Bag Peas (12 oz.)$0.84$0.77

If you take a walk down the frozen food aisle at Aldi, you’ll find plenty of bargains. They have lower prices than Walmart on most of the items we reviewed, with the exception of a few frozen veggies. 

However, like the other products we’ve discussed, you will find a smaller selection at Aldi and less variety in the frozen food section compared to Walmart. 

Another issue is that Aldi may not carry all the items you’re looking for, especially if you’re hoping to buy a specific brand of frozen food item. For example, your favorite frozen pizza might not be one that Aldi carries, so you may have to go to Walmart for the item. 

However, if you’re not picky and are just shopping for generic frozen items, buying them at Aldi can help you save some money. 

Aldi vs. Walmart – Nonfood Items 

We’ve determined that Aldi has a lot of low price items when it comes to your grocery list, but what about nonfood items that you might otherwise buy at Walmart? 

When it comes to nonfood items like paper products, diapers, and HBC items, Walmart and Aldi are pretty evenly matched. When there is a difference, it’s normally only just a few cents. Still, Aldi just barely has Walmart beat on these products, too. 

Diapers (per diaper)$0.11$0.11
Trash Bags (per bag)$0.11$0.12
Dish Soap$1.69$1.98
Crest Whitening Toothpaste (5.4 oz.)$3.29$2.42
Cotton Swabs (500 count)$1.75$1.98
Suave Men’s 2 in 1 (28 oz.)$4.35$3.54
Secret Invisible Solid Antiperspirant (2.6 oz.)$3.29$2.97
500 mg ES Acetaminophen Caplets (100 count)$2.15$1.72
Ultra Thin Pads (36 count)$3.95$4.07
Nonfood and Personal Care Items: Aldi vs. Walmart Sample Prices 

Aldi mainly sells grocery items, so their selection of nonfood and personal care (HBC) items is typically limited, especially compared to a large retail store like Walmart. Because of this, the selection and brand choices available will normally be much smaller at Aldi. 

When it comes to prices, Walmart and Aldi each have some areas where they offer better deals. For national brand items, Walmart normally has the better price. For example, on Suave Men’s 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner or the Secret Antiperspirant, you’ll save quite a bit by shopping at Walmart. 

However, for private label products, Aldi normally has Walmart beat. So, if you can find an item that you like in one of their limited offerings, you’ll be able to save some money by purchasing these products at Aldi. 

Aldi vs. Walmart – Services and Policies Comparison 

In addition to the final total on your grocery bill, there’s something to be said about the services each retailer provides and their store policies. 

These can impact shoppers by adding conveniences (or inconveniences) to their grocery trip, so knowing how the two retailers stack up in these categories helps you to make an informed decision before you head out to fill up your cart. 

ShippingShipping is not availableFree shipping on orders over $35
Curbside PickupAvailable for a fee Free same-day curbside pickup is available
DeliveryAvailable through Instacart for a fee, or available through Aldi’s website for a feeFree delivery on orders over $35 (next-day or two-day delivery). Same-day delivery available for a fee
Returns“Twice As Nice Guarantee” provides a replacement item and refund (exclusions apply)90-day return policy (exclusions and restrictions apply)
Loyalty ProgramNo loyalty program availableWalmart Plus – $12.95 per month or $98 per year for various perks and discounts 

FAQs – Aldi and Walmart

Which is Cheaper, Aldi or Walmart? 

Aldi offers slightly lower prices on many items, but most of the products you’d buy in a shopping trip are comparable from one retailer to the other. That means the price difference would be minimal. 

Still, the money you can save on meat and produce can make the trip to Aldi worth it. But, if you prefer to buy national brands, you won’t find many of those at Aldi and you’d be better off heading to Walmart. 

Can You Save Money Shopping at Aldi? 

Most savvy shoppers agree that you can save money shopping at Aldi. If you normally buy national brand items, you can save a lot by switching to Aldi’s private label brands. In some cases, you could cut your grocery bill by up to 40% by switching to Aldi. 

If you already buy store brand products, shopping at Aldi can still save you about 20% compared to other grocery retailers. 

If you normally shop at Walmart, the cost savings may be less drastic, but many items at Aldi are still cheaper. You can definitely save some money by shopping at Aldi.  

Does Aldi Accept Coupons? 

Aldi does not accept coupons, so if you have a valuable manufacturer’s coupon you’ll have to take it to Walmart or another retailer. 

Does Walmart Accept Coupons? 

Walmart does accept manufacturer coupons for items they sell. Using coupons is a great way to save money on your grocery bill and can help make Walmart’s low prices even lower. 

Which Items are Cheaper at Aldi? 

Aldi is a better choice for lower prices on perishables like meat and produce as well as some pantry staples like bread, salad dressings, and pastas. 

Which Items are Cheaper at Walmart?

Some soda items, HBC/personal care items, and national brand products are normally cheaper at Walmart. In many cases, the price difference between Walmart and Aldi is just a few cents. 

The Bottom Line

If you’re comparing prices alone, Aldi has Walmart beat on many products and categories. Still, the difference in cost is often very small and may only be a few cents. It could be worth it to shop at Aldi depending on what you buy. However, there are some situations where it may be better to shop at one store over the other. 

Aldi might be your best option if: 

  • You’re just buying meat and produce
  • You shop for a lot of pantry staples
  • You don’t care about brand names and variety
  • You plan on shopping at more than one store
  • You don’t use coupons

Walmart could be better for you if: 

  • You like to buy name brand items
  • You buy a lot of chips, snacks, and sodas
  • You like to buy items in bulk
  • You like to buy all your items in one stop
  • You like to have a lot of options 
  • You want to use coupons

Ultimately the retailer you should shop at depends on your preferences and shopping habits. If it’s important to you to have a large selection of items and do one-stop shopping, Aldi may not be your best choice. 

However, if you’re looking for rock-bottom prices, Aldi should definitely be on your list of stops to pick up items for the best deals. 

No matter where you shop, it’s a good idea to look up sale ads and special deals ahead of time to plan your stops. Make a list and stick to it so you don’t buy things you don’t need. 

It’s also helpful to comparison shop. If you buy certain items all the time, it would help if you found out which retailer consistently sells those items at a lower price point.