Is Kroger Cheaper Than Walmart? (Detailed Comparision)

Buying groceries feels more expensive than ever, so finding the best deals is important to many families. Kroger and Walmart are both big names in the grocery industry, and each have its own claims to fame. But which one is cheaper? 

Kroger is cheaper on sale items, and you’ll find better quality products compared to Walmart. However, Walmart beats Kroger on some item categories like frozen food and drinks. The margins are very small, however, meaning it really comes down to preferences and shopping habits to save the most money.  

Kroger vs. Walmart Price Comparison Summary

To see how the prices compare at Kroger and Walmart, we compiled some of the most common items people buy during their shopping trips. These are for store-brand or private label grocery items (unless otherwise noted). These are also regular priced items that are not on sale. 

Gallon Milk$2.19$2.48
Bananas (per pound)$0.49$0.40
Dozen Eggs$1.39$1.54
Butter (16 oz.)$3.29$2.98
Apples (per pound)$1.29$1.28
Ground Beef (per pound)$3.94$4.49
Tyson Chicken Breast (per pound)$3.49$3.37
Peanut Butter (28 oz.)$2.39$2.00
Pasta Sauce$0.88$1.49
White Bread$0.88$1.25
Flour (5 lbs.)$1.79$1.18

So as you can see, Walmart typically has the lower price point across many of these staple items. However, there are a couple that Kroger wins on. 

For example, buying a gallon of milk is cheaper at Kroger, and ground beef is less expensive compared to Walmart. 

In some cases the difference is so small that it’s negligible. For example, apples are only $.01 more expensive at Kroger. In cases like those, the best buy often comes down to your personal preference. 

It’s important to remember that these prices are samples and the exact cost may vary for you depending on where you live. The time of year that you shop and the exact items that you buy may also impact how much things cost during your grocery trip. 

Kroger vs. Walmart: Grocery Staples 

The Verdict: Nearly a tie (Kroger wins, but barely!) 

24-Kraft American Singles$4.69$3.97
Whole Milk (1-Gallon)$2.89$2.73
8-pk Yoplait Yogurt (6 oz. containers)$4.49$4.38
Dozen Eggs $1.39$1.54
Nature’s Own 100% WW Bread$3.29$2.87
Bananas (3-lbs.)$1.47$1.62
Broccoli (1-lb.)$2.29$1.48
Gala Apples (5-lb. bag)$6.95$5.85
Red Grapes (1-lb.)$0.99$1.72
Peaches (1-lb.)$1.99$1.78
Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast (1 lb.)$1.99$4.63
4-lb. Ground Beef$15.99$15.92

For this category, Kroger beats Walmart but only by $0.07.

It’s important to note that Kroger does offer great sales on items across the store, but those aren’t the normal everyday prices. That means the prices can vary from week to week as the ad changes. 

Walmart typically offers the same everyday low prices no matter when you shop. So, while Kroger had better prices in this comparison, it could change slightly to Walmart’s favor if the prices were collected during a different week. 

Still, based on Walmart’s reputation for being a low-price leader, you may be surprised to see how closely the costs for these products stack up. 

Kroger vs. Walmart: Dry Grocery Items 

Dry grocery items typically make up a big portion of the shopping trip. These can also be some of the most expensive items. Let’s see how Kroger compares to Walmart for these non-perishable items. 

Skippy Peanut Butter (48 oz.)$5.42$6.89
Dry Pasta (16 oz.) Private Label$1.00$0.82
Hunt’s Tomato Sauce (29 oz. can)$1.99$1.64
Heinz Ketchup (38 oz. bottle)$2.99$2.88
Mayonnaise (30 oz. jar) Private Label$2.99$1.94
Quaker Instant Oatmeal (40 ct.)$8.33$9.76
Oatmeal (42 oz.) Private Label$2.85$2.46
Rice (2 lb. bag) Private Label$1.08$1.28
Cheerios (10.8 oz. box($2.49$2.98
Hamburger Dill Chips (32 oz.)$2.65$1.94
Chunk Light Tuna in Water (12 oz.)$1.90$2.22

For this comparison group, Kroger again had the cheaper total. Still, it only came out to a difference of $1.12. By purchasing different brands or sizes of items, the pricing difference could easily swing in the other direction. 

We’d say Kroger and Walmart are pretty evenly matched so far on these items. 

Kroger vs. Walmart: Frozen Foods

We found a bigger price variation in the frozen foods section than for the other categories we’ve discussed so far. Since buying frozen foods can help save you money compared to fresh, this is an important item group to consider. 

Let’s see how Kroger compares to Walmart in the frozen section. 

Frozen Chicken Breast (3-lbs.)$7.99$7.14
Frozen Hash Browns (Shredded)$1.67$2.58
Totino’s Pizza Rolls (50-count)$3.99$3.22
Eggo Waffle (10-ct.)$1.99$2.48
Bird’s Eye Steamfresh Veggies $1.33$1.00
Frozen Berries (16 oz.)$4.49$2.18
Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches (8 ct.)$10.98$9.88
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream $3.50$4.38

When it comes to frozen foods, Walmart beat Kroger by just over $3 for these items. While the margin is still fairly small compared to the grocery bill overall, it’s still a significant savings. 

On more of the name-brand items, Walmart offers a slightly lower price point compared to Kroger. However, when these items go on sale at Kroger, you would likely find they’re the same or cheaper than buying them at Walmart. 

Kroger vs. Walmart: Beverage Prices 

Whether you’re looking at soda or juice, the prices for beverages at Walmart are mostly cheaper than what you’d find at Kroger. That doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be able to get a better deal on drinks at Kroger while those items are on sale. 

Still, when it comes to everyday low prices, Walmart has them beat across most products in this category. Let’s look at some sample items to see how the dollars stack up. 

Bolthouse Farms Smoothie (20 oz.) $2.30$3.53
Capri Sun (10-pack)$2.29$1.98
Gatorade (8-pack)$5.99$5.48
Cranberry Juice (64 oz.)$1.99$1.83
Coca-Cola (2-liter)$2.19$1.82
Coca-Cola (12-pack cans)$5.99$5.18
Pepsi (12-pack cans)$5.99$4.98
Tropicana OJ (1-gallon)$7.39$6.98

In this case we can see that Walmart is cheaper by $2.35 for these items. That might seem like a small amount, but it’s just a snapshot of the potential savings. 

If you purchased even more items and calculated the savings over the course of several weeks and months, it would have a much more significant impact. 

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Kroger vs. Walmart: Personal Care Item Prices 

Personal care or HBC items include things like soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, and other toiletries. Let’s see how these products compare at Kroger and Walmart. 

Sensodyne Toothpaste$5.99$5.72
Crest 3D White Toothpaste (2-pk.)$7.81$6.92
Secret Invisible Solid Deodorant (2-pk.)$5.80$5.80
Tampax Pearl Regular Tampons (50-ct.)$9.99$9.27
Private Label Ultra Thin Pads (36-ct.)$4.38$4.07
Private Label Cotton Swabs (500 ct.)$1.99$1.98
Dial Gold Antibacterial Soap (2 bars)$1.24$0.97
Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Shampoo$2.50$2.82
Men’s Suave 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner (28 oz.)$4.49$3.54

When it comes to personal care items, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Walmart has Kroger beat. Low-price model retailers typically sell these nonfoods at lower price points compared to traditional grocery retailers. 

Still, it’s worthwhile to note that the difference is still small overall. There’s only a $3.10 advantage for Walmart, which isn’t a whole lot compared to the average grocery bill. 

But if you’re shopping at Walmart anyway, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up your toiletries and other HBC items while you’re there and save a few bucks.  

Kroger vs. Walmart: Household Essentials (Non-Foods)

Most people need to buy a lot more than just meat, cereal, and produce when they go grocery shopping. If your list includes things like paper products, cleaning supplies, trash bags, and so on, you’ll want to find the best deals for those, too. 

If you guessed that Walmart might have the edge when it comes to the prices for these products, you’re absolutely right. This was one of the few categories where there was a significant price difference between the two retailers. 

Let’s take a look at some sample items to find out where those price differences come from. 

Private Label Tall Kitchen Drawstring Bags (40 ct.)$5.49$4.87
Glad Forceflex Plus Odor Shield 13-gal. Bags (40 ct.)$8.49$8.25
Angel Soft Toilet Paper (18 Mega Rolls)$16.73$13.98
Puff Plus Lotion Tissues (6-boxes)$8.99$8.88
Bounce Dryer Sheets (240-ct.)$9.99$6.92
Reynolds Wrap HD Aluminum Foil (150 sq. ft.)$10.95$10.48
Vanity Fair Everyday Napkins (660-ct.)$13.09$10.82

For all the things you may need for your home, Walmart was cheaper by almost $10 for these sample items. And that’s just for a small selection of products. If you consider buying all the different things you may need in addition to these, the price variance might end up being much larger. 

In fact, the savings may be anywhere from 10% to 15% for items in this category. So, these are definitely the kinds of products you may want to consider purchasing at Walmart rather than Kroger, especially if you’re already making a trip to the store. 

Kroger vs. Walmart: Pet Care Products 

You can’t forget about your furry friends when you go grocery shopping. They need supplies, too! So, let’s see how the cost for all your pet essentials compare at these two retailers. 

Purina ONE Natural Adult Dog Food (16.5 lb.)$19.60$19.60
Tidy Cats Litter (40 lb.)$21.48$16.73
Cesar Classics Wet Dog Food (24 count)$20.79$20.42
Lumabone Dental Chew (Medium Size)$10.95$8.99

Just like with home care products, pet supplies are much cheaper at Walmart than Kroger. For just these few sample items, we can see that it’s over $7 more to buy the same products at Kroger versus Walmart. 

Most people can save around 20% on pet supplies by making their purchases at Walmart. Those are significant savings, especially when you add them up over the course of several shopping trips. 

The Bottom Line

Both Kroger and Walmart have categories that provide lower prices than the other. Surprisingly, Kroger is less expensive when it comes to many grocery essentials. For fresh produce, meats, dairy, and pantry items, you’ll likely be able to find a good deal at Kroger. 

However, there are some categories where Walmart is the clear winner. Beverages, household essentials like paper products and trash bags, and pet supplies are all much cheaper at Walmart than at Kroger. 

The best way to save money is to plan your shopping trip and stop by both retailers to pick up the items with the best prices. If you’re not willing to do that, you can still save by shopping the sale items and looking for the best deals. 

At the end of the day, the money you save won’t be enough to make a huge difference in your lifestyle. That’s because both retailers offer great deals on certain items. For many categories, the difference is only a few dollars or even a few cents. You’ll make the biggest impact by only buying what you need, using coupons when you can, and shopping the store’s specials for the best prices.