Kenmore Refrigerator Sizes? (With Model Numbers)

If you’ve ever shopped for refrigerators, you undoubtedly have heard of the Kenmore brand, as it is one of the most trusted on the market today. However, it can be frustrating to figure out the size of a refrigerator when you don’t have the model number or other pertinent information.

Even if you are set on a new Kenmore refrigerator, it’s wise to understand the various sizes and specific model numbers to be ready for your purchase. For example, the Kenmore refrigerator model 253 is 18 cubic feet, which is smaller than the model 106.

Before diving into the various Kenmore refrigerator sizes and model numbers, let’s start with how you can find the size of your current refrigerator.

How Do I Find out the Size of My Kenmore Refrigerator?

While most Kenmore refrigerators are between 10 and 35 cubic feet, it’s a good idea to understand specific dimensions to ensure you have the correct amount of space.

However, some older models do not have the cubic feet displayed, so you will need to take additional steps to find the appropriate size.

When determining whether a refrigerator will fit in the kitchen, it’s vital to consider how much space it will take up when the doors are opened.

Here are the top ways to determine the size of your Kenmore refrigerator:

1. Use the Model Number to Determine the Size

You can find your Kenmore refrigerator’s dimensions on the inside label, which is sometimes the easiest way to determine the size of your fridge. All model numbers have a three-digit prefix before an additional number of digits.

First, find the model number of your Kenmore refrigerator and look at the last two digits to determine the cubic feet. For example, if you have a KYU17 model, you have a 17 cubic feet refrigerator.

This YouTube can help you find the model number on the inside of your refrigerator,

2. Use General Knowledge

Most companies have standard sizes for refrigerators, and with that knowledge, you can figure out the correct size. Knowing the usual fridge styles, you can determine the cubic feet by calculating the dimensions.

Here are the average dimensions for the most popular styles.

  • Bottom or Top-Mount Fridge – 29″ W x 65-67″ H x 31″ D
  • Side-by-Side Fridge – 35” W x 67-71” H x 30” D
  • French Door Fridge – 35″ W x 68″ H x 29″ D

Remember, these are not exact measurements so you will get an estimated answer.

However, if you have difficulty figuring out the dimensions, you can always look online to find the accurate size. For example, if you search for the model number of your Kenmore refrigerator, you will usually find your appliance’s size.

Remember, not everything you read online is accurate, so it’s best to double-check at least two sources when attempting to identify the size of your Kenmore refrigerator. You can also research forums and other message boards to find pertinent information for your model.

If you can’t find the information you are looking for, you can ask a question in an appropriate forum to help determine the size of your Kenmore refrigerator.

4. Measure the Dimensions by Hand

In addition, you can measure your refrigerator’s height, width, and depth and then multiply them to determine the volume. All you need to measure the dimensions is a measuring tape.

To perform the calculations, you want to multiply the three measurements and divide the answer by 1728 to change the value to cubic feet.

How Do I Find the Kenmore Refrigerator Model Number

It’s essential to know your Kenmore refrigerator model number to help determine the size of your fridge. But how do you find the model number? There are several ways to determine the model number, including:

1. Look at the Warranty Card

All Kenmore refrigerator warranty cards have the model number printed on them. Your warranty card was included in the initial purchase of your refrigerator, and your receipt may also have the model number if the sales representative wrote it down for you.

If you cannot find your warranty card but did register your Kenmore refrigerator, you should have details in your email from when you initially registered.

2. Check Your Refrigerator

If you can’t find your warranty card or initial receipt, you do have options for obtaining the model number. For example, open your fridge door and look for the inside label. While sometimes you may have two labels, look for the one with a serial number.

3. Look Online

If you know what year you purchased your Kenmore refrigerator, you can usually do a quick online search and find the appropriate model number. However, we will now look at several popular Kenmore refrigerator models and their sizes.

Size of the Kenmore Refrigerator Model 253

The Kenmore refrigerator model 253 is 18 cubic feet with an exact model number of 253.67879505 and serial number BA71107539.

The Kenmore refrigerator model 253 has measurements 36 inches wide by 33 inches deep and 69 inches tall. This model Kenmore is one of the most common types of refrigerators you’ll find in homes, so there is a good chance it’s in yours.

Size of the Kenmore Refrigerator Model 106

The Kenmore refrigerator model 106 is larger than the model 253, measuring about 20.6 cubic feet. The side-by-side refrigerator has built-in water and ice dispensers with reverse osmosis treatment.

In addition, you’ll find several glass shelves and temperature-controlled drawers for storage on the fridge portion, while the freezer side offers baskets and mesh bins for storage.

You’ll find a crisper drawer in the fridge to keep vegetables fresh and a built-in controller to ensure the humidity levels stay ideal.

The Kenmore refrigerator model 106 has an optimal temperature of 0°F for the freezer and 32°F for the fridge portion.

Size of the Kenmore Refrigerator Model 970

The Kenmore refrigerator model 970 measures just under 24 cubic feet, with 17.6 belonging to the fridge portion. The model 970 has an interior sticker that mentions the fridge’s size, making it convenient to locate.

In addition, the Kenmore refrigerator model 970 has a large top freezer with extensive storage. Despite its top features, it comes at an affordable price, making it an excellent option for a home kitchen.

Size of the Kenmore Refrigerator Model 596

The Kenmore refrigerator model 596 measures roughly 25 cubic feet, making it one of the larger models of fridges. You’ll find a pull-out bottom freezer drawer with French doors on top.

You can determine the manufacturing date of the Kenmore refrigerator model 596 through its model number, which is 596.89522015. If you look at the last part of the model number, you’ll read 2015, the manufacture date.

Size of the Kenmore Refrigerator Model 363

The Kenmore refrigerator model 363 measures 21 cubic feet and offers several features making it energy efficient and environmentally friendly. In addition, you’ll find the Kenmore refrigerator model 363 portable with unique features, including a built-in ice maker.

Size of the Kenmore Refrigerator Model 795

The Kenmore refrigerator model 795 boasts just over 22 cubic feet of capacity. The bottom-freezer design has plenty of storage and comes in several colors, including bisque, white, and black.

In addition, the Kenmore refrigerator model 795 is affordable and has excellent cooling performance. The only downside of the model is likely the hinged freezer instead of a pull-out drawer. However, the hinged freezer makes the model affordable, as drawer versions will cost a few hundred more.

Size of the Kenmore Elite Refrigerator

The Kenmore Elite refrigerator measures about 30.6 cubic feet and is similar to the model 596 listed above. You’ll also appreciate the colors you can find the Elite fridge in, including bisque, black, and white.

In addition, the Kenmore Elite refrigerator has French refrigerator doors with a pull-out drawer freezer. You can also find the Kenmore Elite with an extra beverage drawer.

How to Find the Age of Your Kenmore Refrigerator

If you’ve recently purchased a new home, you likely wonder how old the refrigerator is to determine when it might need replacing. In addition, it’s always a good idea to know the age of your Kenmore refrigerator if a problem arises and you are unsure whether it can be fixed or needs replacement.

There are several ways to determine the age of your Kenmore refrigerator, including:

1. Check the Serial Number

Your Kenmore refrigerator’s serial number is found on the inside label, where you’ll also see the model number and manufacturer. Some fridges have the manufacture date printed alongside the serial number, but not always.

However, once you obtain the serial number, you can research more information online about your fridge. Serial numbers contain two letters, followed by six digits, with the first two letters referencing the manufacture month and year.

2. Contact Your Manufacturer

Sometimes, it’s not easy to tell the age of a refrigerator, so it’s best to contact the manufacturer directly. So, for example, you can email or call Kenmore, and they can assist in finding the manufacturing date of your refrigerator.

While most Kenmore refrigerators last about eight years, it’s a good idea to know the exact age when determining how to approach a problem. For example, if your fridge is at the 8–10-year mark, you may be on the fence about whether you should replace your refrigerator or attempt to fix the issue.

How To Pick The Right-Sized Refrigerator

When deciding which sized Kenmore refrigerator to choose, there are several options to consider. First, a refrigerator is a significant purchase, so you should understand the top qualities to keep in mind.

Here’s a look at how to pick the right refrigerator for your needs.

1. Refrigerator Size

We’ve covered the sizes of various Kenmore refrigerators because it’s vital to know if they will fit in your kitchen. Not only do you want to ensure the size is adequate, but you also want to know whether the interior will hold your food.

In addition, ensure you can open the fridge doors without banging on the kitchen counter or cabinets.

If you do not have much space, you will likely opt for a narrow refrigerator with fewer cubic feet. However, a small refrigerator wouldn’t look right if you have a large kitchen.

2. Refrigerator Features

There are many features refrigerators have these days, including television screens, but it doesn’t mean you need them. So while you likely want basic features, like water and ice dispensers, you need to weigh other features you want.

Remember, the higher-tech the refrigerator, the higher the price tag. However, you want to look at the following Kenmore refrigerator features to see if they are worth it to you.

  • Temperature-controlled pantry drawers for food items like seafood, snacks, and produce.
  • Slide-away shelves for taller items like cakes or wine bottles.
  • GenuisCoolTM technology ensures the refrigerator and freezer properly maintain ideal temperatures to avoid spoiling food.
  • Ice and filtered water dispensers with easy access
  • PreView Grab-N-Go allows you to preview and access your favorite food items.
  • Kenmore SmartFridges can be accessed from your smartphone

3. Functionality

The functionality of your refrigerator plays a considerable part in your decision process. It would be best to consider what purpose it will serve and how much space you desire. Refrigerators come in several different styles, including:

  • Side-by-Side
  • French Door
  • Bottom Drawer Freezers
  • Top Freezer

Knowing which functionality will work best in your space is best to ensure you choose the appropriate refrigerator.

When Should I Replace My Kenmore Refrigerator?

An old Kenmore refrigerator will start to show wear over time, regardless of how well you care for it. However, you’ll want to check your warranty for coverage if you notice issues within the first year of owning the fridge.

Here are the top signs your refrigerator requires maintenance or replacement.

1. Excessive Condensation

If you notice your Kenmore refrigerator starts to appear sweaty, it probably isn’t cooling efficiently. In addition, if the sealing around the refrigerator door has tears or is open, you’ll want to replace it.

While determining the problem, you’ll want to ensure your food has not spoiled. If fixing the rubber sealing does resolve the extra condensation, you can contact a professional for future advice before replacing the refrigerator.

2. Your Food is Going Bad

One of the tell-tale signs of a refrigerator on the fritz is finding spoiled food. As long as your fridge is at the appropriate temperature, there is no reason why your food should go bad before its expiration.

You may also notice beverages are not staying cold, despite the length of time they spent in the fridge. Since it’s hard to determine what is causing the refrigerator not to say cool, it’s best to call a professional.

3. Your Refrigerator Motor is Extra-Hot

If you notice the back of your refrigerator produces excessive heat, there is an issue with your fridge. You’ll want to contact a technician to investigate the matter further, which may be solved with a replacement of coils.

It is not normal to feel excessive heat from your fridge, as there is insulation around the coils to prevent this problem.

4. Your Electrical Bill is Higher Than Normal

If your refrigerator is having issues running and is less inefficient, you will notice a difference in your electrical bill. However, if you replace your refrigerator, it’s best to go with an Energy Star fridge, which will be gentler on your wallet.

Not only are newer fridges more efficient, but they also are environmentally friendly, making them an excellent choice to look at while shopping.

5. Food Has Excessive Icing

Another sign of an issue with your Kenmore refrigerator is if you find ice around your stored food. While you can defrost your refrigerator, if the problem persists, you will need to call a tech or replace the fridge.

You can attempt to defrost your refrigerator with a blow dryer or remove all items from the fridge, unplug the appliance, and leave the doors open until the interior is dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I know What Size Refrigerator to Get?

If you have a family of four, you should get a refrigerator of at least 24 cubic feet. For any additional people, you should add about five cubic feet. So, a family of five should aim for a refrigerator of around 30 cubic feet.

How Long Do Kenmore Refrigerators Last?

Generally, refrigerators last between 10 and 15 years; however, with proper maintenance, you can get 20 years out of a Kenmore refrigerator.


You can easily find the size of your Kenmore refrigerator by taking note of the model number. Hopefully, the information in this article has made finding both the size and model number easy.

 Remember, you can find pertinent information regarding your Kenmore refrigerator in several ways.

While refrigerators last about 10-15, with proper care, you can use your Kenmore refrigerator for up to 20 years.