36 Leftover Brisket Recipes [For Instant Pot & More]

Have no worries if you’ve found yourself in a sea of leftover brisket. There are plenty of recipes you can throw your brisket into and plenty of ways to revive it if it’s gone dry.

So, there’s no need for tossing it, especially since it’s been shown to be relatively healthy. Studies have shown that brisket has high levels of vitamin B12, as well as high levels of iron too. It is better to make the most of it and get creative!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Revive Leftover Brisket?

The best way to soften the meat up is to reheat it in some type of liquid or sauce. Whether it’s a small amount of broth, BBQ sauce, or gravy, integrating it into a soup will certainly have the same effect.

Should I Slice My Leftover Brisket Before or After Reheating?

Although either method will suffice, cutting it beforehand will make the reheating process a lot faster! I typically like slicing it beforehand because all of the slices can sit in the juices and stock while heating up.

Can You Eat Leftover Brisket Cold?

It is safe to eat it cold, but it isn’t ideal unless you have a slice that can slice it super thin. This is because it is generally tough meat; it is enjoyed better warm and juicy.

Final Considerations

Leftover brisket has proven itself to taste not only incredible the first time but also as leftovers too!

The fantastic news is that if you eat it the next day after you cook it, it actually tastes better since the flavors have had time to meld together.

Have no fear, if you’re not able to use it up the very next day after cooking it, you can still use it for up to 3-4 days after.

I love trying out new recipes that take advantage of my leftovers, and I hope you were able to find something on this list that inspired you.

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