34 Leftover Chili Recipes [Tex-Mex & More]

I like to make big pots of chili. I mean big, big pots. So big that I have leftovers for days. All those leftovers ensure my family eats well for days! 

I never get bored of eating leftover chili because there are tons of ways to reimagine chili, making it new and exciting at every meal time.

Leftover Chili Recipes

Here are a few of my favorite, creative uses for leftover chili. 

Do you have questions about leftover chili? Hopefully I can answer them for you here!

You can always leave your questions in the comments below and I will try to answer them ASAP. I want to help you use up that leftover chili as quickly as I can! 

Leftover chili offers a versatile base for numerous creative dishes. It can be used as a hearty filling for tacos or burritos, adding robust flavor and texture. Another option is to layer it in a casserole dish with cornbread batter on top for a delicious chili cornbread bake. For a quick and easy option, use leftover chili as a topping for baked potatoes or hot dogs, transforming them into a flavorful meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Eat Chili After 5 Days?

Yes! Chili will keep in the fridge for about 4-5 days. It should be completely safe and delicious after just 5 days in the fridge. Be sure to reheat it fully to get the best flavor.

Can You Freeze Leftover Chili?

Yes! You can freeze leftover chili. Place the chili in an airtight container and freeze for up to three months. Place it in the fridge to thaw overnight when you are ready to eat it. 

Is Chili Spicy?

Most chilis do have a good bit of spice. They may not necessarily be hot, but they will have a lot of herby flavors.

Some chili can be extremely hot, however. They are often made with lots of peppers and chili powders.

It all depends on your recipe! Look for a mild chili recipe or one that has a lot of heat depending on your tastes.

Final Considerations

I hope you give some of these delicious leftover chili recipes a try. There are so many great ways to liven up that chili in your fridge!

Let me know which ideas you like best. Enjoy! 

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