30 Leftover Fried Fish Recipes To Try Right Now

Did you have a big fish fry and overestimate how many guests would show up? Maybe you went out to a restaurant that served portions that were bigger than expected, and now you are wondering what to do with leftover fish and chips?

Whatever the reason you have leftover fried fish, you are obviously here because you want to know what recipes are there. You are in the right place!

Sure, you could just reheat it and make some fries to accompany it, but where is the fun there?

I rounded up a list of 30 amazing leftover fried fish recipes to use your leftovers and create a whole new crazy-delicious meal. Stay tuned for tips on reheating and storing your leftover fried fish when you reach the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat battered fish the next day?

Yes, you can absolutely eat battered fish the next day. If stored correctly, leftover battered fish can be as delicious as the first day.

 The best way to keep your battered fish is in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Make sure to remove any sauces on your fish, such as tarter and cocktail sauce. Leftover sauces on your fish could make your fish soggy.

How do I reheat fried fish?

You can reheat leftover fried fish in multiple ways. I recommend using an air fryer to reheat your leftover fried fish because it makes it crispy without adding more oil.

To reheat in the air fryer,  simply cook it for 6-7 minutes at 350F, turning halfway through. Alternatively, you can reheat your leftover fried fish in the microwave, oven, or on a skillet.

The microwave is the quickest option, but you sacrifice quality. Reheating your leftover fried fish in the oven is a great option, though it is a bit more time-consuming.

Cooking your leftover fried fish on the skillet provides the crispiness you get from the air fryer. Still, you need to add just a little oil to the pan, making it a less healthy option.

How long does leftover fried fish last in the refrigerator?

Leftover fried fish will last for 3-4 days in your refrigerator. However, this depends on the temperature of your refrigerator.

For example, if your refrigerator stays very cold, 4 days will likely be ok. If your refrigerator doesn’t last very cold, I will toss it after 3 days.

I highly recommend consuming your leftover fried fish the next day for the best quality.

Can I freeze leftover fried fish?

Yes, you can store your leftover fried fish in the freezer if you take some measures to prevent your fish from spoiling and ensure it doesn’t get freezer burnt.

First, make sure your leftover fried fish is completely cool before freezing. Next, place the fish in a shallow, airtight container to avoid freezer burn. Lastly, ensure the temperature of your freezer is at 0F or below to prevent your leftover fried fish from going bad.

You can safely store your leftover fried fish in the freezer for a month.

Final Considerations

We have come to an end of our recipe roundup of leftover fried fish recipes!! I hope you found this article helpful and found the perfect recipe to use up the rest of your leftover fried fish!

Maybe you even found some inspiration to create your own leftover fried fish recipe! Whichever you choose to do, don’t be afraid to have a little fun.

Just make sure you follow the safety protocols listed above when storing and reheating your fish.

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