36 Leftover Spaghetti Recipes [For Frittata & More]

One thing about making spaghetti is that sometimes you go a little overboard and make too much, which results in a massive container of leftover spaghetti. Sometimes I look at leftover noodles, sauce, or meatballs and wonder how I will use them.

Throwing food out is usually the last resort for me! I don’t like creating unnecessary waste.

Luckily, there are many unique ways to use leftover spaghetti and all the components that come along with it. Here is a recipe list I made to help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Do if My Leftover Spaghetti Is All Stuck Together?

Have no worries; it is salvageable! When heating it, add some butter or a couple of drizzles of olive oil to loosen up the noodles. When the pasta heats, it will unstick itself.

How Long Is Leftover Spaghetti Good For?

According to the USDA, you can use your leftovers with peace of mind for 3-5 days!

Lucky for you, spaghetti tastes just as amazing the second time because the flavors marry once it has sat for a day or two.

How Do I Properly Reheat Pasta That Doesn’t Have Sauce?

The most efficient way to do this would be to boil water like you are cooking noodles, but only submerge the leftover noodles in the water for about one minute to revive them!

Final Thoughts

As displayed, there are numerous ways to take advantage of your leftover pasta. Whether you just have meatballs and sauce leftover, plain pasta, or everything is mixed together, there are options for you!

My favorite recipes here are probably the spaghetti pie or the meatball calzone. But with the creativity these recipes give, it’s hard to choose just one. I hope that you have found some ideas to help you out so that you can utilize your leftovers efficiently and in a way that you enjoy!

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