37 Leftover White Rice Recipes [For Fritters & More]

White rice is a staple ingredient for every meal. It’s versatile, inexpensive, and easy to make, the only problem?

I often make too much of it. I found myself making a full pot of white rice for my family to only put a spoonful each onto their plates.

Luckily, white rice is one of the best leftovers to have in your fridge. I actually look forward to making it with dinner because I know I’ll have meals ready for the rest of the week!

The trick to making leftover white rice a godsent to your weekly meal planning is learning all of the creative ways to reuse it.

With a good stockpile of recipes, you will be ready to make a multitude of tasty meals that taste like they were cooked from scratch.

Here is the complete list of my favorite leftover white rice recipes. You’ll find that no matter the occasion, white rice always comes in handy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Properly Consume Leftover White Rice?

Unfortunately, leftover rice has a notorious reputation for causing food poisoning. While this is important to mind, it does not mean you should not eat leftover rice.

The key to safely consuming leftover rice is to make sure it is stored correctly. When stored properly, leftover white rice is safe to eat for up to 4-6 days.

How To Store White Rice?

To safely store cooked white rice, transfer it to an airtight container and place it in the fridge.

Make sure your refrigerator maintains a constant temperature of approximately 35°F.

Can You Freeze Leftover White Rice?

If you realize you made too much white rice, you can easily freeze it! To freeze white rice, transfer the rice into freezer-safe bags. Kept at 0°F, the rice will last for up to one month.

When Should You Freeze White Rice?

Freezing works best as a storage method for large quantities of leftover rice. Since rice will only last in the fridge for 4-6 days, it’s ideal to only refrigerate rice you know you’ll eat within that timeframe. Otherwise, it is best to freeze white rice for long-term use.

Final Thoughts

With these recipes, you can find a plethora of creative dishes that will use up all of your leftover white rice.

Additionally, these recipes are all cost-efficient, so you will always have nutritional and tasty ways to feed your family. Happy cooking!

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