How Much Does Liposuction Cost In Los Angeles ?

In Los Angeles the beauty standard is high. Working out, healthy fads, and yoga sessions are all great but sometimes they just don’t take care of the extra fat that we all seem to die trying to get rid of. That’s why more than 246,000 Americans in 2016 got some sort of liposuction treatment. And since then the numbers just keep growing. 

The average Liposuction cost in Los Angeles is $5000. However, liposuction can be done on different body parts. For instance, your abs can cost anywhere between $5,000-$10,000 and arms $4,500-$5,500. Besides these two main areas, other areas are possible to get lipo on as well. Those numbers may change by a few thousand based on the area you are getting the work done and who is doing the work.

What Are All The Different Types Of Liposuction?

Liposuction can be performed on nearly every part of the body. The process as mentioned is to remove small fatty deposits or excess fat from several common areas of the body where fat is stored. Here are the major areas you can get the procedure done. 


The most common area that liposuction is done on is the abdominals. Liposuction can be performed on its own but is also used nearly every time in a full tummy tuck procedure. Liposuction on the abs normally works on the section below the belly button that is referred to as the muffin top. This is typically where the majority of fat in the abdominals stays. 

Arms/Chest Neck

Another common treatment is liposuction of the arms, chest, and neck area. Often clients will get what they refer to as “bat wings” underneath their arm tightened by removing the fat. This is the jiggly part underneath your triceps. Also, necks, where we may form double chins, is another common area. For male clients, they may have lipo done to their chest where their pecks are to reduce the excess fat there. 


For both women and men, the last common area that liposuction is performed is usually the leg and calf area. Inner/back thighs and glutes are areas where we store a lot of fat. Through liposuction, it can offer a more toned look and expose the muscles underneath. 

What Is The Cost Breakdown and Factors In Los Angeles?

One of the biggest factors with the total cost of liposuction is who and where you are getting it done. In general, Los Angeles and its surrounding counties tend to be both the most expensive area and the most abundant in options. Sometimes this can work in someone’s favor if they can find competitive pricing or take advantage of any deals and incentives a surgeon’s office may be offering. Those aren’t the only factors though. 

Extensiveness of the Procedure

While smaller areas like the neck and buttocks generally take 30 minutes to an hour, other larger procedures like the stomach can take several hours. This will largely affect the cost of your procedure because of the time needed to use the space, pay the surgeon for their time, and any assistant staff will start to add up. 

Here are examples of the large range each area can cost you depending on the amount of work you are having done.

Abdominals: $5.000-$10,000

Arms & Outer Cest: $4.500-$7,500

Thighs: $6.000-$12,000

Neck & Face: $2.800-$5,000

Buttocks: $5.500-$10,000

Calves: $4.500-$7,500

All these numbers take into account the extensiveness of the procedure, the area of Los Angeles, and the other factors like medications, anesthesiology, etc.


Anesthesiology fees are going to be different than your surgeon’s fee and not included in the facility’s fees. They are their own entity and are also separate from assistant staff fees. Technically they are assisted staff but since they are a doctor themselves they run separately. Some anesthesiology can run at $450 an hour and in the Beverly Hills/Los Angeles area, surely, they won’t run cheap. 


Beverly Hills and Los Angeles have been known to have the best liposuction and plastic surgeons for decades. They cater to the entertainment industry which is why their work is always fabulous. However, their cosmetic procedures usually don’t come at a cheap price and that is a good thing. Cheap lipo can have unwanted repercussions and complications. Working with an experienced surgeon is critical. 

Medications Afterwards

If your procedure was short and sweet your medication and recovery times are going to be a lot shorter. In best-case scenarios, you only need to lay low for a week. Sometimes the more extensive procedures like thighs and stomach may require more medication because of the larger area and more rest. Things like gels, creams, medication, and more will be prescribed by your doctor for the designated amount of time for your personal healing process.  

Reasons For And Against Liposuction

Liposuction is an incredibly popular treatment for contouring and toning up sections that seem to be stubborn. As we age it cna be a great solution that offers many benefits both from a physical standpoint and a mental health standpoint. As with any procedure, cosmetic or not, there are risks involved both financially and healthwise. 

Let’s evaluate both the pros and cons of having a liposuction treatment. 


  1. Your appearance will be the first benefit that is immediately noticeable. Depending on your goals that will be set in your consultation, your desired results will show an improved stomach with more definition and toned structure than before. 
  2. This ultimately affects one’s confidence and mental health because of the physical appearance. This can lead to increased enjoyment in life because the client may be more comfortable in their own skin and doing more public activities. 
  3. This can also improve physical health in other ways. This usually leads to healthier lifestyles because clients will want to keep their figure through continuing to work out and eating a little more healthy than before. 


  1. While the procedure offers “permanent” results gaining, getting pregnant, or gaining weight again can negatively affect your results by reversing some of the original work done. All three can end up stretching out the skin and creating more fatty deposits. 
  2. While recovery time may not belong you still likely will need to take time off from work and lay low at your house for at least one week. In other situations, you may need to even lay low for several weeks and in the worst-case scenario 6-8 weeks. 
  3. If you try to cut costs you can end up having health complications, poor results, and wasted money. It is ultimately in the end better to go to a high-cost surgeon that has tons of experience and great reviews than it is to try and save by going to someone who is offering deals. 

Related Questions

How Is This Different Than A Tummy Tuck?

Liposuction is usually performed in a full tummy tuck procedure. A tummy tuck is a more advanced procedure that requires the stitching of the lower and upper abdominal muscles while also removing fat from the top as well as the bottom. It is a more invasive and a longer procedure typically whereas lipo is usually just removing the fatty deposits from the lower portion. 

What Is The Overall Expected Procedure?

The first consultation may be a full month in advance of your entire procedure. This is because the consultation likely your doctor may ask you to give up certain medications and prep you for the procedure itself. For instance, any blood thinners, and even common anti-inflammatories may be encouraged to stop using. If you are a smoker, you will also be encouraged to stop doing this as it decreases your blood flow. 

Then once your prep stage is over you will have the actual procedure which can take up to a few hours but also be done in as little as 30 minutes depending on which one you are getting. Based on that procedure, your recovery time will mirror what you got for a procedure. 

What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction, which is commonly referred to as lipo, is a surgical procedure that removes small fatty deposits from areas like your neck, stomach, arms, and more. This is to contour and offer a more toned look that some may not be able to get through working out and healthy diets. Compared to other procedures, liposuction will offer all the permanent benefits within some cases minimal recovery time. 

What Is The Scarring Like?

Unlike a tummy tuck, lipo scarring should be minimal, A great doctor should be able to make incisions that will be hardly noticeable after and provide aftercare treatment that can help heal the scars correctly. Another suggestion your doctor should and likely will make is to wear compression bandages and garments to help with scarring minimization in the future as well. The creates blood flow which helps in healing.  

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