What Does Liposuction For Love Handles Cost?

You can get anything done these days in the world of cosmetic surgery. Most areas that you perceive as problematic can be altered to a level suitable for your happiness. Liposuction, especially with love handles (or flanks), is widely done across the world. But how much does liposuction love for handles costs? 

On average,  love handle liposuction is $1,500 per body area. Therefore, to perform liposuction on both love handles would be around $3,000. These costs are without anesthesia, which amounts to an additional $1,000. In larger cities like Los Angeles, California, the price will be slightly higher at $5,000.

This price tag is a considerable cost to incur. Therefore, you need to know all of the different moving pieces before entering the operating room. These components include things like what the fee consists of, what additional costs you will incur, and how to find the right doctor for you. 

What Does The Liposuction Love Handles Cost Include?

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure but less intensive than other options. Per Mayo Clinic:

“Liposuction is a surgical procedure that uses a suction technique to remove fat from specific areas of the body, such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, or neck. Liposuction also shapes (contours) these areas. Other names for liposuction include lipoplasty and body contouring.”

Compared to procedures like tummy tucks or reshapings, liposuction is much higher-level and requires less care to accomplish.

Due to it being so minimally invasive, there aren’t as many components as a more major cosmetic surgery. Therefore, the price often includes facility fees, doctor rates, and supplies utilized during the procedure.  


What Costs Are In The Quoted Price?

Even though liposuction is less invasive, many variables can occur during the procedure itself, as previously mentioned. These are unable to be planned for but are typically rare.  

You also have to account for your needs after the procedure. Thankfully, recovery is often only a few days in length. However, in rare events, it can be longer. 

There are standard charges that are common in each case, for both during and after the liposuction. These standard charges are part of the quoted price given to you at your initial consultation. The items below are what is typically part of the initial quote that you receive.


The consultation is your initial meeting. This meeting is an opportunity to have a conversation with the medical staff and the doctor performing the procedure. During this time, you provide medical history, take measurements, perform any necessary lab work, acquire vitals and other essential documentation. The doctor and staff will then outline expectations for the procedure. 

The initial consultation is typically free. The price is specific to the doctor and practice in which they work. There are other times that it is either lumped in with the overall fee or is charged separately from the procedure itself. 

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Most commonly, if you decide to go forward with love handle liposuction, the consultation cost will be included in your quote’s total amount.

At the end of your consultation, you have to make a decision:

  1. Sign an agreement with the current doctor
  2. Take additional time to think about it before moving forward
  3. Research other specialists before making a decision

If you decide to move forward with the current doctor, you will sign paperwork approving the procedure and the payment. You will then work on scheduling an appropriate time for the liposuction to take place. 

Surgeon Fees

Surgeon fees for liposuction are the most significant portion of your cost. The price will depend on your doctor’s experience, the cost of living in the area in which you have the procedure, and the rate that the practice charges. 

For example, the cost of liposuction in Los Angeles is $1,000 more than in Atlanta. 

Surgeon fees also vary depending on which doctor you decide to utilize. At times there are several doctors within a practice, all with different rates. There will be doctors with varying levels of experience. Often the years in practice will dictate their cost. However, the doctor’s cost that you ultimately choose will be within your quoted final price.

The quoted price bases on what are industry standard expectations as it pertains to completion time and technique. If the procedure is more extensive than initially thought or complications arise, the price will fluctuate.  


Although there are many forms of anesthesia that the cosmetic surgery world can utilize, liposuction typically only requires mild or local anesthesia. This difference is due to the less intensive nature of the procedure.

The amount given during your consultation will include the price of the anesthesia itself and the cost for the medical professional that administers it.

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Some people require more anesthesia than others. However, this isn’t known until the procedure happens. If this occurs and you are one of the patients requiring more anesthesia than the typical amount, your liposuction price can rise.

Facility Fees

Liposuction is not always in a standard hospital. More often, they are in an outpatient facility due to the outpatient nature of the procedure. Facility fees for this are within the overall cost. 

The price allocated is for a typical time that is necessary for a routine procedure. If the process takes longer than what is customary, the price will go up. A patient may need additional time if the doctor finds the situation to be more complex as they start the surgery. 

Unfortunately, this is another area that is unknown until the surgery begins. As with all medical procedures, things can arise quickly and without prior knowledge and are critical to addressing. 

With liposuction, doctors typically release you to go home directly following the procedure. Additionally, you are commonly cleared for work within two days and can get back to the gym in one week.

If there do happen to be complications, you could be required to stay several nights in the facility, or a local hospital, for monitoring. The cost for this possibility will not be in the quoted total price.

What Costs Are Not In The Quoted Price?

The final quote includes all expenses incurred during love handle liposuction, but some are not within the quote given at the consultation. 

In addition to the items listed below, you will need to provide for your after-care out of pocket. This cost will include any special garments that you choose to use to help with pain level and any assistance that is needed while you are recovering. You will also require several days off of work for recovery. 


Although medication is often necessary for liposuction, it is not in the overall quote of costs that your physician gave you. Your medical insurance may cover prescriptions for your liposuction even if they do not cover any part of the procedure. Coverages can vary in this situation, but companies often agree to extend prescription benefits for purposes such as these. 

You will most likely be prescribed painkillers and antibiotics. Medications and their amounts will vary by person depending on individual needs and your liposuction outcome.


Most cosmetic procedures require labs. These allow for a baseline image and lets the medical professionals know what obstacles they may encounter. This step is an extra cost that you will be responsible for paying. However, it is essential. 

You want your surgeon to have the best overall picture for the task at hand and to be the most prepared that they can. Preoperative lab results are critical to the success of your liposuction.


Liposuction is an aspiration of many and making it a reality is all the more exciting. With that being said, it is essential to do your homework on the topic before just diving into it. 

Many doctors offer these services. There are likely several different practices to choose from in your immediate area. Take the time to research each office and doctor. 

Checking out their reviews through a third-party website is critical to finding a good fit. If you’re comfortable, asking friends and family for recommendations is good too. 

Even if the cost of a particular surgeon is better than the others, it isn’t worth it to take them on as your doctor if their past work hasn’t been of high quality. 

As you seek out reviews and recommendations, make sure you are also investigating clinics and surgeons outside of your immediate area. Prices can fluctuate a great deal from city to city. 

Finally, since insurance doesn’t commonly cover the cost of cosmetic procedures, inquire about financing options that the facility may have. At times they offer low-interest programs to help their patients acquire the outcomes that they dream of having. 

In the end, be careful as you navigate this new and exciting opportunity. You deserve a fantastic outcome, but you need to do the legwork to guarantee it.

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