18 Low Sodium Chicken Recipes You Will Love

Finding low sodium recipes can be a bit daunting. Whether you’re on a strict low sodium diet, or you just want to be more mindful about your salt intake, there are many reasons why cooking low sodium can benefit you.

Though my family doesn’t eat strictly low sodium, I try to incorporate many sodium-cautious meals into our daily lives. Some great options for my family are chicken dishes because they’re so versatile and easy to dress up in other ways without the need for tons of salt.

These recipes that I am sharing today have been a huge hit whenever I’ve served them for family dinners or even at cookout events! When looking over this collection of recipes, you’ll see just how easy it is to make low-sodium meals that taste great and are simple to make.

Some of my favorite dishes are the slow cooker recipes because of how convenient it is for busy days, where I can throw everything in the crockpot and let it cook all day long without having to check on it.

On the flip side, I also enjoy making the instant pot and air-fryer recipes because of how quick they are. The chicken cooks relatively fast in the air-fryer, which is great news!

My favorite dish of all from this list is probably the skillet lemon chicken and potatoes recipe, which is just to die for! I adore this recipe because of its rich flavors. It has lots of yummy ingredients such as kale, lemon, chicken, and potatoes.

My family tends to lean towards dishes like that which are hearty and satisfying. Of course, we like to make other low-sodium dishes that are on the lighter side as well, like the low-sodium chicken recipe off of this list.

I love making that recipe for big family gatherings because it is easy to make large quantities of it. The best part is that nobody even notices it’s a low sodium recipe, because it is still packed with tons of flavor.

So don’t worry, just because you’re reducing your sodium intake, it doesn’t mean your chicken needs to be flavorless. No matter what kind of low-sodium chicken dish you are looking for, this list has a ton of great options that are certain to inspire you and your cooking habits. Without further ado, here are my favorite low-sodium chicken recipes that are absolutely scrumptious and straightforward to make.

18 Low Sodium Chicken Recipes

Here are some of the Low Sodium recipe that you can do with your chicken

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Types of Chicken are Best for Low-Sodium Eaters?

Light meat chicken is generally lower in sodium than dark meat. Additionally, opting for a plain boneless skinless chicken breast is the best way to go when wanting to eat low sodium.

How Do You Add Flavor to Low-Sodium Chicken?

Don’t worry about your chicken being tasteless if you’re on a low-sodium diet; plenty of herbs and spices will give your food the flavor it deserves. Some good options are curry, bay leaf, lemon juice, garlic, cumin, and oregano. I like making rosemary garlic chicken; it’s the best!

Is There a Way to Remove the Sodium in Your Chicken?

If you’re trying to cook brined chicken, there is a way to remove some of the salt from it beforehand. Soak the raw chicken in cold water to draw out the salt. It is typical for frozen chicken breasts and thighs to have been brined before being frozen and packaged, so check the sodium amounts on the label before buying.

Final Thoughts

Overall, making low-sodium chicken meals is not as hard as you might’ve guessed! There are tons of yummy recipes out there curated for people who want to lessen their sodium intake.

Many of these recipes have become traditions in my family because of how much they’re enjoyed. I hope that some of the recipes on this list have caught your eye and that you’re encouraged to get out there and get cooking!